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4:00 PM on 04.22.2014

Star of Destiny: Suikoden II finally coming to PSN

Well, this news just made my day. It seems that the ESRB ratings, always a good source for accidentally outing new games, has opted to rate a very old game: Suikoden II. Konami's classic JRPG (and one of my favorite games of ...

Josh Tolentino


Xbox Live Gold 55% Off at Paypal's Spring Gaming Sale

The 5th week of PayPal's Spring Gaming Sale is here! :

Get a 55% discount on a 12-month Xbox Live subscription, 85% discount on Call of Duty: Black Ops 2, and 75% off on Worms Ultimate Mayhem! Cyberpunk lovers can buy Deus Ex: Human Revolution for €1.99, fans of long range combat can try their skill in Sniper: Ghost Warrior for €1.99. Gamers can also kindly support Save the Children charity event and get Rogue Legacy for donations over $3.5.
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PSA: PlayStation 99-cent weekend is on, get Tokyo Jungle now photo
PSA: PlayStation 99-cent weekend is on, get Tokyo Jungle now
by Josh Tolentino

Doing something this Easter weekend? Well delay that, because you may want to check out the PlayStation Network store's new 99-cent flash sale, which puts a buttload of games on sale of just short of a dollar.

The list is a mix of PS3 and PS Vita games, with a few PS1 and PS2 classics thrown in like the Crash Bandicoot and Spyro series. Also notable are all four of Telltale Games' pre-The Walking Dead adventure series, including Sam and Max, Back to the Future, Tales of Monkey Island, and Jurassic Park. Check out the full list of games and their discount prices below.

But if you're gonna get one thing for under a dollar, make it Tokyo Jungle. Sony's post-humanity saga of animals large and small just trying to make it in Tokyo is unlike almost everything else out there, and also has a Pomeranian you can put in sneakers.

The sale lasts from now until Monday, April 21st at 1900 Pacific, so you have until then to get Tokyo Jungle - if you don't have it already.

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5:30 PM on 04.11.2014

Go download the JoJos Bizarre Adventure All-Star Battle demo

You've just finished a week at work. Tough, right? You want nothing more than to just collapse at home, enjoy a nice cold drink and chill out. Don't worry, you deserve a good rest, but what are you going to do? Watch TV? You ...

Chris Walden

7:00 PM on 02.28.2014

Dynasty Warriors: Gundam Reborn to hit PS3 this summer

Dynasty Warriors: Gundam is a hell of a drug. I'm going to decline to state just how much time I've spent chasing 100% completion in that game, but know that it's a lot. Well, it looks like I'm about to kiss my summer goodbye...

Brad Rice

6:30 PM on 11.28.2013

Lightning Returns demo and DLC up on Japanese PSN

It’ll be a while before Lightning Returns makes is North American and European debuts (2/11 and 2/14 respectively) but if you have a Japanese PS3 account, you can grab the demo right now. For those of you with the game,...

Eric Koziol

8:00 PM on 11.27.2013

Soul Sacrifice is free for North American PS+ members

Just a friendly reminder for those of you who haven't already purchased a copy, or have yet to check out PlayStation Network this month. For a limited time, the PlayStation Vita action-roleplaying title Soul Sacrifice w...

Tim Sheehy

12:00 PM on 10.28.2013

New Idolm@ster PS3 game produces all 13 girls (updated)

After the launch of iM@S Channel with the PSN download games Shiny TV and G4U!, Namco Bandai has teased two new additional games or features via the "???" prompts in the main menu of iM@S Channel PS3 app. This could very well...

Jeff Chuang

Corpse Party on sale and more from XSEED this Halloween photo
Corpse Party on sale and more from XSEED this Halloween
by Eric Koziol

Have you been sleeping well? Been looking for a way to remedy that? As it is October and October means scary movies and stuff, right? (Interestingly enough in Japan that time is summer, actually.) So XSEED has let the prices of Corpse Party and Corpse: Party Book of Shadows drip down to just $9.99. Honestly recommended if you just gotta stay up the whole night and eep! Sorry, I am still a bit jumpy from Corpse Party. Both titles will be on sale from October 22 until November 4.

That’s not all. While these two corpse-filled games are just on sale, XSEED is also slashing, cutting and gutting the prices of other games. Wizardry: Labyrinth of Lost Souls and Sumioni: Demon Arts are now $10 apiece, Unchained Blades is down to $20 and Way of the Samurai 4 hits a permanent price of $30. You can see the exact details on XSEED’s Facebook page.

[via Destructoid]

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Review: One Piece: Pirate Warriors 2 photo
Review: One Piece: Pirate Warriors 2
by Chris Walden

"A fusion of Dynasty Warriors and One Piece? Sign me up!"

That was my reaction to the news that One Piece: Pirate Warriors (reviewed) was in production, sometime near the end of 2011. It was one of the titles topping my "games to import" list for a long time, until Namco Bandai decided to release it outside of Japan. A crazy move if you ask me, but hey, I wasn't complaining! Until I played the game, anyway.

It was one of those titles that had so much promise, yet failed to deliver in so many areas. The coin system was interesting but just wasn't being used to its full potential, and the dialogue was a very boring recap of existing One Piece story arcs. There were also those awful quick time events slapped into the maps themselves. 

One Piece: Pirate Warriors 2, to my surprise, also made it out of Japan. Please, video game, let me love you.

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3:00 PM on 09.03.2013

Ace Combat Infinity gets cooperative in its new trailer

Just in case you've forgotten about it, Ace Combat is back! Sort of. Namco Bandai have just released the latest trailer for Ace Combat Infinity, a downloadable, free-to-play PlayStation 3 incarnation of the famous fighter je...

Josh Tolentino

10:00 PM on 08.21.2013

Use the power of AR to play hockey with Miku this fall

It's been a long time since I've gotten the chance to play a good game of air hockey. One of the issues in playing the game is finding a location that has a an air hockey table. Even if I was able to own a own table, certain ...

Salvador G Rodiles

Japanese games star in the next PS Vita sale photo
Japanese games star in the next PS Vita sale
by Josh Tolentino

Hey, you know what's cool? Games from Japan for the PS Vita! You know what else is cool? Not paying a lot for videogames! It just so happens that Sony agrees with me, and has decided that for the next fortnight or so, you won't have to pay a lot for a whole bunch of Japanese games on the PS Vita. Huzzah! 

Starting...well, a couple of days ago, a veritable host of the Vita's top wares go on sale via the PlayStation Network, and will go even more on sale if you've got PS Plus. Gravity Rush, one of the platform's best games to date, is even free as part of the PS Plus instant game collection. Other hot bangers like Soul Sacrifice, Atelier Totori Plus, and Street Fighter X Tekken are on sale, too. 

And on the week of the 20th, you can pair your copy of Dragon's Crown with Vanillaware's other Vita game, Muramasa Rebirth, along with the likes of Ragnarok Odyssey and Metal Gear Solid HD Collection

That's a lot of games, and it's not even the full list (you can check that out below). So, Vita owners, see anything you like?

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4:00 AM on 08.02.2013

Ace Combat Infinity sounds like a proper Ace Combat game

Namco Bandai's just dropped a new teaser for Ace Combat Infinity, and I'll be damned if what's shown doesn't look like proper Ace Combat. Let's go down the checklist of "Ace Combat-y Things", shall we? Vaguely awkw...

Josh Tolentino

3:00 PM on 07.20.2013

The next Ace Combat game is Ace Combat Infinity

Rejoice, jet fighter fans! Turns out that the new Project Aces game Namco Bandai teased earlier this week is in fact an Ace Combat title. It's a downloadable game coming to the PlayStation 3 under the name of Ace Combat Infi...

Josh Tolentino

11:15 PM on 04.01.2013

Demon's Souls, Malicious, more free on PS Plus in April

Demons, Zombies, Swords.Even a labyrinth too.All coming to you. 

Eric Koziol

10:00 PM on 04.01.2013

Tokyo Jungle and other PSN gems go retail, says the ESRB

"The Best of PSN", Tokyo Jungle, plus three more. Sound Shapes is good, too.

Josh Tolentino

2:00 PM on 03.26.2013

The Vividred Operation game's trophies are mayo-tastic

Like pretty much any reasonably game-lookin' anime out there these days, Vividred Operation is getting a game adaptation courtesy of Namco Bandai. That might sound like a quick-and-cheap cash grab, and we won't trul...

Josh Tolentino

2:00 PM on 03.20.2013

PSA: Atelier Totori for Vita stealth-released on PSN

I'd like to believe that Tecmo Koei actually do care a whit about their publishing the enhanced PS Vita port of Atelier Totori  (called Atelier Totori Plus), but the fact that they didn't even bother to tell an...

Josh Tolentino

Review: Corpse Party: Book of Shadows photo
Review: Corpse Party: Book of Shadows
by Chris Walden

It was a little over a year ago that I parted my review of Corpse Party by wishing that the sequel would also end up getting localised. Here we are with another game in the series in a language I understand, and while it's not a sequel per se, I was pretty psyched to finally get back into Heavenly Host Elementary School.

While Book of Shadows serves as an expansion of the fiction, it also features some large differences from its predecessor. Gone are the dated looking sprites and directional control over a character, as we now have a point-and-click style game. I'll get into more detail about this later on.

What I will say before the jump is that I don't believe I've had any other game leave me in two minds for so long. I've had this review floating about in my head for about a week, my thoughts in perpetual debate about what I actually think about this game. I'm going to try my best to turn those into words, so hit the jump to see what I think.

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PSA: Persona and other Atlus titles on sale for Euro PSN photo
PSA: Persona and other Atlus titles on sale for Euro PSN
by Josh Tolentino

Are you a fan of deals? Sure you are! That's why Atlus is offering those of you European deal-lovers that also happen to be game-lovers a deal...on games. Atlus-published ones. On the PlayStation Network. 

From now until February 1st, 2013, four Atlus-published games will be going for a cool 50% off on the European PSN store. The games themselves range from the PSP rerelease of Persona, to the irreverent historical boulder-roller Rock of Ages, to the lovely three-way co-op platformer Trine 2, to Droplitz, which is a puzzle game with a funny name.*

Not a bad spread overall, especially for folks looking to pick up Persona or Trine 2 on the cheap. Even if you're not European, but have a European PSN account, you may want to look it up. 

*Can you guess which of these four I've never actually played?

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8:00 AM on 11.27.2012

Kiss and Tell: Chulip coming to PlayStation Network

If there's anything good that can be said about Sony's decision to remove PS2 backwards compatibility from the PS3, it's that the inability for gamers to play their old discs may have spurred the company to encourage releasin...

Josh Tolentino

Japanator Recommends: Growlanser: Wayfarer of Time photo
Japanator Recommends: Growlanser: Wayfarer of Time
by Eric Koziol

The Growlanser series has had a slightly inconsistent release schedule in the West. The second, third, and fifth games made it out --while the first and sixth never did. Now the PlayStation Portable version of the fourth game in the series, released as Growlanser IV: Over Reloaded in Japan, has finally made it Stateside, as Growlanser: Wayfarer of Time.

Available on PSN for $29.99, Growlanser: Wayfarer of Time is ready to play on your Vita as well as your PSP. If you’ve enjoyed the previously released Growlanser games or are looking for a tactical RPG to keep your portable Sony systems busy while you are on the go, keep reading to see if Wayfarer of Time is the game for you.

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Japanator Kind Of Recommends: Way of the Samurai 4 photo
Japanator Kind Of Recommends: Way of the Samurai 4
by Josh Tolentino

There's no doubt that the Way of the Samurai franchise is an intriguing series, but is nearly opaque to those unfamiliar with the franchise. One's enjoyment of such games can depend significantly on prior experience with Acquire's work.

With that in mind, we were lucky enough that both I and our own Josh "Totsu" Totman had copies of Way of the Samurai 4, and we've decided to write a special dual review, one from the perspective of a longtime fan (me), and the other from a series newbie (Totsu). 

Read our thoughts and scope out our scores below.

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Japanator Recommends: Double Dragon Neon photo
Japanator Recommends: Double Dragon Neon
by Brittany Vincent

WayForward Technologies is responsible for a glut of some of the best reboots available over the past few years, including the excellent A Boy and His Blob and BloodRayne: Betrayal. Revitalizing classic franchises is a lucrative operation, and WayForward seems to have pioneered a fantastic formula for them. Double Dragon is the latest to receive this treatment, in the form of Double Dragon Neon. The classic brawler is brought back to life with some decidedly different energy, a facelift, and new reasons to kick some more butt with Billy and Jimmy. Trust us -- it looks gaudy, loud, and silly, but there's tons of fun to be had here.

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8:00 AM on 09.13.2012

Tokyo Jungle gets a wild trailer

It's less than two weeks until this pomeranian simulator releases in the West, so it's time for a release trailer! This game is still utterly fascinating, though that might just be because I see it as an animal version of Fi...

Chris Walden

8:00 AM on 08.29.2012

Importers Beware: New PS Vita firmware locks memory cards

Hold it right there, person about to update his or her PS Vita's firmware to the latest version, which is v1.80! Ask yourself the following questions: 1. Do you have another PSN account located in a different region (say, Ja...

Josh Tolentino

4:00 PM on 08.21.2012

Tokyo Jungle comes stateside on the cheap

Sometimes waiting pays off. If you didn't snag an import copy of Tokyo Jungle, then you win this round. The Sony Playstation 3 post apocalyptic animal survival game has been announced for North America and Europe. The best p...

Hiroko Yamamura

8:00 AM on 08.05.2012

Banzai! XSEED releasing Way of the Samurai 4 on August 21

Fans of Acquire, XSEED, and awkward-but-compelling Japanese can rejoice, because Way of the Samurai 4 has a release date! And it's soon, too. The world of hilariously exaggerated animations, sword collecting, choice and conse...

Josh Tolentino

4:00 PM on 06.20.2012

PSA: PlayStation Network Store to go down in Korea

Now yes, I know this site is called "Japanator", which would nominally keep Korean news off our radar - not until we launch our peninsular offshoot "Joseonator", anyway - but I'd think this news is significant enough to put u...

Josh Tolentino

8:00 AM on 05.29.2012

Gravity Rush demo available in North America today

Gravity Rush is my current game of the year. If you're following me on twitter, you've probably grown sick of the way I drone on and on about how much I love this game. Everything from the aesthetic to the amazing feeling of ...

Elliot Gay