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Ladybeard and bodybuilder wrestling idol Reika Saiki form idol unit Deadlift Lolita

Kawaii x Muscles x Energy!
Mar 01
// Red Veron
Ladybeard, former member of the idol unit Ladybaby and crossdessing professional wrestler whose real name is Richard Magarey, has now teamed up with the bodybuilder idol Reika Saiki to form the new idol unit "DEADLIFT LOLITA"...
Love Kome photo
Love Kome

Anime about a rice-themed Idol group is a thing that is happening

Like Love Live but with rice
Feb 21
// Red Veron
"In a world where people are losing interest in eating rice, five students will come together to save their school, Inaho Academy, from shutting down by getting people to eat rice again." Sounds wacky, huh? Well, that's a real anime that is coming out in April for the spring anime season.

Husbando Alert! [email protected] SideM gets anime adaptation

Invading your anitwitter soon!
Feb 15
// Red Veron
Male idol lovers (and haters) beware! You're all gonna be in for a new wave of animu male idols that will likely flood anitwitter in the near future. The mobile game, The [email protected] SideM, will receive an anime adaptati...
Mofu Mofu Dogs photo
Mofu Mofu Dogs

Let's give a round of appaws to Japan's new canine idol group

This group has more bark than bite
Nov 01
// Salvador G Rodiles
Well, people. It looks like we have a new dog-themed group in town and they're ready to create music with their barks. Going by the name of Mofu Mofu Dogs, these idols are actual Akita-Inu breed canines with human bodies...

Live-action Idolmaster photo
Live-action Idolmaster

Wait, what? Amazon's making a live-action Idolmaster show

Kinda missing the point, isn't it?
Aug 28
// Josh Tolentino
Are you ready for this? Are you LADY for this? Amazon certainly thinks so, because it's taking The [email protected], Bandai Namco's landmark idol-simulator/DLC factory, is coming to the one place it has never truly been: The real w...
Wota Senshi Center photo
Wota Senshi Center

Idol group-themed Indie Tokusatsu Wota Senshi Center gets a teaser

Extremly catchy music included
Jul 24
// Salvador G Rodiles
Back when Wota Senshi Center was first announced, I was down with the idea of an idol group-themed hero that uses Mix CDs to activate his moves. Of course, Garage Hero Alumni Daryl Delosreyes' (Gun Caliber's Sky Bla...
AKB48 photo

Get your idols-and-murder fix with AKB48's Hulu horror show

But where do the toilet syringes go?
May 23
// Josh Tolentino
If your life has been lacking in sugar sweet pop idols, as well as chilling doses of horror and/or murder, a recent announcement by Hulu might be the one magic bullet to take down both your problems. Indeed, the streamin...

BABYMETAL rocks the Late Show in their US television debut

Apr 07
// Red Veron
If anyone remembers when Hatsune Miku showed up at the Late Show back in in late 2014, it was a bit of an awkward affair. I don't think anyone bothered to explain properly about Miku and her popularity in Japan, but earlier t...
Lyrical Schol photo
Lyrical Schol

Watch this Cute and Clever Music Video for your Smartphone

Watch on your phone!
Apr 06
// Red Veron
Normally, I hate it when people shoot video on their phones using the portrait orientation since it isn't the optimal way to frame a shot about 98% of the time. But when someone uses the orientation in a clever way such as t...
Idol of the Week photo
Idol of the Week

Idol of the Week: Risa Yoshiki

Let's heat things up
Feb 05
// Hiroko Yamamura
Name: Risa Yoshiki Birthdate: July 27, 1987 Hometown: Chiba, Japan Measurements: 80/59/88 cm You know when I poke my head around the Japanator office it can only mean one thing.. The return of Idol of the Week! Yeah I know...

OP Up! Anime Idol Edition

Dec 09 // Red Veron
[embed]34570:5243:0[/embed] "7 Girls War" Anime: Wake Up, Girls! A bit more drama than slice of life or the typical idol anime show, this one was a bit more low-key than the other shows on here. I didn't get to watch much of this show but it has its fans.   [embed]34570:5244:0[/embed] "Star!!" Anime: The [email protected] Cinderella Girls An anime adaptation of a mobile game spinoff of a popular console idol management sim game. I saw a little bit of this one and have concluded that ShibuRin is best waifu.    [embed]34570:5245:0[/embed] "Mirai Fanfare" Anime: Locodol I love how this show is more slice-of-life anime than girl idol anime. It doesn't go into arbitrary dramaz or serious stuff so it maintains that light slice-of-life feel. This opening just upsets me because they're polluting and possibly killing some animals with releasing non-biodegradable balloons.   [embed]34570:5246:0[/embed] "We're Living in the Moment" Anime: Love Love! School Idol Project Possibly the most popular idol anime franchise in recent years, this multi-media property is more than just an anime and music. Add in a globally popular mobile game along with a movie shown in theaters across the world, Love Live! is possibly the king (or queen?) of anime idol franchises. Nico is the best waifu for me.   SO WHO IS YOUR BEST WAIFU OR FAVORITE IDOL ANIME?! SHARE IN THE COMMENTS BELOW! I WANNA KNOW!
OP Up! photo
I haven't done this genre yet? Wow.
Wait, so I haven't done one of these about female anime idols? Googling it doesn't say so here we go. Idol anime have been around in the last decade or longer but its rise to immense popularity started about half a decade ago...

AKB48 photo

Alodia and AKB48 jam in Manila's Cool Japan Festival 2015

Cosplay and Idols!
Nov 14
// Red Veron
Last November 7 and 8, Team 8 of popular Japanese idol group AKB48 visited Manila, Philippines to perform in Cool Japan Festival 2015. Joining them is idol group AkiShibu along with popular Japanese pop culture-related perso...
Idol of the Week photo
Idol of the Week

Idol of the Week: Ai Shinozaki

Beach time!
Jun 26
// Hiroko Yamamura
Name: Ai ShinozakiBirthdate: February 26, 1992 Hometown: Tokyo, Japan Measurements: 87/60/88 cm  You know the drill. When there's a new photoset by our main waifu Ai Shinkozaki, you know I'm going to be all about it. The lovely and talented queen of gravure is back with a jaw dropping visit to the beach, complete with an adorable yukata! Ahhh summer!

Japanator Interviews: Cristina Vee

Jun 17 // Anthony Redgrave
Japanator - How many times do your friends pester you for impersonations of their favourite character? Cristina - My immediate friends don't really ask me for impersonations, but I usually force them on them anyway! The worst is actually at conventions; I've been asked multiple times at panels to give a sample of Riven or Homura Akemi and their response after the fact is sometimes "....pretty close", or "....that was okay". It's hard to maintain a voice after air travel and speaking all weekend, haha! Japanator - Out of all the characters you have played from anime and video games; which one had been the most interesting to get into the mind set of? Cristina - If you take a look at my resume, you might notice a trend. Many of my characters are emotionally damaged or just completely broken. It's awesome. I really loved voicing Homura Akemi in Madoka because of everything she goes through. I don't think I've seen a character as well developed as her in the last ten years of anime. That being said, I really enjoy completely throwing myself off the deep end. I voiced Four in Drakengard 3 and I had such a blast because she is completely nuts. She is past the point of redemption. Japanator - Veecaloid Pop is a game that was made for you Cristina, is this a rarity, or do you get a lot of fan made games? Cristina - I don't know of any other voice actors who have their own video game-- correct me if I'm wrong! I feel so lucky to have the amazing, talented friends who put me in this unique position. Adam Tierney, James Montangna, Lindsay Collins, and Andrew Lim are as passionate about games, art, and music as they come. Japanator - Will we see a duet between Cristina Veecaloid and Milky in the near future? Cristina - I think a duet might be crossing the streams a little too much! Milky's next single is coming along beautifully though. I'll give you one hint: it's about corgis. Japanator - Which one would you rather be in real life: a cosmic idol or a magical girl (sans contract of course!)?  Cristina - I think it's very telling about my personality that I became a voice actor. I don't really enjoy being in the limelight, but I love being part of a team and making an impact. I'm going to go with magical girl! I'm thinking more along the lines of Sailor Moon and not Madoka Magica. I'd love to save the world without the mental anguish, thank you very much!   How many times do your friends pester you for impersonations of their favourite character?
Cristina Vee Interview photo
Voice Idol, Game Star
Cristina Vee is becoming one of the most prolific voice actresses in the English dub anime industry. Her sweet vocals can be heard in K-On giving life to the scaredy cat bassist, or as the hot-tempered shrine maiden Sail...

Japanator Interviews: SCANDAL

May 14 // Hiroko Yamamura
SCANDAL interview photo
OMG it's Rina!
As you probably already know, we are huge fans of SCANDAL at the Japanator office. The Osaka based all female band have been tearing up Japan since coming together back in 2006. They've come a far way from their days performi...

Blow off photo
Blow off

AKB48 find out who is the best at blowing

Mmmmm cicada
May 13
// Hiroko Yamamura
Oshima Ryoka and Mogi Shinobu of AKB48  faced off during a new episode of AKBINGO! This time, it was their cheeks, lungs and taste for insects that was put to the test! Which gal was better at blowing! Who enjoys the crunch of flying protein?
Music photo

A Daily Dose of Music: Ai Shinozaki

Ai Love
May 08
// Hiroko Yamamura
Yup, you're reading this correctly. This isn't another edition of Idol of the Week! Japanator's favorite all time idol is back with a slick new single, showing off her vocal prowess with the song A-G-A-I-N. I have to admit t...
Omega Quintet photo
Omega Quintet

Omega Quintet's latest English trailer has dancing idols

A.k.a. Momoiro Clover Z the Video Game
Mar 26
// Salvador G Rodiles
Alright, people; Spring's around the corner and it's time to look at Idea Factory International's most recent trailer for Omega Quintet, Compile Heart's PS4 title where you battle the forces of evil with an idol group. While...
Idol of the Week photo
Idol of the Week

Idol of the Week: Anna Konno

Remember what warmth was like?
Feb 20
// Hiroko Yamamura
Name: Anna Konno Birthdate: June 15, 1989 Hometown: Kanagawa, Japan Measurements: 86/69/83 cm  Do you guys remember the legend of this thing called the sun? I heard it provided warmth to humans. I had even heard a sil...
Wota Senshi Center photo
Wota Senshi Center

Wota Senshi Center features an idol group-themed costumed hero

Tokusatsu is about to be revolutionized, people!
Feb 05
// Salvador G Rodiles
I may not be a huge fan of idol groups around these parts, but I'm always interested in mediums that love to try something different. In this case, Garage Hero's Daryl Delosreyes is creating his own tokusatsu project called W...
Pottya photo

This plus-sized idol group is literally big in Japan

They ain't heavy, they're my idols!
Jan 22
// Josh Tolentino
Here's one to file under the "Sure, why the hell not?" column: Pottya, (or more accurately, "P♡ttya"), a five-girl idol quintet consisting entirely of plus-sized girls. They made their debut last week, with their first...
Idol of the Week photo
Idol of the Week

Idol of the Week: Sayumi Michishige

I can not get enough
Dec 05
// Hiroko Yamamura
Name: Sayumi Michishige Birthdate: March 4, 1987 Hometown: Miyazaki, Japan Measurements: 87/58/86 cm  So the doe eyed beauty, Sayumi Michishige is Momusu no more. She finally graduated the band after having the longes...
Idol of the Week photo
Idol of the Week

Idol of the Week: Ai Shinozaki

Halloween treats look so sweet
Nov 21
// Hiroko Yamamura
Name: Ai Shinozaki Birthdate: February 26, 1992 Hometown: Tokyo, Japan Measurements: 87/60/88 cm  I know we just had a visit from our favorite idol Ai Shinozaki, but she's sporting some adorable cosplay this week, and...
Idol of the Week photo
Idol of the Week

Idol of the Week: Miwako Kakei

Nov 14
// Hiroko Yamamura
Name: Miwako Kakei Birthdate: March, 6, 1994Hometown: Tokyo, Japan Measurements: 89/60/60 cm  So snow is finally starting to fall in my current hometown of Chicago. I mean, it's not even Thanksgiving yet! What gives...
Idol of the Week photo
Idol of the Week

Idol of the Week: Sano Hinako

Them eyes
Nov 07
// Hiroko Yamamura
Name: Sano Hinako Birthdate: October 13, 1994 Hometown: Tokyo, Japan Measurements: 84/51/87 cm  Gracing the pages of Japanator this week is fan favorite, Sano Hinako. The gorgeous and talented actress has some new photos...
Daily Dose photo
Daily Dose

A Daily Dose of Music: Freedom Wars' Propaganda Idols

Let's Contribute!
Nov 03
// Josh Tolentino
Hey! Are you making a videogame or anime? Then you need idols! That's the hot stuff now, be it an idol character, an idol sequence, or a licensed song from some idols or done in idol style. Idols! And it doesn't matter if yo...

Morning Musume '14 in NYC

Nov 03 // Jeff Chuang
The nine girls of Morning Musume '14, however, are the centerpiece of the NYC show. The brisk afternoon air in the city did nothing to deter fans from lining up at the venue first thing in the morning. As a part of Sayumi Michishige's graduation tour, fans organized pink glowsticks and gave them to concert goers, making sure to blanket the typically lights-free American concert crowd in pink when the graduating idol steps up for her solo. The show started pretty much on time as Japanese pop acts tend to be. While the venue did not sell out, itt was packed and the merch table drew long lines. If anything, many of the fans in attendence are pretty hardcore and it's definitely a crowd that is ready for the show, launching straight into calls and all kinds of excited movements. The girls performed more or less continuously, showing off both the dancing and singing skills that represents one of Japan's foremost idol act. The dancing was compact and impactful, and with songs like "TIKI BUN" the opening sets were particularly memorable and brings up an up-to-date image of Morning Musume '14 compared to the same namesake so many years ago that probably lingers in the popular consciousness. Of course, Morning Musume '14 also busted out their updated versions of Morning Musume classics such as "Love Machine" and "Renai Revolution 21" that got the whole crowd going. The set was paced well, with a good mix of fast and slow songs that can both charm a group of fans as well as introduce the fresh faces of MM '14 to people who only find the group name (and perhaps Michishige) familiar. I have to mention the present of King Blades, because it just makes this live show that much more authentic Japanese. These color-changeable light sticks run on AAA batteries and they are ubiquitous in Japan's otaku lives. Idol lives necessarily mean doing calls (coordinated hand movements, dancing and yelling), and it's quite a sight to see much of the crowd armed with lights, on US soil, both Japanese fans and otherwise. The glowsticks are a key part of that idol otaku identity and this is probably the one US show that I've seen with the most of these, per capita. As someone who doesn't follow Japanese idol acts, seeing Morning Musume '14 is still like scratching an item off of my bucket list because they are ensconced in Japanese pop culture. It's extra special to be a part of their US tour and see the fan turn out.  You can see the set list below. 1. ONE TWO THREE2. Help me!!3. Wagamamaki no mama..MC4. TIKI BUN5. Wakuteka Take a Chance6. The Matenrou Show7. BrainstormingMC8. I Wish9. Lalala no Pipipi10. Shabondama11. Kimagure Princess12. Souda! We are Alive!13. LOVE Machine14. The Peace!15. Renai Revolution 2116. Password is 0MC17. Kimi no Kawari wa Iyashinai18. What Is LOVE ?ENCORE19. Toki wo Koe Sora wo KoeMC20. Happy Daisakusen 1. ONE TWO THREE 2. Help me!! 3. Wagamamaki no mama.. MC 4. TIKI BUN 5. Wakuteka Take a Chance 6. The Matenrou Show 7. Brainstorming MC 8. I Wish 9. Lalala no Pipipi 10. Shabondama 11. Kimagure Princess 12. Souda! We are Alive! 13. Love Machine 14. The Peace! 15. Renai Revolution 21 16. Password is 0 MC 17. Kimi no Kawari wa 18. WHAT IS LOVE ? ENCORE 19. Toki wo koe Sora wo koe MC 20. HAPPY DAISAKUSEN
Morning Musume photo
East coast wotas and idols finally meet
At their show in New York City's Best Buy Theater earlier this month, Morning Musume '14 brought not only their glamorous selves to the Big Apple, but droves of fans all across America. There are even travelers from up Canada...

Idol of the Week photo
Idol of the Week

Idol of the Week: Ai Shinozaki

Ai love you
Oct 31
// Hiroko Yamamura
Name: Ai Shinozaki Birthdate: February 26, 1992 Hometown: Tokyo, Japan Measurements: 87/60/88 cm  When I haven't done Idol of the Week for a while I start to feel bad about depriving my dear friends of the lovely comp...
Morning Musume  photo
We have a final quick chat with the lovely Sayumi Michishige
After eleven amazing years, current Morning Musume '14 leader, Sayumi Michishige is graduating after their current tour. The super group known to fans as Momusu have been lighting up Japan's pop charts since 1997, and have ab...

Morning Musume photo
Morning Musume

Morning Musume '14 to play in NYC this Sunday

Long tradition with new branding
Oct 04
// Jeff Chuang
Morning Musume changed their name this year into Morning Musume '14. I'm not 100% sure what that really means for the flagship idol group of Hello! Project, but they're having a concert in NYC's Best Buy Theater on Sunday, October 5th. You can get tickets here and partake their first live in New York. We'll be there to take a look.

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