Listen up you fans who won't amount to anything, Jeff Chuang is currently in the process of uncovering the secrets of Animazement 2012. Today, Jeff uncovers the secrets behind the cosplayers that lurk within the conventi... read feature

Steins;Gate parody porno discontinued after legal action

May 01
If you're into live-action porn parodies of anime, hopefully you thought to grab Layers;Gate before now. TMA, the adult video producer behind such titles as K-ONBU! and The Melancholy of Hahiru Suzumiya, has announced that th... read

Gundam cosplay is majestic, might not fit through doors

Apr 16
Are you really into figures but never quite got into cosplay? this gentleman found the perfect solution to integrating both hobbies: why not turn yourself into a life-sized gunpla? Sounds like a reasonable but not necessarily... read

As we deliver the finishing blow to the cosplay gallery for Anime Matsuri 2012, the final gallery will show only photos that were taken by Ashley Vilardi (Shown in the header image above.). Besides the amazingly spectacular L... read feature

It turns out that the person that was cosplaying Mr. Destructoid was none other than Ed Baylon himself. This must also mean that he has a partner in crime that was helping him out with capturing every cosplayer on camera. To ... read feature

I don't know the explanations, but somehow Mr. Destructoid found a way to invade Anime Matsuri 2012. And here I thought that no one from Modern Method was going to attend the con (I might be wrong.). Actually, that ... read feature

Anime Matsuri 2012 is currently still in session during the weekend in the Woodlands area north of Houston, TX, and we manage to come across photos of the cosplayers that attended the con. There are also some photos... read feature

Live-action Cardfight!! Vanguard announced... what?

Mar 06
There's been a lot of news regarding live-action adaptations of anime, but this show certainly wasn't one I expected to see receive the same treatment. Cardfight!! Vanguard, a ridiculously popular card game in Japan, will be ... read

Tokyo overrun by creepy Pikachus

Feb 22
Imagine this: it's late at night. You're coming home from a hard day of work; you don't need any curveballs thrown at you. Suddenly, a swarm of men wearing Pikachu costumes surrounds you. You sigh, knowing that you can't run ... read

AKB48 idols cosplay at Tokyo Big Sight event

Feb 13
Several pictures of AKB48 members Mayu Watanabe and Miku Tanabe cosplaying at Tokyo Big Sight have recently surfaced online. Dressed as Sheryl Nome from Macross Frontier and Yui from K-On! respectively, Watabe and Tanabe grac... read

Take Two: Another Take On Catherine: The Trailer

Nov 05
Hey guys, you know what's cool? Catherine is cool. Yes it is, and I don't care what you say. Atlus and Team Persona's take on perpetuating negative stereotypes about romance - for both genders this time - and male-female rela... read

Kawasaki City's Halloween cosplay parade makes me jelly

Nov 01
Well, yesterday was Halloween, and I'm sure you had a fantastic night. Me? I sat around played video games, and gained two dress sizes eating candy. The residents of Kawasaki City did no such thing, and took to the ... read

Not in time for Halloween: Tiger and Bunny Mask

Oct 25
Anime retailer Animate has just released some advertisements about their upcoming Tiger and Bunny, Wild Tiger rubber mask. Argghhh, this would have been perfect for Halloween! Unfortunately the mask is not due out until this winter. Maybe it will keep your face warm while snowboarding in Aspin? Now that's an image I'd like to see. [Via OtaNews] read

Comiket's over! And with the tide of otaku exiting Tokyo Big Sight comes a tailing wave of sweet, sweet cosplay pictures, including yet more portayals of Madoka Magica. Now, I know a few of you demanded that I stop gathering ... read feature

Gosh, is it day two of Comiket cosplay already? It's as if our day one Comiket cosplay gallery went up just yesterday! Wait, that makes perfect sense. Cosplay goodness continues as Comiket slowly starts to wind down. The cosp... read feature

The Cosplay of Comiket 80: Day One

Aug 13
Ah, Comiket! That most essential of otaku events is going full speed ahead, and the first day has just passed. And before everyone is overwhelmed by the tide of perverted doujinshi and other obscene material (that's for day t... read

Sorry that took a bit longer to edit together, but it's finally done! As with any convention, cosplay is an integral part to the whole experience. Whether you're in an outfit, watch people walk by or taking photos yourself, w... read feature

If you went to Otakon last year, one of the main attractions on Saturday was the Cosplay Burlesque show. Quite simply, attractive people in various costumes went on stage, danced to an appropriate song and stripped down to th... read feature

Anime Expo 2011 may be over, but the time for posting lots of awesome cosplay pics has just begun! We bring you today our epic AX '11 cosplay gallery, with photos of some great (and slightly less great) costume-play efforts, ... read feature

I've said it before, but I love the work that "Steadycam Guy" does at anime conventions. YouTube user acksonl goes everywhere with his full-body steadicam rig: Otakon, New York Comic-Con, and most recently, Anime Expo, which ... read feature

Animazement cosplay is all about the ponies

May 30
Actually, it's just me who's all about the ponies. Sorry for lying. There was actually a very good variety of cosplay from a variety of shows on display. The variety was so good that I was largely bewildered by what I saw, bu... read

These Persona 4 glasses will help you see through the fog

May 02
And that's because they can fit prescription lenses if you need them. Sadly, seeing through the fog will run you the somewhat steep price of $85 at Hobby Search. I'd be interested, but I couldn't pull off the "Persona 4 Protagonist" look, seeing as I'm not a tall, silver-haired hottie with a penchant for summoning monsters from the depth of his soul. *sniff* read

Anime Boston '11: Cosplay gallery #2

Apr 25
In terms of cosplay, Anime Boston really stepped it up this year, with an even greater variety of costumes, and some whose craftsmanship was really great! So Bob and I have decided to share with you even more of our findings ... read

Anime Boston '11: Cosplay gallery part 1

Apr 25
Anime Boston is over, so Crystal and I decided to be gracious enough to share our cosplay booty with you all. As in, our spoils, our prizes, not butts. Though there may be some booties -- the butt kind -- in there somewhere? ... read

Anime Conji cosplay gallery part 2

Apr 05
Here's the last batch of cosplay from Anime Conji. As I mentioned before, the conventioni is only in its second year. It's not quite Anime Expo, or Otakon, so you can't always expect to be blown away. Still, we had ... read

Anime Conji 2011 cosplay gallery part 1

Apr 04
The other weekend, we stopped by Anime Conji in San Diego to see what was going on. They've only been holding the convention for a couple years, so we weren't expecting it to be incredibly crowded. It did seem to at... read

Enjoy this unfairly awesome Japanese Madoka cosplay

Mar 08
We all want to punch Kyubey in the face, but not all of us are teenage girls that can see the devil beast. So, enjoy these pictures of girls dressed as the Madoka cast. read

Here's the other half of our Christmas day cosplay gallery. Of course, I'm sure some of you have already nestled up in bed with your regifted Snuggies and hot chocolate, so you might not get a chance to see these until tomorr... read feature

Merry Christmas! Rather than be a grinch, I figured I'd give you guys a present this year -- cosplay galleries. Last month, we attended Pacific Media Expo in Pasadena and managed to snag a few cosplay pics while we ... read feature

That header might seem a bit misleading, but it's not. I actually posted my first half of this gallery last night, so make sure to check it out. Most of these photos come from the PMX Starlight Fashion Festival. Again, everyo... read feature

For some of you lucky enough to attend, last weekend marked the seventh annual Pacific Media Expo. Seeing as we haven't attended very many conventions this year, I decided to drop in for a day and che... read feature

15 hot nerd costumes for guys

Oct 24
It's getting closer to Halloween, and hopefully all of you are hard at work on your costumes. I know I am, and I'll be sexing it up at my annual Halloween party as a slutty female version of Mr. Spock. Then I got to thinking,... read

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