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3:00 PM on 04.11.2014

Final volume of Gundam Unicorn gets another trailer

It's been four long years, but we're finally at the end of Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn. The OVA series, extended to seven episodes from the original solicitation of six, premieres its final episode in several Japanese theater...

Pedro Cortes


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11:00 AM on 04.07.2014

Animazement adds several seiyuu from original Mobile Suit Gundam

I was already going to Animazement. Their announcement of KOTOKO as the main musical guest was enough for me to plop down the cash for a weekend pass, plane tickets and a shared hotel. With their latest guest announcements, I...

Pedro Cortes

10:00 AM on 04.03.2014

The Dose: Old School Thursdays

Hello, everyone! It's time for The Dose! With Hiroko feeling under the weather, you've got me to take over Old School Thursdays, so let's go time-traveling! I was planning to pick a sweet Gundam theme to honor the sweet...

Josh Tolentino

Final Impressions: Gundam Build Fighters photo
Final Impressions: Gundam Build Fighters
by Pedro Cortes

It’s finally at an end. After 25 episodes of unfiltered Gundam love, Build Fighters has reached its climax. Starting off as a kid who couldn’t find the right pilot for his beloved gunpla, Sei has gone farther than he ever could have imagined: He not only got to the world stage for gunpla fighting, but he managed to win the tournament despite the odds being stacked against him at nearly every turn.

However, there’s one last obstacle for Sei and Reiji to overcome. Thanks to Chairman Mashita’s tantrums, the giant Arista crystal underneath the arena has gone berserk. With Plavsky Particles shooting all over the place and sprouting crystals, what will our heroic duo do? Well, they’ll just have to destroy it. Thankfully, they won’t be doing it alone.

Hit the jump to read my recap of the final episode and my impressions of the series as a whole.

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Annotated Anime: Gundam Build Fighters Episode 23 & 24 photo
Annotated Anime: Gundam Build Fighters Episode 23 & 24
by Pedro Cortes

Gundam Build Fighters has been coming to this point during its entire run. As more of the competitors were eliminated from the general tournament, it was pretty clear that Sei and Reiji would be facing off against their senpai, Yuuki. Their previous battle early on ended with a victory for their older, more experience pilot, but the win wasn’t as decisive as the boys thought. Unfortunately, outside interference may ruin what could’ve been a fair fight

Hit the jump to find out about the lead up and the actual battle between the Star Build Strike and the Amazing Exia.


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8:00 AM on 03.21.2014

Gundam 35th anniversary brings new movie, OVA, TV show

I hope you're ready for a whole lot of Gundam in the next couple months, because the air is about to get thick with Minovsky Particles. To commemorate the 35th year of Gundam, Sunrise is prepping an onslaught of media for fan...

Pedro Cortes

3:00 PM on 03.19.2014

The Gundam TriAge card game is coming soon to the 3DS

Back when I visited Tokyo in 2011, there was an interesting new arcade game that seemed to be pretty popular. That was Gundam TriAge, and after watching Japanese people play it in an attempt to figure out what to, I sunk my f...

Chris Walden

1:00 PM on 03.15.2014

Gunpla Banzai: Barnes & Noble selling Gunpla kits

It's actually funny: For as much access as North American anime fans have to Japan's pop culture output these days, there really are some things that are still difficult to find over there. For example, it's easy to get your ...

Josh Tolentino

Annotated Anime: Gundam Build Fighters Episode 22 photo
Annotated Anime: Gundam Build Fighters Episode 22
by Pedro Cortes

The episode title Meijin vs Meijin confused me. I mean, at this point the only Meijin is Yuuki. I was thinking that there’d be a dark horse that would ride on in and take over at this point. The preview showed a young-looking guy, so maybe it was a former candidate for the title of Meijin. 

Well, I was half right. Being the kind of show that it is, Gundam Build Fighters had to throw in a complication in the form of an old trope. Hit the jump to see how this strapping British lad fits into the story about plastic models and the wackos that pilot them.

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Annotated Anime: Gundam Build Fighters Episode 20 & 21 photo
Annotated Anime: Gundam Build Fighters Episode 20 & 21
by Pedro Cortes

We’re getting close to the end now. We’ve got the last battle to determine the Elite Four of the Gunpla World Championships. It’s a battle between “Italian Dandy” Ricardo Fellini and Aila, the stoic lover of meat buns. It’s a battle that will pit Sei and Reiji’s friend against the crazy Newtype of the show, so you know there’s bound to be a great amount of drama.

In short, yes, there’s a ton of drama and an equal amount of fallout afterward. So much so that we finally get some plot development from a character who has managed to remain pretty mum about their background.

Hit the jump to get the skinny on Sei and Reiji’s continued fight toward the top of the gunpla world!

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7:00 PM on 02.28.2014

Dynasty Warriors: Gundam Reborn to hit PS3 this summer

Dynasty Warriors: Gundam is a hell of a drug. I'm going to decline to state just how much time I've spent chasing 100% completion in that game, but know that it's a lot. Well, it looks like I'm about to kiss my summer goodbye...

Brad Rice

2:00 PM on 02.28.2014

Get a golden Bearguy III with second Gundam BF Blu-ray

As you may have read, I'm quite fond of Gundam Build Fighters. The show is pure fun and knows how to craft some amazing battles from a fairly silly premise. That said, it's a glorified gunpla commercial. Well, you can argue t...

Pedro Cortes

2:00 PM on 02.26.2014

Ladies vote on which Gundam Wing pilots get chocolate

If the ladies of Japan could give one of the Gundam Wing pilots chocolate, who would get all the cavities? That's what Gundam.info asked their female readers leading up to Valentine's Day and the Blu-ray release of Gundam Win...

Pedro Cortes

Annotated Anime: Gundam Build Fighters episode 19 photo
Annotated Anime: Gundam Build Fighters episode 19
by Pedro Cortes

Next up in the quarter-finals are Sei and Reiji versus Nils Nielsen. It’s a battle between a pair of kids that are all about gunpla and a kid who could care less about it; all Nils wants are the secrets behind the Plavsky Particle, and he’s willing to go through some desperate lengths to get it.

Hit the jump to find out what the wunderkind was willing to do and the fallout in the resulting battle.


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5:00 PM on 02.15.2014

Subtle-yet-spiffy otaku wear: Gundam-themed neckties

Gundam fans who also occasionally (or often) wear neckties, rejoice! There's a new set of awesome accessories for you, and they're available at the Odaiba Gundam store as well as the Neopasa store in a Shin-Toumei highway res...

Kristina Pino

Annotated Anime: Gundam Build Fighters episode 18 photo
Annotated Anime: Gundam Build Fighters episode 18
by Pedro Cortes

The end of the last episode had a shocking finale: the capable Luang Dallara of Thailand was defeated by the Argentinian Renato twins. What’s worse, nobody could figure out how they did it. Reiji and Sei came rushing in, but all they saw was Luang’s kit in pieces.

So now the major question becomes: will Yuki figure out how the brothers were able to eliminate Luang before they do the same thing to him, or will the mantle of Kawaguchi be too heavy for him to handle? Well, you’ll have to hit the jump to find out!


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Annotated Anime: Gundam Build Fighters episode 17 photo
Annotated Anime: Gundam Build Fighters episode 17
by Pedro Cortes

With about eight episodes left, Gundam Build Fighters has made it into the finals of the World Tournament. All of the blood, sweat, tears, paint, sandpaper and destroyed plastic has led to this. Right now, everybody that Sei and Reiji knows is at the arena, waiting for the decisive matches to happen.

Of course, it has to happen early in the morning, so the perpetually late Reiji and the exhausted Sei are late for the bracket announcements. No need to worry; their next opponent is waiting for them inside the venue. The first roadblock to the cup is none other than Mao. Having desired to meet and battle them on a world stage, Mao's wish has come true and the time for the fateful battle is soon.

Hit the jump to find out how that battle plays out and who will move on to the next round.

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Go West! Sixty-Three: Gundam in your Gundam on the Gundam photo
Go West! Sixty-Three: Gundam in your Gundam on the Gundam
by Elliot Gay

Welcome to the latest and greatest Go West!, your [why-do-I-even-try-to-be-timely] column about Japanese games, life in Japan, and Idea Factory. 

Ladies and gentlemen, this week is actually a very special one. The latest in one of Bandai Namco's biggest video game series is hitting the PS3, which means it's time to rejoice.

Self-proclaimed saviors of the JRPG, Imageepoch, have also released a brand new game. I'm sure somebody out there is probably happy about that.

Follow me as I take you for a ride on my hype train.

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10:00 AM on 01.30.2014

The Dose: Old School Thursdays

Today we go back to the fantastic year of 1991. Full of amazing music, bad sitcoms, and some breath taking anime. I was a huge fan of Gundam growing up, while my fandom never grew to Marcoss levels, I was and am still a fan ...

Hiroko Yamamura

Annotated Anime: Gundam Build Fighters Episode 13-16 photo
Annotated Anime: Gundam Build Fighters Episode 13-16
by Pedro Cortes

Alright, now we're all caught up! Let me tell you, catching up to Gundam Build Fighters has been an entertaining affair. For one, it's been a blast to watch. As I mentioned during the first half recap, this show knows how to have fun with itself while still pimping out plastic models. Second, the shortened length of the show has led to some pretty nice-looking fights, as I haven't really seen any that have looked bad.

Well, the last four episodes have had some pretty crazy things going on: everything from a Wacky Racers-style episode to even a little bit of Big Windup. Build Fighters will keep you on your toes, what with these strange match-types and the fantastic suit cameos. So hit that jump and see what's been going on in the world of Gunpla Battle!

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Annotated Anime: Gundam Build Fighters episodes 3-12 photo
Annotated Anime: Gundam Build Fighters episodes 3-12
by Pedro Cortes

Things have been quite interesting since I last talked about Gundam Build Fighters. For one, the show has really grown into its own. While mecha fan service is prevalent throughout every episode, the plot and characters have remained entertaining and likable. The main characters aren’t stupid and act more or less like normal people.

However, I’m getting ahead of myself. I’m here to take you through the first half of Gundam BF, through episode 12. In that time, we see gunpla idols using dirty tricks, a playboy Italian, Yakuza’s defeated by Gundam battles and an old suit gains some measure of redemption. Hit the jump to follow me through the first part of this surprisingly good love letter to all things plastic and buildable.

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1:00 PM on 01.22.2014

New Mobile Suit Gundam Side Story announced

In the last couple of years, the only two types of Mobile Suit Gundam games I've seen come out are either part of the Musou series or of the Extreme variety. You're either crushing a ton of chump units in space or you're duki...

Pedro Cortes

7:00 PM on 01.15.2014

Gundam creator Tomino to collaborate with Legacy Effects

Here's one of your favorite things, internet: an announcement of an announcement! The creator of Gundam, Yoshiyuki Tomino, will be collaborating with the Hollywood special effects company Legacy Effects to create "movies base...

Ben Huber

8:00 AM on 12.31.2013

History of Gundam now on display in Chiba

Mech anime and I don't really gel too well. It likes to call me up from time to time, seeing if I'm free on the weekend, but most of the time I just make up an excuse not to go. Sure, mechs are wonderful to look at, but just ...

Josh Totman

2:00 PM on 12.19.2013

The Dose: Old School Thursdays

This week we go back to a dark in anime for me, the mid-nineties. Sure, anime was really slamming into high gear, and there were some great shows being aired, but something about the aesthetic of most of the TV shows didn't ...

Hiroko Yamamura

8:00 PM on 11.26.2013

Turn your iPhone into a Zaku with Gundam-themed cases

Better get your iPhone ready for battle with a new protective case! These Gundam-themed silicone iPhone cases are an excellent way to protect your phone and also look incredibly awesome. The cases come in four different desig...

Ben Huber

5:00 PM on 11.20.2013

First teaser for the final episode of Gundam Unicorn

The seventh and final installment of Mobile Suit Gundam UC is almost upon us, and while that news should bring a huge smile to our face, it's sad knowing that the series is headed for it's epic conclusion. To tease us and pu...

Tim Sheehy

4:00 PM on 11.13.2013

Banshee and Legend join Shin Dynasty Warriors Gundam

Got a quick hit here: a pair of videos showing the Legend Gundam and the Unicorn Gundam 02 Banshee in Shin Dynasty Warriors Gundam have popped up. As expected, both units are surrounded by a ridiculous amount of grunt un...

Pedro Cortes

Go West! Week Fifty-Seven: Tears of Neptunia photo
Go West! Week Fifty-Seven: Tears of Neptunia
by Elliot Gay

It's that time again.

That's right folks! It's time for another edition of Go West!, your [kinda] weekly column about Japanese games, giant robots, and Idea Factory.

This week brings with it some delightful video game treats. There's a little something for everybody, so fasten your seat belts, hold on to your wallets, and prepare to flail wildly with me.

Or you can choose to assess the situation calmly. Your loss.

Let's go!

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12:00 PM on 10.16.2013

Christmas cakes are boring, buy a Zaku cake instead

If you're living in Japan and thinking ahead for December, consider treating your honey to the Zaku that is rumored to be three times tastier than the average Christmas cake. I mean, what could go wrong when you've got chocol...

Kristina Pino