Gurren Lagann photo
Gurren Lagann

Aniplex finally brings Gurren Lagann to Blu-Ray in the United States

How many copies of this do I need to buy?
Sep 15
If you ended up buying the imported version of Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann last year, I'm sorry. It looks like Aniplex USA has heard our wishes, and is finally bringing the beloved anime series Stateside, with a muli-part rele... read
Anime photo

Gainax's Aoki Uru set for 2018

That's a long ways away
May 03
Last year, Studio Gainax announced that they were finally returning to their Aoki Uru film project. A sequel to the classic Royal Space Force: The Wings of Honneamise, the film was initially conceived of in 1992, but for a va... read
Wind Rises Critique photo
Wind Rises Critique

The original Otaking and his 99 cents on The Wind Rises

Crowd-translated critique now on Amazon
Mar 04
The Wind Rises opened in theaters last Friday in the States, did you see it? Yes? Great. Because now you can pick up a copy of Toshio Okada's review and critique of this Hayao Miyazaki masterpiece on Amazon, in English. Toshi... read
GAINAX photo

GAINAX preps 33rd anniversary project for Daicon III

Fan service and bunnies. Few things have changed.
Dec 28
Anime history buffs might be familiar with Daicon III & IV, but most won't know about these important bits of animation. For one, the guys who made those animations later went on to form GAINAX, a company you may have hea... read
Japanator Unboxes photo
Some time back, you may remember that Aniplex rescued Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann from the depths of license limbo. This meant two things: the release will come with a bunch of extra stuff and it will be pricey. Based off Sal... read feature

Eva 2.22 photo
Eva 2.22

PSA: Catch Evangelion 2.22 on Toonami tonight

Kick off September with the end of the world!
Aug 31
[Update: Turns out the surprise announcement was a special one-time-only airing of Kick-Heart, the Kickstarter-funded pro-wrestling anime by Masaaki Yuasa. The anime aired right after Eva 2.22, and at the time of this writing... read
Japanator Arena  photo
Can the wrath of Asura overcome Gurren Lagann's spiral energy?
*ding, ding, ding* It's Over! Well, Crono tried to alter the course of time to gain the upper hand, but Zoro's endurance couldn't handle the combined strikes of Guts and Saber. While Saber was facing some teamwork issues with... read feature

PBS Idea Channel on Eva photo
PBS Idea Channel on Eva

Aw snap, the PBS Idea Channel tackles Anno's views on Eva

Another neat idea by Mike Rugnetta.
Aug 06
YouTube's Geek Week is happening as we speak, and the PBS Idea Channel has decided to answer a question that's related to Evangelion. And that question is whether Anno's view on the series are important or not.  If ther... read
Stella Class C3 photo
Girls und Airsoft
Melding cute girls and an unusual activity of some kind is hardly a new thing. Hundreds of full anime, manga, and book series have been mined from the rich vein of "Girls x [Weird Pastime]", and Gainax's Stella Women's A... read feature

Crunchyroll's new animes photo
Crunchyroll's new animes

Simulcast GET! Crunchyroll grabs Monogatari S2 and more

Simulcasts Assemble!
Jul 03
I have a feeling that Crunchyroll has developed a new fetish for the summer season, since magical girls, dolls, and airsoft guns are joining their summer lineup. With that being said, Rozen Maiden Zuruckspulen and F... read
Evangelion 3.0 jackets photo
Evangelion 3.0 jackets

Movic preparing new jackets based on Evangelion 3.0

You can (not) wear. Or something.
Jun 17
Love it or hate it, Evangelion 3.0: You Can (Not) Redo certainly surprised a lot of folks. It also made a whole lot of money. Like any good money making property, Eva 3.0 merchandise has been hitting the market at a consisten... read
Daily Dose photo
Daily Dose

A Daily Dose of Final Blows: FLCL

Now that's a finishing move!
Jun 05
It's all led up to this. Our hero has been bruised and battered, and on the bring of defeat. What can saved the day? Is there any hope left for humanity? In anime, you can alway count on the final blow! This week your favori... read
Daily Dose photo
Daily Dose

A Daily Dose of Final Blows: The End of Evangelion

A valiant attempt!
May 31
It's all led up to this. Our hero has been bruised and battered, and on the bring of defeat. What can saved the day? Is there any hope left for humanity? In anime, you can alway count on the final blow! This week your favori... read
Friday Night Fights photo
Will the Milky Way Galaxy survive this week's battle?
*ding, ding, ding* It's Over! Shanoa was ready to use the Glypths that allowed her to defeat Dracula in Order of Ecclesia; however, Bayonetta has punched a being equivalent to God into the sun, so that makes her a stronger op... read feature

Daily Dose photo
Daily Dose

A Daily Dose of Final Blows: Diebuster

Now that's a kick
May 13
It's all led up to this. Our hero has been bruised and battered, and on the bring of defeat. What can saved the day? Is there any hope left for humanity? In anime, you can alway count on the final blow! This week your favori... read
Gurren Lagann is back photo
Gurren Lagann is back

Giga License Breaker: Aniplex rescues Gurren Lagann

Who the hell do you think we are?!
Mar 30
It shouldn't be a surprise to people that the Gurren Lagann TV series would get revived by Aniplex USA, since they were the ones who licensed the two movies in North America. Knowing who the hell Aniplex is, they pl... read
Pleiades movie is a thing photo
Pleiades movie is a thing

Drive a Subaru: Gainax's Pleiades anime becomes a movie

Gainax really wants you to own a Subaru.
Mar 21
Honestly, I am confused right now. I could've sworn that Gainax and Subaru's Wish upon the Pleiades was suppose to be said and done. Never mind, I forgot to take one important thing into consideration. Seeing how Pl... read
Royal Space Force HOOOH! photo
Royal Space Force HOOOH!

Gainax returns to their long dormant Blue Uru project

Did anybody expect this?
Mar 20
If you haven't seen Gainax's Royal Space Force: The Wings of Honnêamise, what are you doing? Go grab a copy and enjoy some fantastic sci fi filmmaking. All right, you're back? Cool. As fantastic as Gainax's first f... read
Daily Dose photo
Daily Dose

A Daily Dose of Music: Old School Thursday

Aim for the Top!
Mar 14
In honor of receiving my lovely new Super Robot Chogokin: Gunbuster, we have a lovely old school gem from one of my all time favorite series, Gunbuster: Aim for the Top!! Besides containing amazing charac... read
Friday Night Fights photo
Are magical garment zombies stronger than corpse princesses?
*ding, ding, ding* It's over! The Ragnell may be a powerful sword that was blessed by the Goddess, but to Guts, this meant nothing. When it came to his goal, Guts is willing to do whatever it takes to win. Utilizing ... read feature

The clash of the female weapons of mass destruction!
*ding, ding, ding* It's over!  Despite Bit and Liger Zero's slow turning speed, the duo's ability to adapt to any situation was put into place. Knowing that the Strike had the advantage in mobility, Bit attempts to ... read feature


Discotek Media licenses Gunbuster 2: Diebuster

Prepare for hot blood and manly tears
Jan 08
Long time readers may remember that I reviewed Diebuster a couple years back. I fellated the show, and with good reason. It's one of my favorite OVAs, only topped by it's predecessor, Gunbuster. The only problem is that ... read
Imaishi's most vulgar characters duke it out.
*ding, ding, ding*  It's over! Saber experienced a close call, as Tenchi's Lighthawk Wings was too much for her Excalibur and Avalon combo. Luckily for her, Ayeka and Ryoko's squabbling tampered with Tench... read feature

It all returns to nothing.
[SPOILER WARNING!!! This review was written to be as spoiler-free as possible. Unfortunately, in order to talk about Evangelion: 3.0 in any substantial way, I do spoil the basic premise of the film. If you want to go into 3.0... read feature


Evangelion: Q's theatrical trailer hits the internet

Do want.
Nov 01
The theatrical trailer for Evangelion: Q has hit the internet, and boy is it a doozy. Between the giant pink Eva units, and Asuka being a badass, I probably couldn't be more excited. With all hell breaking loose in this thir... read

Medaka Box season two is ready to burst onto the screen

Something looks like it's going to burst at least!
Sep 12
Following up this Spring's highly successful Gainax show Medaka Box, this Fall's second season looks to continue all the crazy antics we loved so much. It looks like things are kind of back to normal on&n... read

Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt was, without a doubt, a unique venture by Gainax. Unlike all their other shows about giant robots and emotional teenage boys, this one featured two hyper-sexualized angels looking to earn th... read feature


Medaka Box was a show that really grew on me. I decided to claim the show right away when I heard Gainax was making it, but did very little research on what the show was all about. As soon as I started seeing the artwork, man... read feature


FUNimation shares English dub cast for Panty & Stocking

Apr 30
A little more than a year after announcing their license, FUNimation finally announced the English cast list for Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt at Anime Central. Jamie Marchi will be trying to get laid as Panty, w... read

When I heard Gainax was going to be behind the anime adaption of the popular manga Medaka Box, I jumped the opportunity to check it out. Slowly as details came out, and I took a peak at the manga, my heart sank a bit. Definit... read feature


New Medaka Box trailer for your hungry eyes

Apr 03
Only one more day until Gainax's new series Medaka Box hits the airwaves. I don't know much about the manga it's based on, but things look to be pretty zaney in the trailer. I have high hopes for the show, as I just couldn't ... read

Gainax working on a live-action TV show? Count me in!

Feb 23
I did not see this one coming, but it might be interesting to see what comes out of this. The creative folks at Gainax have decided that they want to take a shot at producing their own live-action TV show. Teaming u... read

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