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Jump Festa Cosplay photo
Naruto, One Piece, and more besides
Jump Festa, Shueisha's yearly celebration of all things Naruto, Bleach, One Piece, and whatever else it publishes, happened last week, and our pal Lindo Korchi was on hand to observe the proceedings. You can ch...

Cosplay Excellence at Jump Festa 2016, Part 1

Dec 24 // Josh Tolentino
/ul/34618-cosplay-excellence-at-jump-festa-2015-part-1/Jump Festa 2016 Cosplay Photos Part 1 (12)-noscale.jpg
Jump Festa Cosplay photo
Snaps and shots from the show floor
Jump Festa, Shueisha's yearly celebration of all things Naruto, Bleach, One Piece, and whatever else it publishes, happened last week, and our pal Lindo Korchi was on hand to observe the proceedings. You can check out hi...

2020 Summer Olympics photo
2020 Summer Olympics

2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo sees major changes

New Stadium announced
Dec 23
// Soul Tsukino
The 2020 Tokyo Summer Olympic games have garnered a lot of controversy even before Tokyo won the bid to host the games in 2013. Ballooning costs, allegations that the official logo was a stolen trademark, and social media's c...

Long Lines and Good Times: A Visit to Jump Festa 2016

Dec 23 // Josh Tolentino
Long Lines and Good Times: A Visit to Jump Festa 2016 As my alarm clock goes off at 6:00 am, I'm abruptly taken away from the dream I was in; attending one of the biggest anime expositions in Japan: Jump Festa. “Today's the first day of Jump Festa! I need to grab the train to Chiba now or I'll be late!” I exclaimed. And so, my journey began. But before I continue, I'll briefly go over what Jump Festa is. Since 1999, Shueisha, the creators of the famous Jump magazines, sponsored the event Jump Festa to focus solely on anime, manga, games, merchandise, and alike. In addition, many manga artists also attend the event and have panels along with Q&A sessions. It's difficult to find data revealing the number of attendees for each year of Jump Festa, however, the latest one reported by Mantan-web revealed attendance figures of 145,000 for 2014 – 11,000 more than in 2013 and a bigger attendance size than AnimeJapan. Assuming the trend continued this year, this year's event could have up to 167,000 fans through the doors. Jump Festa having an admission price of just $0.00 (yes, free), definitely adds to those rapid growth prospects. Now that the introduction is out of the way, we can now move on to Jump Festa 2016. As I sprint out the kitchen with a piece of toast in my mouth (I'm in Japan; I had to!), I catch the JR Yamanote Line at Ueno Station to Tokyo Station, then transfer to the JR Keiyo Line to Kaihin-Makuhari Station. After a two-hour journey (which includes the delays I had on the train), I finally arrive at Makuhari Messe, the venue where Jump Festa has been held for over a decade. [embed]34622:5287:0[/embed] “You've got to be kidding me.” I thought as I looked at the excessive lines (yes, that's plural!) leading to the entrance. A little over an hour later, and somehow being able to guide myself towards the front, I was finally in – but then, there were more lines, and it didn't look like an exhibition hall at all. That's when I realized I actually entered the Jump Festa sale zone, where they sell original goods and limited edition items. The area was huge and attendees were separated by groups. Each group was set for a specific anime or manga series, which included the limited edition goods. However, those groups also had lines. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to get a glimpse of them due to the overwhelming amount of people. Interestingly enough, none of the items were on display, instead, attendees were given a piece of paper which noted what was offered (photos of the items weren't on the page; some booths in the exhibition hall displayed photos towards the front or back of the line, though). I attempted to tell staff that I simply wanted to see what they offered, and snap a few photos, but they weren't keen on such. Plus, how would I be able to shoot photos? Unless they were going to bring me to where they actually had the inventory. That wasn't going to happen. Nonetheless, I ventured to find the exhibition hall. Thankfully, I saw Naruto Uzumaki & Sakura Haruno roaming the convention; they were kind enough to lead me to the exhibit hall, where we parted off with a “Dattebayo!” Due to the overwhelming volume of people who lined up for special events, panels, and screenings, I wasn't able to attend any of them. However, it wasn't a problem. My favorite part about any convention is the exhibit hall, I believe it's the heart of it all and either makes or breaks the experience. Most of my time was spent in the exhibit hall, booths, and cosplay corners. Attending an anime convention that's 100% Japanese, 0% English is quite the challenge. But it's the challenge that makes the overall experience an adventure. Jump Festa held an atmosphere that no other convention in America, at least, the ones I've been to, have been able to achieve. As you walk pass the Jump gallery and witness the artworks of recognizable manga artists, such as Tite Kubo, Kazue Kato, and Shun Saek, it becomes surreal. As you look around, you hear the Japanese language flowing in every direction, every piece of content written in hiragana and kanji; you realize that the amazing cosplay you've always thought were semi-fake on Facebook are actually legit as you witness great cosplayers roam the halls. At some point, it finally hits you that you're at the heart of all the original stories, artworks, manga and anime that has captivated you from an early age – that's a special experience and not one that can easily be replicated. Wandering around, I found myself in a new area and was thrilled. “Is that Kakashi-sensei? No way, is that Super Saiyan 4 Goku?! I must've entered the anime zone!” I thought, in excitement. To be frank, it was the dedicated cosplay area. While it's true that I've been to quite a few conventions and am used to cosplay, I'm not exactly accustomed to seeing a lot of high-quality ones, nonetheless gathered in one area. The cosplayers did not only resemble the characters but captured their personality as well. For those who didn't exactly resemble said character, it was just as good because the detail put into their cosplay was clearly shown. The highlight my time there - and my personal favorite cosplay -moment was witnessing a senior in a wheelchair. I noticed that he had some sort of outfit and questioned if he was cosplaying. As I approached him, it was clear that he was cosplaying Akainu of One Piece. It was a special thing to see. Even though he's a senior and must use a wheelchair to get around, he didn't allow his circumstances to limit him from having fun, enjoying life, and preparing his cosplay outfit as the days led to Jump Festa. “Sumimasen. Shashin desu ka?” (Excuse me. May I take a photo?) I asked. The young man who was helping the senior looked surprised, as if no one had asked to take a photo. The senior smiled and nodded his head. As he slowly got up from his wheelchair, he adjusted his cosplay jacket and looked straight into the camera, full of character. After the shot, he was all smiles. He definitely has my respect; it's my favorite shot of the entire event because there's a story behind it. As I walked away, it became clear that it wasn't always about taking photos of the “best cosplayers”, but creating memories of the event and showing all the cosplayers who participated that they're appreciated, just as the senior. It can make all the difference. Just a few of those "unrecognized" cosplayers are in the gallery below. One of the main focus points for Jump Festa was the 20th anniversary of Yu-Gi-Oh! along with the movie, Yu-Gi-Oh!: The Dark Side of Dimensions. But it wasn't just a promotion, it was actually fun. Booths were set up for attendees to have their photo taken and be placed on a Yu-Gi-Oh! card with either Yugi or Kaiba (free of charge). Some areas were dedicated to one-on-one dueling while others pit two teams of five against each other using huge cards as props (similar to the giant chess set). Attendees were also able to get their picture taken, sign their names, and have it displayed in the theatrical version of the movie's ending credits. Large showcases of cards were up for display, along with a Blue-Eyes White Dragon card cosplay. Another cool setup was the special play area for attendees, which included a mini trampoline, a slide, and small ball pool. Many of the booths interacted with the attendees and provided activities, such as Bandai Namco, Square Enix, and PlayStation that let attendees play demo versions of upcoming games, including One Piece: Burning Blood, Dragon Quest Builders, and Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4. Toho animation held an informative booth, explaining the artwork and how they process the animation. Bandai also held a small musical performance. And, of course, a dedicated area was made for all things Street Fighter. However, I must admit, I was surprised by the lack of non-Japanese fans at Jump Festa. The majority were Japanese, with hardly any westerners in sight. Given that Jump Festa is also a free event, I was baffled. Perhaps it's because Jump Festa isn't really promoted overseas, or at least not to the English-speaking audience. Last year when I was in Japan around the same time, I didn't even hear about Jump Festa. I only discovered it because I was actively searching for anime conventions in Japan for the winter season. I appreciated the fact that throughout the event, the same atmosphere, energy, and hype was still felt, all the way to its final hours. As the event came to a close, I smiled, filled with joy, and looked through the photos I took to recapture the moments. As I took the JR back to Ueno Station, I saw dozens of people on the train with Jump bags. Even though we all didn't know each other, it was our common interest in Jump that brought us together to have a great experience, and that was special. Despite the long lines and lack of English, Jump Festa was an incredible event. They really delivered; the exhibition hall and cosplay area was definitely the heart of the event and were great. The atmosphere, energy, appreciation, and the vibe of being in the home country of Japanese pop culture is a unique experience that cannot be experienced elsewhere. If you ever have the chance to make it to Jump Festa, I'd definitely recommend it. If not, see if you can make it to AnimeJapan, which is held annually in March at Tokyo Big Sight. I'm sure it'll be great as well. What are your thoughts on Jump Festa? Did you attend this year's show, or would you like to see it come to your country? Let us know in the comments, along with your own thoughts on Shonen Jump. For my part, even after the event I found myself learning new things: A number of cosplayers there fans of Tokyo Ghoul, and now I've just got to check out what they were jazzed up enough to dress up for! P.S.: Finally, if there are any Japanator readers in the Tokyo area who's interested in some Jump Festa merchandise, let us know, as well. I came upon quite a bit of swag that I'd love to give away, including manga, stickers, cards, buttons, and other promotional items. Here's a photo of it all:   [embed]34622:5287:0[/embed]
Jump Festa 2015 photo
An event for the best of Shonen Jump
Editor's Note: If you're in Japan and a manga fan, Christmas comes early each year, as Jump Festa, Shueisha's celebration of all things Shonen JUMP, takes place shortly before the big day, promoting manga, anime, video g...

Strong Style: A look back at season 3

Dec 19 // Soul Tsukino
  Scariest dude of season 3 Minoru Suzuki/Katsuyori Shibata (tie) Both these men are not ones I'd ever want to see standing in the opposite corner. Both these guys are bad dudes for sure. Shibata is an emotionless ass kicking machine. He is no frills, no smiles, no showboat. He literally marches to the ring, destroys anyone who opposes him, and then leaves. It didn't matter if you were rival Tanahashi or his own high school friend Hirooki Goto, he would kick your ass just the same. This season we saw him win his first title with Meiyu partner Goto and take guys like Tanahashi, Nakamura, and Guns and Gallows to their limits. He may not win all of them, but he'll make you remember him. MMA pioneer Minoru Suzuki, on the other hand, is just as scary because he likes torturing people. He takes delight in finding new ways to hurt his opponents and make them squeal. He'll bite your fingers, twist your ankles, and stretch you like a rubber band. The leader of the Suzuki Army made his final NJPW appearance (for now) at WrestleKingdom this season, but he left a mark of just being a scary torture master who didn't care what anyone thought.   Most fighting spirit of the season Tomoaki Honma Despite recent headlines concerning his personal life, New Japan told the perfect story with Honma. A former Big Japan hardcore wrestler who comes up short in most of his matches, but will still put everything he has into every match. This season we saw him in the losing effort against Ishii, but his best moment was when he scored the winning pinfall against the Bullet Club at WrestleKingdom. Mauro Ranallo described the moment best when he said "Charlie Brown finally kicked the football!"   Worst performance of the season Bad Luck Fale I almost went with Bruce Tharpe on this one, but at least the guy is valiantly trying to keep the NWA name alive when it should have been killed off years ago. "The Underboss" of the Bullet Club's match with Shinsuke Nakamura for the Intercontinental Title was easily the most disappointing match of the season, let alone a featured match. Fale's plodding bag-man style may work well in the States (well, to Vince McMahon anyway) but was not what I've come to expect in the action on this show. Combine with him losing the title so soon after he had won it last season, it made him look so out of place being in the spot he was.   Biggest Derp of the season Spoiling the main event of Togi Makabe vs. Tomoshiro Ishii. Yup, that one. The Stone Pitbull and the Unchained Gorilla were going to lock horns for Ishii's NEVER Openweight title. It was a lesson in smashmouth hard-nosed wrestling. However the producers of the show in Japan (and AXS TV for leaving it in) decided to air an interview with Makabe with the belt he WON IN THE MATCH THEY WERE GOING TO SHOW! Thanks for the tip off guys.   Best visual of the season All the gold on the table.  The big 8 man match right before Wrestlekingdom with Tanahashi/Makabe/La Sombra/Ibushi vs. Okada/Nakamura/Ishii/YOSHI-HASHI was big enough considering what was on the landscape at the time, but the shot of all 3 men's heavyweight titles plus the WK title shot briefcase on the table showed just how big the match was. That image really drives the point home that this was the all-star match of the year. Nothing drove the point home of how top level this match was than seeing that much heavy metal together.   "WTF is going on here?" of the season The "lost" episode: At the beginning of the season, AXS TV released a list of the episodes that were going to air for season 3. AXS kind of fell off the wagon near the end of the season when the November 13th episode was pre-empted for basketball coverage. Not only did the episode not air, but the two part coverage of the matches from Sendai were moved up a week. This missing show was to have covered matches from the January 19th, 2015 card and feature 3 matches with stars from Mexico, including a big 8 man tag match. I've asked around, but no one seems to know if this unseen show was even made let alone if it will ever air.   Best line of the season Ryusuke Taguchi: "Oh my and Garfunkel" Was there any doubt? Junior heavyweight Taguchi cracked out this gem in the first show of the season after winning the IWGP Jr. Heavyweight title from Kushida. It's random, goofy, and no one is quite sure where he came up with it, but it became a line that Mauro and Josh loved to repeat for the rest of the season. It became a mantra of just how different Taguchi really is. Fun to say, a mystery to know, and an expression of individualism.   Coolest move of the season Kenny Omega's Chainsaw With his makeover in becoming "The Cleaner" for The Bullet Club, Canadian Jr. heavyweight Kenny Omega cracked out this gem at WrestleKingdom against Taguchi. With the over the top set up of pulling an imaginary starter cord, his goofy facial expressions, and the thought of someone's arm hair stubble raking across your eyeballs, this move was just flat out creative. We got to see Omega use this again in the rematch with Taguchi (the one where the flagpole went up people's butts) and it was just as fun the second time around.   Best finisher of the season Hirooki Goto's ushi-karoshi.  Had to go with this one as it looks like one of those moves that there is no way people don't feel something afterward. Goto picks you up in a fireman's carry and launches you up in the air, but instead of just landing on your back on the mat (I.E. John Cena's AA), Goto brings his knee up and connects right to the base of your NECK. This is the type of move you will never see come to the WWE and with one wrong move, someone could end up paralyzed or dead. Thankfully Mr. Goto is a professional and mastered the timing of the move so no one has ended up permanently hurt from it. A great visual and one the people believe can really hurt you.   Tag team of the season Doc Gallows and Karl Anderson This pick was a no-brainer. Guns and Gallows of the Bullet Club are the dominant tag team in New Japan right now and it was reflected on this show. They spent much of the season in matches with Meiyu, but also beat the team of Okada and YOSHI- HASHI as were in a six-man tag team match as well. Although their matches often had interference, they were perfectly capable of winning on their own.   Match of the season Tanahashi vs. Okada (WrestleKingdom 9)  This was a tough one for me as there were probably 4 other contenders for this, showing just how good the action was this season. Ultimately I had to go with this match. It was the biggest match pin the biggest stage with the two biggest guys for the biggest prize. This wasn't filled with a ton of interference like a lot of the Bullet Club matches, nor was it cut to ribbons in the editing room. This was built up perfectly and this show did the match justice in showing how important it was with giving it its own episode. Although outside of this show there may have been better matches that NJPW presented, in the confines of this show, this match takes top honors.   Wrestler of the season Shinsuke Nakamura  This guy is the star of this show, no question about it. While Tanahashi may be the ace of the company, Nakamura is the one that this show centers around. Mauro and Josh love this guy and his antics, he puts on great matches (Bad Luck Fale aside) and the way he conducts himself in the ring and on the mic really sets him apart as someone different and not cut from the same cloth. While Tanahashi, Styles, and Okada were hovering around the IWGP title, Nakamura was making the Intercontinental Title the belt to watch with all the different opponents he had. Even in tag matches, he was able to shine in a large group of top notch competitors and when he got on the mic you were never sure what he was going to say. While Puroresu values athletic ability more so that the major league here in the states, it's still a form of entertainment and Shinsuke Nakamura has the art down to a T. Season 3 covered some great action this year. With Wrestlekingdom hovering over everyone's head this season, it really brought out the best in an already amazing show. Luckily we won't have to wait long to get things going again as a new season is coming up shortly. However, it is an end of an era of sorts for NJPW on AXS TV. During the past week it was announced that our favorite announcer, Mauro Ranallo will be joining the WWE as the lead announcer for Smackdown starting in early January. I've asked around and no replacement has been named for the next season of this show, so we will have to wait and see who gets to fill the role. Meanwhile, I congratulate Mauro for getting the role. I've said that Mauro is one of the best wrestling announcers going today and if anyone can help improve the announcing quality of WWE programming, it will be him. I'll say it here like I tweeted to him, I hope that they let him be HIM, and not be what an out of touch billionaire wants him to be. If the WWE is serious about upping the show's game for their start on the USA network, they certainly got the best start they can by hiring him. And with that, we bring season 3 to a close here at Strong Style. We will be picking up soon with season four soon enough so stay glued to Japanator for more wrestling action!  
New Japan Pro Wrestling photo
Ending the year with a look back
Hello again Japanator wrestling fans to this special edition of Strong Style. This week we are taking a look back at the awesomeness that was season 3 of New Japan Pro Wrestling on AXS TV.  This season covered the months...

Tales of Berseria photo
Tales of Berseria

Awaken your inner beast with two minutes of Tales of Berseria

What a horrible night to have a curse!
Dec 17
// Salvador GRodiles
From day one, I was on board with Tales of Berseria's idea of letting the players sail through the game's world on a pirate ship. However, I didn't expect to see the game's latest trailer hitting us with werewolf-like creatu...
Ys VIII photo

Land Ho: Ys VIII sails to Japan next Summer

Expect to get shipwrecked again
Dec 16
// Salvador GRodiles
For a long time, the two main colors used in Christmas are red and green. Of course, white happens to be another one that's used during this occasion. Speaking of holiday colors, it turns out that Falcom has revealed new deta...
Recycling photo

Japan's Zero Waste Town sorts their garbage into 34 different types

There's how many types of garbage?
Dec 12
// Red Veron
If you've ever watched anime, you may have seen a character stress over sorting their garbage or even forgetting which day they pick up certain types of garbage, whether it is burnable or non-burnable, recyclable, your waifu...

Strong Style: 'Tis the end of the season of Strong Style beatings!

Dec 12 // Soul Tsukino
We kick things off with a greeting from Blue Justice himself, Yuji Nagata! NWA Jr. Heavyweight Title: Chase Owens vs. Jushin Liger Rematch here for the belt as Liger is the champion coming into this one. He is wearing a cool alt version of his mask that is white with red trim. On the other side, we have Strong Style's favorite dollar store A.J. Styles, Chase Owens. Owens has now even started wearing long black tights and grown his bread out, wonder where he got that idea from. Owens, of course, is seconded by Bruce "I took third place in a Buddy Holly lookalike contest" Tharpe, president of the NWA. Mauro actually says that outside of the ring, Tharpe is actually a nice soft spoken person and a lawyer. Jokes on that contradiction begin now. Chase gets the waistlock and Liger takes him down with a leg scissors. Owens tries to get out but goes for the ropes. We jump ahead a little bit as both men chopping each other in the center of the ring. Tackle sends Owens out to the floor and then Liger hits a sliding dropkick. Liger goes for the dive off the top, but Tharpe gets in the way. Chase gets the advantage off the distraction and goes for the pin but gets two. Owens gets some punches in but then stops and poses. Owens go for the running start and is stopped with a palm strike. Liger sets Owens on the top and hits the top rope hurancanrana! Vintage Liger! He goes up again and goes for the dive only to meet the knees. Chase hits the gutbuster and gets a two count, only to go for it again. Owens gets the slingshot backbreaker and then hits another one. Owes goes for the package piledriver twice (ironic because I know another guy named Owens who used that move) only to get blocked but gets a sunset flip for two. Owens gets up and gets a waistlock, that is reversed, reversed again and Liger gets the pin! Backstage Owens grumbles about losing and vows to get the belt the next time.   NWA Title: Rob Conway vs. Hiroyoshi Tenzan It's the Con-man! Rob Conway comes out wearing the title and with Tharpe as Mauro gives a brief rundown of how important the NWA Title used to be. Sadly it isn't the case anymore. Rob has let his hair and beard grow out now, so he looks a lot like Hercules Hernandez here. Rob's career never really got off the ground as he was a big developmental stand out for the WWE, but then got shoe-horned into las resistance and spent more of the next few years having Jim  Ross explain that he wasn't a french guy, even though he was dressed like it and waived a french flag. Tenzan, on the other hand, has held just about every title there is in Japan, including being the winner of all three major single's tournaments in Japan. Bell rings as Tenzan is the crowd favorite. Conway attacks off the Tharpe distraction and unloads on Tenzan in the corner with chops and punches. Conway hits a clubbing clothesline. We get a small jump ahead as  Tenzan goes Strong Style on Conway and then lands the rolling thunder kick and hits a bunch of Mongolian chops and then a running axe bomber in the corner. Tenzan goes up and hits a knee to the back down to the mat. Only gets two, though. Tenzan comes off the ropes and gets a kick to the gut by Conway, Tenzan then reverses into a thunder bomb. He goes up and hits a diving headbutt before going for the anaconda vice! They are up to their feet only for Tenzan to hit the anaconda buster! Tharpe up on the apron just as Conway taps. Conway grabs the belt and nails Tenzan with it, but Tenzan kicks out of the pin! Back from break as Conway hits a spear for two. Conman hits a swinging neckbreaker but can't land the three count. Conway tries for the hanging neckbreaker on the ropes, but Tenzan reverses it and hits Conway's finisher on him! Tenzan slams Conway on the mat and goes up. Tharpe runs up, but Tenzan blasts him with three headbutts, splitting the lawyer open across the nose. He then hits a MOONSAULT and wins the title! Tenzan thanks the crowd for cheering him and asks for their continued support. Clipped and a quick one, but man Tenzan can still lay down the hurt. Backstage Rob bitches about he was cheated, not defeated. Tharpe gets in a threat in Japanese. We get some studio words from Yuji. He talks about being after revenge from the G1 and how Nakamura creates his own world of wrestling instead of being just about a belt. IWGP Intercontinental Title: Shinsuke Nakamura vs. Yugi Nagata: I am ready to be amazed. Nakamura has been featured on this show several times with his Freddie Mercury appearance and style while also being a devastating wrestler. Yuji Nagata on the other hand really only had a couple of matches in this show's run. Yuji is the wily veteran as he got started in the early 90's, including a run in WCW here in the States in 1997. Both men had brief MMA careers, but in losing efforts against some very big names. As Nagata makes his entrance, Mauro heaps weel deserved praise on both men, saying that Nakamura is Daniel Bryan's favorite. Josh Barnett mentions training with both men and facing Nagata for the IWGP title during his record ten defense run. Yuji has his friends with him as TenKoji and Nakanishi are supporting him. Josh mentions how both men have great amateur wrestling backgrounds, with the difference being Shinsuke was freestyle while Nagata was trained in Greco-roman wrestling and thus favors suplexes more. Bell rings and they square of going for the knuckle lock and grappling. Nagata has the advantage but Shin counters out. Yuji goes for the armbar early. Shin gets out and Yuji pops to his knees. Crowd is LOUD but split right down the middle. Shinsuke gets him down with a waistlock and Nagata goes for the armbar again. Shinsuke cartwheels out of it. They start trading kicks and Nakamura grabs hold and pushes back to the ropes and then goes for the belly rub and gets nailed with a knee and some stiff kicks for his troubles. He just never learns. Yuji gets the armlock again, but Nakamura gets his foot on the rope. Shinsuke rolls to the outside, but Yuji follows and starts kicking the crap kicked out of him. Nakamura grabs on and slams Yuji to the barrier lands a knee to the back. Shinsuke lands some kicks before rolling Yuji in the ring with his head exposed over the apron. Nakamura hits the running knee and climbs on the apron and hits another knee of Yuji's head. Both men up and starts trading elbows. Nagata hits Shinsuke's knees and gets a kick to the chest. We keep getting shots of the NJPW announcer at ringside. The story is is that this guy kept getting attacked by Iizuka and getting his shirt ripped off until Nagata came out and saved him, so the announcer calls Yuji his guardian angel and is pulling for him to win. Back in the ring, Shinsuke lands some hard kicks, but goes for the cocky pin, only getting a two count. Yuji gets to the corner where Nakamura gives him the good vibrations face wash. Shinsuke goes for the corner kick, but Yuji gets a well times knee in to send Nakamura down. Nagata lands some big time kicks in the corner. Nakamura gets up and they are exchanging STIFF elbows to the face!  Nagata lands the exploder suplex and gets a two. More forearms and Shinsuke gets the whip for the kick, but Nagata rolls through and hits a low dropkick. More elbows! Nagata's elbows are lightning quick by the way, faster than Nakamura's and like a shot. This guy's amazing, especially for 46 years old. Nakamura gets him in the corner and lands some kicks before landing a suplex and driving his knee into the back of Nagata's head. Shinsuke goes for the Booma Ye but Nagata gets off a sweet belly to belly suplex. Yuji hits the roundhouse kick and then slaps Nakamura in the face. Slap exchange now and Yuji floors Shinsuke with a smack. Nagata yells at Shinsuke and seems pissed at Shinsuke's weaker slaps. Yuji bleeding from the ear now, that's a scary thing to happen. Mauro speculates that Yuji's suffered a ruptured eardrum. We are back from commercial as Yuji hits a running clothesline. He sits Shinsuke on the top rope and goes for the superplex, but Nakamura counters with elbows and a headbutt but Yuji keeps holding on, finally falling down after the third headbutt. Yuji hits a high kick right to Nakamura to counter, though. He goes up and gets the over the head belly to belly from the top rope! Yuji gets him up and hits an enziguri, then goes for the Saito suplex. Shinsuke counters with a German suplex and then strikes with a knee right to the back! Nakamura hits the flapjack and gets all fired up. Yuji gets in a knee for his trouble and then set up with knees to the gut on the top rope. Shotgun knee and Shinsuke then hits the Booma Ye, but gets a crap cover and Yuji kicks out. Nagata gets the backdrop suplex as we see Yuji's wife and son. Nagata goes for the Saito suplex again. Shin counters but gets stuck in the cross armbreaker and Yuji's eyes roll back as he is going to rip Shinsuke's arm off. Shinsuke gets the rope, but Nagata kicks him right in the arm before hitting some kicks. Yuji tries the suplex again, but Nakamura gets a facelock to c counter. Yuji tries for a suplex as Shinsuke hits an enziguri and Yuji stands right up, he gets another one and Yuji stands up, Booma Ye hits and finishes off Nagata for the three count. Wow! We get a shot of the announcer and he is in tears. Nakamura grabs the mic. He gives praise to Nagata saying he reached a new level. Shinsuke gives respect to the crowd and a YEAH-OH! Backstage Yuji said he did not go easy, and that tonight Nakamura was the better man. The announcer arrives and Yuji looks at him and asks "Do you think that's it for me?" and, of course, the announcer says no. Yuji says he's just getting started and it is not over. He gets up and hugs the announcer telling him to stop crying. Tenzan and Nakanishi both congratulate Nagata for a hell of a match. Studio words as Yuji says he should have kept the match more grounded in the beginning He was surprised how much support he got from the fans of Sendai. After the match, he says his young son told him better luck next time, and that he was glad that his son was able to see how strong of a fighter his dad was. Nice way to end things for the week.   Like I mentioned before, this show had an old vs. young feel going for it and the older stars showed they still had it. Although the first two matches were cut for time, they were still enjoyable, if brief. Yuji showed just how dangerous he was and hats off to Mauro and Josh, especially for the main event with how much insight they had.  Well, that's is it for new episodes until January. I'm not going anywhere of course, and neither is Strong Style as we will have a whole new round of action from Japan for the new year. Until next time, Fight-o!     /ul/34577-strong-style-tis-the-end-of-the-season-/Match 3-620x.jpg
New Japan Pro Wrestling photo
We finish off the season with a fight!
Hello again everybody to this week's Strong Style, Japanator's look at New Japan Pro Wrestling on AXS TV. This week we take a trip back to Sendai for the "New Begining" show from February 14th, 2015. It's odd that we are endi...

Kamen Rider photo
Kamen Rider

Kamen Rider Battride War Genesis' five minute trailer is filled with Segata Sanshiro goodness

Dec 11
// Salvador GRodiles
You know that the universe is about to explode when Segata Sanshiro appears in not one but two games. Besides his appearance in Project X Zone 2, the legendary mascot of the Sega Saturn is reprising his role as Takeshi Hongo...

Strong Style: Ichi-barnburner!

Dec 05 // Soul Tsukino
Tonight's matches come to us from the February 14th, 2015 show at the Sendai Sunplaza Hall. We get no greeting and just jump right into things. Kota Ibushi/Tetsuya Naito vs. Toru Yano/Kazushi Sakuraba Well, this is a nice bonus match. Not a whole lot of backstory here. Both Naito and Ibushi compete as heavyweights but are on the lighter side. Their opponents are a mish-mash team with MMA legend Sakuraba and the walking foreign object that is Yano. Sakuraba starts the match with Kota as Sakuraba tries some small stuff to start, but Kota lands a right. Really odd seeing Ibushi tries to mix it up with Sakuraba, and it doesn't seem to be going anywhere. Kota tries some slaps but gets nothing. They get into the corner with a clean break. Kota tries some kicks, but they are blocked. Waistlock by Kota only gets an armlock from the submission expert. Crowd applauding the good grappling. Yano gets the tag and Naito comes in on the other side. Naito gets armlock, but Yano gets to the ropes. Yano gets a wristlock, but it instantly gets reversed and into the rope where Yano SCREAMS for the break. Naito lands an elbow and then a dropkick sending Yano down. He grabs a wristlock again and Yano screams that it hurts. Yano pulls Naito's hair to get him down and then chucks him out of the ring He grabs the ring pad off the nearest turnbuckle and a chair and goes to work on Naito with it. Ref, of course, sees nothing. Jumping ahead with Naito getting a neckbreaker on Yano as both guys tag in. Sakuraba avoids the missile dropkick and goes for kicks on Kota, Kota fights back with strikes and then hits the springboard kick. Round kick to the gut. Kota goes for something but gets caught in a triangle choke. Kota picks him up but Sakuraba gets in the armbar, but it is broken in the ropes. Kicks to the arm now has Kota in pain. Kota tries for something, is blocked, but Ibushi gets the suplex! Yano and Naito tag back in where Naito hits the exposed buckle. Naito, however, hits a dropkick and a senton. He climbs to the top for a missile dropkick, but Sakuraba breaks it up. Yano then tags in. Naito trades waistlocks with Yano, hits the enziguri and a slam before he heads up again but doesn't get there as Sakuraba stops him, but Ibushi sends him out. Yano catapults Naito into the exposed buckle. Yabo tries for the lock, but Naito gets out, nearly running into the ref, Yano gets the low blow, He goes for his finisher but Naito reverses and gets the pin! Kind of an odd match here. Not terrible, just very odd. Hiroshi Tanahashi/Meiyu vs. The Bullet Club (Anderson/Gallows/Tonga) Jeez, Meiyu and Anderson and Gallows have wrestled each other a lot huh? I think this is the fourth time they've faced each other this season. At least this time around we have Tanahashi and Tonga to spice things up a bit. Meiyu comes out first, then Tanahashi.  Tanahashi has a bandage on his face from the nasty gash he got fighting A.J. Styles with stitches. The Bullet Club comes out with the KISS makeup from the above picture. The OCD in me wishes they had a fourth guy to be made up as Ace. Also, Tama Tonga's "Catman" makeup is weak. Gallows and Shibata start this off with Gallows going right after Shibata and pounding him. Shibata counters with some slick mat work and goes right for the figure four! Gallows rolls right into the ropes to break. Shibata tries it again but gets kicks for his trouble. Goto and Anderson tag in now as Karl gets the early advantage but misses a senton and Goto his the shoulder before Tanahashi tags in. Tama Tonga interferes from the apron as Anderson climbs up the buckle and bites Hiro right in the stitches! Quick jump as Hiroshi is in the corner and gets hit by everyone. The Club goes for the pin, but Goto breaks it up. Tama hits the Tonga twist but still can't get the pin. He goes for the charge, but Goto jumps in and hits the ushi-karoshi! All three work on Tama but all six men get in the ring. Shibata hits the running dropkick on all three men of the Club! Hiroshi hits the slingblade on Tama and hits the high fly flow and scores the pin! That was quick! With three matches, some things had to get cut, so I'm guessing some was taken out of this match for it. We get some studio words from Ishii for a change. He says that Honma means nothing to him. He wanted to beat Togi Makabe for the title and no one else so this match is meaningless to him. NEVER Openweight title: Tomohiro Ishii vs. Tomoaki Honma The NEVER belt doesn't get the coverage on this show that the other titles do so we missed the belt changing hands this season. These two do have a bit of a history as both were members of Togi Makabe's Global Bash Heel group a few years back. When Toru Yano and Shinsuke Nakamura turned on Makabe to form CHAOS, Ishii followed right behind while Honma stayed loyal to Makabe, even to this day. Speaking of Togi Makabe, he was the champion coming into this show but as Mauro explains, he came down with a case of severe flu and New Japan stripped him of the belt. His buddy Honma stepped in to take his place in this match. Honma has the height advantage and the crowd solidly behind him. Lock-up to start and it's an aggressive one. Gets to the ropes with a clean break. They lock up again and back to the ropes where a shoving match erupts into an elbow to the face duel! Damn! Honma hits a shoulder block and then misses the kokashi headbutt... twice. Ishii hits some teasing kicks before hitting a chop. Ishii kicks him in the heads and rakes his boots over Honma's face! Honma back up hits some chops on Ishii, but gets a nasty chop right back! Honma is back in the corner and Ishii with chops and strikes. The announcers bring up Ishii trained by Genchiro Tenryu, who just recently retired from wrestling. Mauro tells of how Tenryu is the only man to hold pinfall victories over Giant Baba and Antonio Inoki. Tenryu could have been a big star, but horrible timing and wanting to do his own thing got in the way of that.   Honma hits a shoulder and sends Ishii down, but he pops right up. Honma hits the bulldog and goes for the headbutt and misses again! Both men up and start a chopping duel! Holy crap they are just going back and forth the crowd is loving this! They chop back and forth for what seems like forever before Honma breaks down the Stone Pitbull. He then HITS THE HEADBUTT! An attack on Ishii as Honma goes for the suplex but can't get him up, Ishii can't get it either, Ishii finally gets the suplex off. Back from break with both guys down. Ishii up first as he whips Honma into the corner and then clotheslines the stuffing out of him! Honma being set up on the top and Ishii climbs to the second rope. Honma blocks the brainbuster attempt. He grabs Ishii and drops down, snapping his neck on the rope! Reminds me of Tetsuhiro Kuroda from the old FMW promotion. Honma hits the blockbuster and then a slam. He climbs up for the headbutt, but Ishii catches him. Honma gets the sunset flip, but Ishii grabs the turnbuckle. Honma gets the powerbomb lift, but Ishii counters out. Ishii aims a chop right in Honma's throat and then does it again and then gets a powerbomb. Pin attempt only gets two.  Ishii then locks in the double chicken wing on the canvas. Honma gets to the rope for the break out of the hold. Ishii sets Honma up on the buckle again and gets a delayed suplex down to the mat. Ishii tries for the pin, but only gets two as the crowd is roaring for Honma now. Clothesline by Ishii but Honma gets the DDT and STICKS Ishii into the mat like feet straight up in the air. Ishii's seemingly always injured shoulder is out now. Both hit double clotheslines, but Ishii hits a shot to the jaw and both guys clobber each other with clotheslines. Honma up first as Ishii is on the apron and nearly gets Honma up for a suplex to the floor, but Honma blocks and they exchange strikes. Honma hits a running clothesline on the back of Ishii's neck sending him right into the post and on the floor. OUCH! He then climbs the buckle to hit the kokashi to the outside and he HITS IT! "One of the dumbest moves I've ever seen" Josh Barnett proclaims. Seriously that was insane. Back from break as Honma is up first and gets Ishii in the ring. Clothesline blocked, gets hit with a forearm but Honma slams him with a clothesline that rattles Ishii's teeth. Honma only gets two for the pin. Honma goes for something, but it is blocked. Ishii hits the back suplex as both guys are hurting now. Honma up first and starts kicking Ishii in the head a few times before hitting some forearms but Ishii isn't going for it! He's mad now. Ishii clobbers Honma with a clothesline and then sets him up again to the top rope and hits the avalanche brainbuster, pin attempt only gets two. Holy crap is this amazing! Ishii hits the clothesline and then runs him over with another one.  Two count. Ishii goes for the suplex but counters, Honma hits an elbow and then hits a running forearm. Another suplex attempt blocked and Honma MUSCLES Ishii up and hits a brainbuster of his own but Honma still only gets two. Ishii nearly gets Honma up on the shoulder, but Honma hits a kick and then hits the running headbutt into Ishii's spine, then hits a DDT, but only gets two, That is a scary spot for both guys and a hell of a chiropractic adjustment! Honma goes for the top rope kokashi headbutt but misses! Neither guy is quick getting up Ishii hits a German suplex, but Honma pops right up. He hits him again and Honma kicks out at one! Honma hits a clothesline but only gets one! Elbows traded now as Ishii hits multiple strikes but Honma counters with palm strikes. Ishii hits a clothesline, but the pin attempt only gets two! Suplex attempt but Honma gets a headbutt. Ishii counters with one of his own as they trade headbutts. Ishii hits the low clothesline but doesn't get the pin. Ishii hits the headbutt and finally gets the win and the title! This match is the DEFINITION of strong style. The fighting spirit in this was so strong you'd need a temple priest to keep it from cursing your dojo. Backstage Honma growls as he is on the floor that he can't seem to win the big one. However, he will not give up and will keep fighting. Ishii, on the other hand, says that this match meant nothing (are you kidding me?!?) and that he is only holding a temporary belt until he can't fight Makabe for it. He tells Makabe to get better so they can fight. Studio words as Ishii says that he strives to make the NEVER belt awesome. Not only does Makabe fire him up, but everyone does, as they should be fired up when they fight him. Oh man. That main event was incredible. Especially from two guys you would not expect to pull off a match of the year candidate like that. Once again we have a case of a good opener, a forgettable middle match, and a hell of a main event. This episode was worth every bit of it on just that match alone! Next week it looks like we will be returning to Sendai for more wrestling action. I will see you then! /ul/34552-/match 1-noscale.jpg
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The NEVER Openweight belt headlines!
Here we are once again with Strong Style, Japanator's coverage of New Japan Pro Wrestling on AXS TV. After taking the holiday off while AXS covered college basketball, we are back with what is supposed to be the season finale...

Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm 4's demo goes big and sparkly

Dec 05 // Josh Tolentino
[embed]34555:5235:0[/embed] The demo itself is fairly lightweight, at under a gigabyte, and contains nothing more than the cold open and title card for the main game. But what a title card it is! Things kick off immediately, flashing back to the epic battle between Madara Uchiha and Hashirama Senju, the progenitors of Naruto's ninja world. History is in the making for fans, as this is the fight that ultimately created the Valley of the End, the massive hole in the ground that serves as a place of dramatic import for many key moments in the series proper.  Madara and Hashirama duke it out with Wood-style jutsu, massive weapons, and huge creatures like the Nine-Tailed Fox and Hashirama's tree giant grappling in the background. For better or worse, Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 looks to be almost unchanged mechanically from previous games. The controls are simple, with buttons for melee and ranged attacks, as well as ones for channeling Chakra magic and dashing around. The Chakra serves as a modifier, supercharging the next action when pressed, turning a regular dash into a chakra dash, and turning a standard attack into a special. So far, so Storm.  The main differences between this year's release and the last are largely presentational. CyberConnect2 largely maintains the games' style of cell-shaded polygons, and if not for the likes Guilty Gear Xrd, this would easily be the best-looking "anime-style" game on the market.  That said, where Arc System Works maintain their lead in detail, the Naruto title wins out on sheer scale. The aliasing present on the polygons is much less pronounced, and the most noticeable addition are veritable founts of glowing particle effects. Dust clouds, debris sprays, and novel takes on fire, both actual and magical, spice up the game's look. It's so intense that framerate issues sometimes crop up in the most intense scenes, such as when Madara fills the screen with burning triple-tornado. The game also doesn't skimp on the Quick-Time Events. Though a hoary old design contrivance at this point, CyberConnect2 has at least mastered the form, using the button prompts in a way that engages with the onscreen insanity, and promising rewards for players with impeccable timing. One can only hope that the team decides to get all meta with the user interface, like they did in Asura's Wrath way back when.  From the looks of things, Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 will be off to a promising, if perhaps too-familiar start. Fans of Naruto and of the games themselves can look forward to a game that covers the thrilling conclusion of the Naruto story, while everyone else can expect a good dose of over-the-top anime spectacle. And with luck, CyberConnect2 will have something just as insane, and perhaps more ambitious, planned for the engine they've created here. Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 will be released on February 9th for PS4, Xbox One, and PC. [embed]34555:5236:0[/embed]
Naruto Storm 4 photo
Talk to the Thousands Of Hands
Naruto may have ended more than a year ago, but nothing keeps a good franchise down. Between the lagging anime series, books, more manga, and several feature films, Masashi Kishimoto's world of superpowered ninja is far ...

Persona Snow Festival photo
Persona Snow Festival

Hee-ho: Atlus takes us to a Persona Winter Wonderland

I've been waiting for this!
Nov 27
// Salvador GRodiles
With Persona 3 The Movie #4: Winter of Rebirth getting ready to hit theaters in Japan next month, Atlus has revealed that they're teaming up with the Nippon Ski Resort Development to bring us not one but two Persona-them...

Strong Style: Rematch for the big one!

Nov 21 // Soul Tsukino
We have a greeting from Tanahashi to get things under way. Ever muscle cell in his body is ready. We get some studio words from Tanahashi as he talks about how good Styles is and will answer his challenge as many times as Styles wants. It is a great rivalry and it was meant to be. IWGP Championship: Hiroshi Tanahashi vs. A.J. Styles As I said before, Tanahashi is the champion here, having beaten Styles a few months prior. Tanahashi had gotten by Okada at Wrestle Kingdom, so it seems only natural for the rematch with the guy he beat for the title to be the next match for him. They the full entrance of both guys, as Styles comes out with the entire Bullet Club behind him. That's a sign of bad things to come I expect. Hiroshi comes out to a really impressive rock opera laser show as the air guitar is playing. As an aside, despite not being the top arena (that would be the Tokyo Dome) this arena in Osaka is a pretty impressive looking place in itself. We get the full introductions of both guys and they get loud responses. We come back from break as things get underway. Bell rings and both guys pose fro the crowd. Lock up gets into the corner and a clean break. They circle around with reversing waist locks before Tanahashi gets an armbar. Styles reverses and he starts jaw-jacking. Hiroshi goes for a counter and Styles drags himself out of the ring. Styles slowly gets in the ring and goes right for a headlock. He grinds on Hiroshi, but powers out into a struggle over an armlock before Hiroshi gets him down on the mat with an armbar. Styles gets up and goes for the hair, but Tanahashi whips him right back to the mat before driving the knees to Stylus's face. Styles tries dragging Hiroshi over, but Hiroshi rolls right through it right back to the arm. Styles whip Tanahashi into the ropes, gets off and impressive leap frog, and goes for a dropkick, but Tanahashi holds the rope and Styles hits the mat. Back from break as Hiroshi is hitting uppercuts before going for the straitjacket hold. Styles counters out and hits a kick to regain the advantage. He locks in a keylock before they go to the ropes. Hiroshi fights out, but Styles hits a dropkick to send Tanahashi out. Styles goes for the over the ropes splash but misses. Hiro hits a dropkick to Styles and then goes for the cannonball but misses that. The Bullet Club mobs on him and then kicks Capt. New Japan's ass for trying to break it up. Hiroshi is rolled into the ring like nothing happened. Styles comes in and hits a backbreaker on Hiro and then hits another one. Styles keeps things going by hitting a snap suplex and then power whips the champ into the corner. Tanahashi starts hitting some elbow shots but Styles whips Tanahashi into the corner and hits the flying forearm. Hiroshi avoids the hit but gets hit with a suplex for his trouble. Styles goes for the cover but only gets two. Styles then hooks in a surfboard as the story here is Styles going for the back. Hiroshi tries to power out, but Styles keeps holding on. Hiroshi breaks the hold and Styles goes for a forearm. Hiro blocks it and they trade punches before Hiro hits a back body drop to send Styles down to the mat. Out of commercial and Hiroshi has the advantage. He gets in a slam and goes to the top rope and gets in a somersault senton for a two count. Styles throws him over the top rope, but Tanahashi tries to skin the cat. The Bucks interfere, but he kicks them off and then drags Styles over the top rope with a head scissors. He then climbs the top and hits the high fly flow onto the entire Bullet Club! But uh-oh, They replay that to show Tanahashi legit conked heads with matt Jackson on the way down. Hiroshi is bleeding and the gash is not pretty. That's hardway and if both guys don't have a concussion from that, I'd be surprised. Both guys in the ring now as they hit a clothesline on each other. Styles is up first and hits a suplex into the corner buckle. Styles hits a flying forearm off the top rope and we See Matt Jackson isn't looking good either from that collision. He's got a nasty welt on his noggin. Styles goes for the bloody Sunday DDT, but Hiroshi reverses it into a trapped arm suplex for two. Tanahashi keeps the waist lock and hits another suplex! Styles grabs the ref and gets a low kick to the balls to send Hiroshi down. Yujiro Takahashi jumps up to distract the ref, but Tanahashi is the one to take advantage with a hit to Styles's yam bag as payback. Both guys get to their feet and exchange forearms back and forth and then  open palm strikes. Styles gets Tanahashi into the piledriver position, but Hiroshi counters into a sunset flip that is rolled through. Hiroshi then gets a surprise dragon screw leg whip to send Styles down. Back from the break as things are getting good now. Hiroshi gets up first and hits the slingblade! Holy crap that head wound is bad. He gets to the top rope and goes for the high fly flow, but Styles gets his knees up. Styles is exhausted now as he goes to the apron and tries to springboard in with a 450 splash, but Tanahashi gets the knees up. Hiroshi crawls out to the apron and climbs the ropes, but Styles hits the ropes sending Hiroshi down on the corner. Styles goes up and goes all the way up for the brainbuster, but Tanahashi fights out. Styles goes for the frankenstiener, but Hiroshi catches him! He tries for the styles clash, but Styles fight out of it. Styles hits the Pele kick that sets up into the Clash, but Hiro fights out of it. Styles just drops down on his head anyway in a ganzo bomb and then hits a bloody Sunday DDT! He gets the Styles clash and gets the win! Styles is the champion once again! We see Tanahashi being taken in the back, he is in bad shape. He seriously has to have a concussion after conking heads, let alone that cut. I commend him for keeping things going after that. Back from the break as the Club is in the ring celebrating. Karl Anderson gets on the mic and jaws with the crowd. He feels the need to go through and introduce every member of the Club individually. We get a shot of the lump on Matt Jackson's head. He can't be feeling good either with that one. I'm wondering if Karl isn't just stalling for time and the match cut a bit short from the concussion hit. Styles finally sounds off with the usual knock-off NWO stuff. Backstage the Club gloats about how cool they are and say nothing of note. Karl actually brakes kayfabe by wondering who was booking and getting color during the match.  In the studio, Hiro talks about trying to take all the Club by himself and failing. He mentions the hit to the head saying the blood got under his contact lenses and screwed up his sight (That must REALLY suck. He then says that while he is down for losing the belt, he feels he can win it back and that will lead him to the New Japan Cup. We end with some words from Mauro as we are done for this week. A great match and Mauro and Josh made a great presentation with it. This was a very enjoyable show and gave the main event match the time it deserved. I have to wonder about the actual booking as it sends the message of not wanting Styles, as a gaijin, to be in the main event of their biggest show of the year, but either way these guys once again had a great match! Since they moved some show around, I'm not entirly sure what will air next week, but I will be here to bring it to you no matter what it is! Saiyoooooonara! We get some words from Tanahashi as he talks about how good Styles is and will answer his challenge as many times as Styles wants. It is a great rivalry and it was meant to be.
New Japan Pro Wrestling photo
Tanahashi and Styles go at it again
The magical express that is Strong style is back once again as Japanator looks at New Japan Pro wrestling on AXS TV. This week we return to the Bodymaker Collesium in Osaka for the main event of the New Beginnings show from F...

Meowgaroo Jumpsuit photo
Meowgaroo Jumpsuit

This cat jumpsuit lets you bond with your feline purrfectly

Sounds Ameowzing!
Nov 19
// Salvador GRodiles
There's something uplifting about hugging an animal-- especially if they're your pet. In a way, it can help relieve one's stress from a rough day at work, which is one of the best things about taking care of a dog, cat, or a...

Strong Style: Rematch time!

Nov 17 // Soul Tsukino
We open with a greeting from Mr. Oh My and Garfunkel himself, Ryusuke Taguchi. IWGP Tag Titles: Meiyu (Goto/Shibata) vs. Bullet Club (Anderson/Gallows): This is the third time we've seen this match on this show, so hopefully these two teams can make it good. Meiyu are the champions after defeating the Club at Wrestle Kingdom 9. The club is also being seconded by Scott Hall's son Cody Hall, who is just starting to get a name for himself. As the champs enter the ring, Shibata gets right in Anderson's face but just stares at him. Goto largely ignores The Club as he gets in the ring. We start the match with Goto and Anderson as there is an aggressive  lock up. Goto pushes Anderson to the rope and gives a clean break, but Anderson reverses things and puts Goto into the ropes. Goto pushes him off and lands some shoulder blocks as he gets the advantage before tagging in Shibata before Meiyu land a double shoulder block. Shibata tries to get in a strike, but Anderson pops right up and rakes Shibata's eyes before landing a strike of his own in the corner. He tags in Gallows who lands a kick in the corner and tries for another with Shibata nailing him. However when Shibata goes for a running strike Gallows kicks his head off!  Gallows picks Shibata up and whips him into the ropes, trying for the clothesline. Shibata ducks rebounds and lands a soccer kick right to Gallows's kneecap. He immediately goes for his no-frills figure four leg lock. Both men roll and counter before getting to the ropes and breaking the hold. Back on their feet as Shibata asks for the knuckle lock, but then kicks him right in the knee! Tag to Goto as Meiyu split Gallows legs. Gallows is back on his feet and regains control as he strikes Goto and sends him flying out of the ring. Anderson sneaks over and pulls Shibata off the apron and then sends him over the barrier and attacks him in the crowd. The Club get in the ring as Goto beats the count. However, he rolls right into the clutches of Gallows who brings him down to the canvas and starts drilling in elbows before getting a chinlock. Goto gets them up to their feet and gets out of it, but when he tries for a move off the ropes Anderson trips him, drags him out of the ring and then powerbombs him onto the ring apron! Anderson is now the legal man as Goto barely rolls into the ring at the count of 18. "The Machine Gun" starts stomping a mudhole on Goto and is just kicking and punching Goto to keep him down. Anderson goes for the cover 3 times in succession, but Goto just won't give up. Anderson tags in Gallows who tosses Goto right into the corner and starts clubbing away. He is well in control before he tries for a suplex. Goto blocks it as both men struggle to get the move before Goto takes the big man over, getting a reaction from the crowd. Both get their tags in as Anderson and Shibata get into the ring. Shibata gets the quick advantage with his forearm uppercuts, sending Anderson down to the corner where Shibata just wears his ass OUT with HARD forearm shots to the head before landing his sweet hanging dropkick in the corner. He pulls Anderson up and goes for the reverse choke when Gallows sneaks in and breaks up the hold leading to Anderson getting in a strike of his own on Shibata. He goes for something off the rope but Shibata ducks and tags in Goto. Goto goes to work on Anderson and sends him into the corner, nailing him with a sweet spin kick. He tries for an attack off the ropes, but Gallows kicks him from the apron. Anderson goes for a move, but Shibata catches him in a choke from the apron. Goto goes for the strike but nails Shibata instead and walks right into a spinebuster! We come back from break with The Club double teaming on Goto. Gallows picks Goto up and Anderson comes off with a gun stun from the top rope, but the cover only gets two. The Club go for the magic killer, but Shibata runs in to break it up. Goto and Gallows then get into a clothesline contest before Goto lands a running clothesline sending the big man down. He tags in Shibata who just starts wearing Gallows out in the corner with forearms. Anderson sticks his nose in but pays for it as Shibata starts giving him forearms. Goto gets back in the ring as Meiyu is working over the guys in opposite corners before switching and hitting their opponents with running kicks. Anderson goes out of the ring while Gallows gets drilled with a clothesline from Shibata. Shibata holds Gallows for Goto, but the big man gets a foot up and breaks Shibata's hold.  Anderson comes in and while Shibata gets nailed, Goto and Anderson have a quick exchange of trying to hit each others moves with Goto trying to land the ushi-karoshi on Anderson and Karl trying to nail the gun stun, with neither getting it. Gallows plows into Goto, but Shibata then comes in. Gallows hits a HIGH powerbomb that knocks Shibata loopy. Shibata gets up and is nailed with an Anderson gun stun to send him down. Goto comes in and he gets a gun stun for his trouble. The Club grabs Shibata and gets him up for the magic killer, but he kicks Anderson off and nails Gallows to get out of the move!  Shibata takes on both men with forearms but can only keep it up for so long before Gallows nails him. Anderson goes for the gun stun again, but Shibata counters out, only to get hit with it again. Shibata is out and the Bullet Club hits the magic Killer for the pinfall to become the new tag team champions for the second time! Backstage Gallows and Anderson say that they are the best heavyweight tag team in New Japan. Kinda hard to argue with them as they have been the top dogs for over a year at this point. We come back from break wth some words from Taguchi about this big rematch. He had asked for this rematch saying that he felt he shouldn't have lost that match. He feels Omega lacks professionalism still and he only added more tricks to win the title the month before.   IWGP Jr. Heavyweight Title: Ryuske Taguchi vs. Kenny Omega As we saw a few weeks back, Omega had turned his back on NJPW and joined the Bullet Club to secure a permanent place on the roster. At WK 9, he had the help of the Young Bucks and a whole lot of cheating to take the title off Taguchi. Taguchi enters the ring wearing his own t-shirt and a pair of heart-shaped glasses while Omega comes out with the Bucks in his corner again. Wonderful. Kenny sure takes his time taking off his gear, giving this really cartoony sneer the entire time. Aggressive lock-up to start as Omega goes right for the arm lock. He smacks Ryusuke a few times in the head just to be an ass. Ryusuke reverses it and they trade the armlocks back and forth before Omega gets a headlock. Back up to their feet Omega goes into the ropes and nearly gets a funky weapon to the face, but Kenny catches Ryusuke in a waist lock and hits an atomic drop. Kenny poses for a bit and lands a few feeble kicks, but Ryusuke jumps up and gets Omega running off the ropes and hits the funky weapon! Taguchi lands some ass strikes before sending Omega into the turnbuckle. Ryusuke tries for a move off the ropes, but Nick Jackson grabs the leg and gets the ref and Taguchi distracted. Omega does an AMAZING over the back fameasser to send Taguchi down as Matt Jackson hands Omega the Bullet Club flag. He then proceeds to stick the flag pole right up Taguchi's ass! The ref turns around and sees Omega with the flag, but Omega just shoves him down. Taguchi hits an enziguri kick that gets Kenny stumbling around. Ryusuke grabs the flag and then pokes the end up Kenny's ass. He then uses it to take a whack at both the Jackson's and when Omega turns around, he tries to grab the flag but ends up flying right through the ropes outside the ring. I can't believe I just wrote that. And no, I don't know the proper Japanese term for trying to shove a flagpole up someone's ass.  Anyway, Taguchi hits the funky weapon off the apron to Omega on the outside but decides to bring him back into the ring where he hits the fallen Omega twice with the butt before going for a third. Omega grabs Taguchi's tights but the ref kicks Omega's hand off. They start arguing meanwhile Ryusuke goes for something off the ropes but one of the Bucks low bridges the rope and Ryusuke ends up on the outside. Omega hits dive over the rope right onto Taguchi as Mauro and Josh talk about stains on these guy's tights after the flagpoling. Josh then goes into a spiel about how awesome Japanese toilets are as Mauro can't help but laugh. Omega is working over Taguchi's back on the outside by ramming him into the barricade and the ring apron. He rolls the challenger into the ring and goes for a crap cover and not surprisingly it didn't get the job done. Kenny sends Taguchi from corner to corner before hitting a flying back elbow sending Ryusuke down. He goes for the legit cover but doesn't get it either. He gets Ryusuke up in a suplex, but Ryusuke counters to only the halfway point before Omega dead lifts him BACK up and gets the suplex. Damn! Omega goes for the pin but doesn't get it and... oh here we go! He's pulling the starter, he's getting the motor running. Kenny gives Taguchi THE CHAINSAW. Rubbing that gnarly forearm bristles right into Taguchi's eyes. Omega goes for the atomic drop, but Taguchi is mad. Omega hits another drop and Taguchi is getting madder. Omega goes to the ropes but gets hit with another funky weapon right to the face. Ryusuke clothesline's Omega out of the ring and then nails the summersault placha over the top rope onto Omega. Taguchi hits a slingshot dropkick back into the ring, but a follow-up pin only gets two. Taguchi goes for the dodan slam, but Omega wiggles out, only to get planted with a DDT. Pin only gets two. Back from break as Taguchi goes for a suplex but Omega slips out the back and goes for the full nelson. Taguchi hits a back elbow and goes for the ropes, but Omega grabs his tights and sets him up for the one-winged-angel, but Taguchi slips out of that. Taguchi gets a hard chop to the chest for his trouble and Omega tries to set him up for something, but Ryusuke slips through into a victory roll that he floats into getting the ankle lock. Omega tries to counter but fails and ends up getting a german suplex for his trouble. Somehow Omega is able to recover and land a doctor bomb on Ryusuke and then hits a running knee to Taguchi. Hits sets up Taguchi in his shoulders for one-winged-angel, but Taguchi does a reverse frankenstiener that has Omega land right on the top of his head! Taguchi smells blood now. He grabs Omega in the double chicken wing to set up the dodan, but Omega tries to roll through in a victory roll. Taguchi stops him halfway through the move and just drops down, hitting the top of Omega's head right into the mat. Pinfall only gets two. He hits a running funky weapon. He gets Omega up in the torture rack position, but Omega escapes, leading to an exchange of punches. Taguchi gets run into the corner, but Omega misses the charge. Taguchi goes up the ropes, but Omega catches him and then hits the one-winged-angel! Kenny gets the pin and retains the title! The Bucks get in the ring now as they start in on Taguchi. The refs get thrown out and so do the young boys at ringside. The Bucks both climb the rope and Omega holds him over a chair as they hit the spike tombstone on the chair on Taguchi. Mascara Dorada and the Time Splitters come out to solve things as Omega and the luchador get into a staredown. Backstage Omega and the Bucks gloat about how good they are. Omega says he's beaten everyone and that he is all for fighting a luchador and Dorada. Ryusuke meanwhile is having to be helped back and says Oh my and Gabanna. Don't even want to know. We get studio words from Taguchi as he talks about not wanting to get hit with the one-winged-angel but that he got surprised with the last one. He likes being a former champion better since he doesn't have the expectations that a champion carries. He briefly mentions he might go for the heavyweight tag titles, but that none of the heavyweights on the roster want anything to do with him as we end the show. This was an enjoyable show. The tag match was good even if it dragged in a lot of places. The Jr. Heavyweight match was a lot of fun as well. Not the best episode of this show, but not terrible either. Before we wrap this up, I'd like to make mention of the passing of longtime wrestler Nick Bockwinkel. The veteran heel for the AWA during the 70's and 80's he held the AWA title and was the top dog for a majority of 30 years. While Ric Flair may have gotten the spotlight, the more intellectual Bockwinkel was every bit as good as Flair and really belong in the Hall of Fame, where his name is proudly displayed. He had a lot of great matches, even in his later years, including a 1-hour time limit draw with Curt Henning in 1987. That match was included on the Mr. Perfect DVD released a few years back by the WWE. I highly recommend looking up Nick's matches online as he was a real treat to watch if you like old style wrestling. Cheers to you, Nick. You were one of the greatest! /ul/34497-strong-style-rematch-time-/Match 2ish-620x.jpg
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Return matches from WK 9
Welcome back to another edition of Strong Style, Japanator's look at New Japan Pro Wrestling on AXS TV. A bit late on this one since I was at the AniMaine convention last weekend, but here we are! Got thrown for another loop ...

Strong Style: The Big Match!

Nov 07 // Soul Tsukino
We start this episode off with a greeting from Tanahashi. We return from the opening credits with Tanahashi in the studio talking about Okada's return from the States (where TNA made him into a knockoff of Kato from Green Hornet) and how he had grown so much since he had left. He then talks about having to follow the unbelievable Ibushi/Nakamura match that we saw last week. IWGP Heavyweight Title: Kazuchika "Rainmaker" Okada vs. Hiroshi Tanahashi Tanahashi is the champion here after defeating A.J. Styles while Okada won the G1 Climax tournament to earn the title shot here at the biggest show of the year. These guys have met each other many MANY times before, so let's see if they can rise to the occasion on that biggest stage in the land of the rising sun. We go to ringside as Okada makes his entrance first. His entrance on this big stage is incredible. Tanahashi comes out playing air guitar of course. Mauro tells us Tanahashi has main evented this show 5 times in a row at this point and that these two have wrestled 7 times before this match. To say this is comparable to Orton vs. Cena is not that far off, both good and bad points taken. The bell rings and we get things started. The crowd is hot for this one. Tentative lock up to start leads to a go behind and basic stuff to start. They go down to the canvas with Tanahashi getting a headlock. Mauro and Josh talk about Tanahashi's height advantage and what Okada has to do to win. Tanahashi sent into the ropes and plays some tricks as he drops down next to Okada and gets the headlock on him. They speed things up a bit with some chain wrestling, but it ends in a stalemate. They grapple to the ropes and keep things clean until Okada fakes a clean break and hits a chop. Tanahashi doesn't take to kindly to that and comes out swinging with forearms. We got a slugfest early on. Hiroshi goes to the top rope and Okada NAILS him with an uppercut to send him to the floor. Things go outside as Hiroshi eats barricade and then gets a clothesline before he gets hit with a draping DDT on the floor. Okada breaks the count but goes right back out, dragging Hiro to the ramp. Each guy tries for the tombstone piledriver but end up clubbing on each other. Tanahashi backs up for a running charge but gets hit with Epic Rain! Back right to the ramp with a splat! Back from break as Okada picks Hiroshi up and drops an elbow on the champ's neck before rolling him into the ring. Okada hits a sliding shining wizard before going for the one-foot pin. Okada is taking his time now as he lands a few elbows. Okada misses a charge but recovers quickly, but then misses a senton and Hiro is back up! He lands a running forearm and hits a second rope senton, but only gets two. Okada gets the flapjack off of Hiroshi's rebound. He goes for the elbow in the corner and gets hit. Hiro goes for something but gets hooked into a 2/3s facelock that Okada calls Deep N Debt. Hiroshi gets to the rope to escape getting applause from the crowd. Okada to the apron and hits the over the top rope senton, but goes for a crap cover and doesn't even come close to a pinfall. Both men back up as Okada SCREAMS and Tanahashi as they exchange strikes and forearms. "HIT ME HARDER!" Okada screams. Tanahashi catches Okada's foot and drives and elbow right to the knee. Okada comes back and hits the power dropkick, sending the champ flying backwards. Okada picks Tanahashi up and goes for the heavy reign again, but Tanahashi counters into the slingblade clothesline! Okada somehow recovers and gets Hiro sitting on the top rope, but gets kicked in the head before he can hit the dropkick. Okada nails him and goes for the heavy rain again but Hiro counters and pushes him off. He goes for the high fly flow but misses. Okada goes for the serious pin but still only gets two. Okada heads up top and lands the Randy Savage elbow before going for the rainmaker pose. Okada goes for the rainmaker to finish it, but Hiroshi rolls through for a pin attempt. Tanahashi hits a leg whip on Okada sending them both down. Tanahashi goes for the legs now and after a whip lands a dropkick to Okada's knee. They end up outside where Hiro goes for the whip into the barricade, but Okada reverses it and sends Okada over the barrier outside. Tanahashi gets into the ring and goes up top?!? He hits the high fly flow from the top rope, over the barrier, and lands on Okada! Back from break as Hiroshi brings Okada back in the ring and tries for another high fly flow. Okada pops up and tries to go for the rainmaker, but Hiroshi hits the slingblade again. Tanahashi goes up again and hits the bodysplash, but Okada rolls through and gets Hiro in the tombstone position, but Tanahashi reverse it. He heads up and hits the flow off the top onto Okada's back. he then goes up and hits another one! He goes for the pin, but OKADA KICKS OUT! Hiroshi tries for the cloverleaf but can't get it. Tanahashi wanders around staring into the crowd for some reason now, but Okada pops up and hits a uppercut. Tanahashi hits the slingblade again. He then does the rainmaker pose and then goes for the rainmaker, but Okada reverses it and hits the rainmaker himself. he tries for the cover but doesn't get it. Okada is the first to stir, but soon both are trying to get up. Okada hits a forum first, but neither guy is able to do much. more Okada forearms. before Tanahashi hits some of his own. Okada scoops him up for the tombstone, but Hiroshi rolls through and gets a two count before striking the leg again. SLAP to the face now as Okada will not go down. Hiroshi goes for a punch, but Okada gets a roll through. Hiroshi traps him in a dragon suplex but only gets two, he hits another suplex and then another! Okada gets out and hits a dropkick to Tanahashi. Hiroshi goes for the roll up but Okada blocks, only to get a screw legwhip for his trouble. As the challenger is tangled in the ropes, Hiro lands a top rope splash on Okada. He then climbs up and hits the high fly flow and then goes for it again and GETS THE PIN!! Neither man can move after that match. Gedo comes in to check on his man as Hiro looks down on him. Okada rolls to the outside and after that many body splashes his insides must feel like Jello. Tanahashi celebrates and gets his belt strapped around him. We see Okada is in tears as he leaves the ring area with Gedo helping him. However, a bunch of people in the crowd are chanting his name. Tanahashi grabs the mic and tells him "IWGP is far from here." the same thing Okada told Hiroshi when he returned from the states. Backstage Okada is distraught saying if he can't liven up NJPW, who can make the money rain. Gedo gets in some forceful words saying his man is still awesome. Back in the ring, Tanahashi gives the crowd some final words before we see him on the stage playing air guitar. He tells the crowd the he loves them. In the studio, Hiroshi gives compliments to Okada saying he will overtake the older guys soon and that the fans were talking about Okada after the match as much as him. He says that he isn't evaluated as highly as he wants and that the Undertaker has many records in the WWE, and he wants to break more records. That certainly lived up to the title of main event. These guys know how to get a performance out of each other! The crowd was hot for the whole match and it was great to watch, even at this point. Great show all around as they really gave as much as they could in covering this important match. A lot of fun to watch! Next week things are going to be delayed a bit as I will be at the AniMaine convention next weekend. I will be hosting my Damn Write! writing panel Saturday afternoon and getting lots of good pictures and stuff to bring to you on Japanator. If you are in the area, check it out, and for those of you who aren't, I'll be reporting back here with all the details! So stay tuned as I will have lots of stuff to present not only here on Strong Style, but on Japanator as well! See you all then! We start with Tanahashi in the studio talking about Okada's return from the States (Where TNA made him into a knockoff of Kato from Green Hornet) and how he had grown so much since he had left. He then talks about having to follow the unbeleivable Ibushi/Nakamura match that we saw last week.
New Japan Pro Wrestling photo
WrestleKingdom Goeth
Greetings and welcome back to Strong Style, Japanator's look at New Japan Pro Wrestling on AXS TV. This week we have the big match here as we take a last look at the WrestleKingdom 9 show from January 4th of this year. We end the five weeks of coverage from the Tokyo Dome with the main event getting the full hour it deserves. So let's get right into it.

Strong Style: 8-Man Mayhem

Oct 31 // Soul Tsukino
We open the show with a greeting from Shinsuke Nakamura.   Suzuki Army (Takeshi Iizuka, Shelton X Benjamin, Killer Elite Squad) vs. Taru Yano, Naomichi Marufuji, Mikey Nicholls, Shane Haste  The story here is that Yano and Iizuka were members of CHAOS together, but Iizuka turned on Yano and joined the Suzuki Army. Iizuka picked his fellow army members Benjamin, Smith and Archer (jumping back and forth with NOAH) and challenged Yano to find partners of his own. He also picked three NOAH guys in Marafuji and the team known as TDMK as his partners and here we are. We start things off with Iizuka coming through the crowd while the other three guys walk down the ramp normally. Taka Michinoku is in their corner. the NOAH logo appears on the massive video wall and Yano comes out first followed by TMDK (The Mighty Don't Kneel) followed by  Marafuji. Marufuji is the NOAH GHC champion and for some reason decked out in gear that looks like a mix of Hayabusa and a sentai trooper. The brawl starts before the bell with all eight guys brawling. We get down to Iizuka and Yano. Iizuka immediately goes for his Iron gantlet but misses. He then takes a rope out from his tights, but Yano grabs him right by the beard and sends him down. Yano removes one of the big pads on the far corner, but when he tries to send Iizuka into it, it is reversed and he hits it instead. Benjamin comes in now and takes over on Yano briefly before tagging in Archer. The KES worked together and deliver the old Hart foundation Hart Attack clothesline on Yano. We come back from commercial as Archer is in against Yano. Yano pulls the hair that just pisses off Archer. Lance makes the charge but goes flying into the exposed corner. Yano makes the tag and Haste comes in. He hits Archer with a dropkick, sending him over to tag Smith Jr. into the ring. Haste meets him by getting him up in a running powerslam (insult to injury as of course that was the finisher of Smith's father). TMDK Lifts Archer up for a double slam, but Smith breaks that up. Archer turns around and DRILLS Haste with a very high chokeslam. Archer tags Iizuka in as Haste tags Marufuji. Marafuji kicks the crap out of the bearded one several times over. He goes for a cover and doesn't get it. Marafuji gets set on top with Shelton LAUNCHING Marafuji with a suplex that sends him across the ring. Iizuka comes in and uses a rope on Marufuji, but Haste comes in with a kick. TMDK double team on Iizuka sending him into a knee uppercut from Marafuji and gets the pin! Well, that was quick! Backstage words from the Killer Elite Squad as they are FURIOUS. They destroy the table and scream and yell about TMDK and how they are the better team and will crush the Aussies next time they meet. TMDK counters by saying they are glad the KES is angry. TMDK is the dominant and better team and invite the Squad to come and get it. We get some studio words from Nakamura. He talks about how he expected New Japan would have a worthy competitor prepared for this show, but he got a Joker, we then cut to the footage of Nakamura standing in the ring ASKING for a Joker. They had wrestled a really good match before in 2013, but the rematch for the G1 is 2014 was canceled with Ibushi's injury. Nakamura is going in with big expectations for this match. IWGP Intercontinental Title: Kota Ibushi vs. Shinsuke Nakamura We saw the set up here a few weeks ago where Nakamura regained the IC Title and then challenged someone to fight for this show. Ibushi snuck out and suplexed him on the back of his head. Challenge accepted. We are starting this match fairly early tonight so this one isn't going to be a quick no-nothing match. Ibushi comes out looking ready and getting a good reaction from the fans. The champion comes out dressed as the King FROM GO LION! Crown, cape, the whole bit. Good on Josh Barnett for pointing this out. Voltron represent! A night like this was made for this guy, no doubt about it. We come back from break as we get started. Crowd is geared for this one. They circle slowly as Ibushi lands a low kick. Nakamura goes in low but gets caught in a face lock. Push against the ropes and Nakamura tries for the belly rub thing, Kota smacks him in the face for that. Not fooling around tonight. The trade some light knee strikes on each other but neither get anyway. Nakamura extends a hand and Ibushi shakes it, only to get a knee from Nakamura! He lands a few more strikes before going for a big knee strike, but Ibushi avoids it. Kota gets Nakamura down in the corner with a hit. Ibushi goes for the good vibrations kick! Shinsuke is pissed, leaps up, knees Kota and hits the move on Ibushi. Shinsuke hits more knees and strikes, eventually hitting a guillotine knee of the apron to the outside. Nakamura goes back in the ring, but Ibushi really struggles to get in the ring after that. Shinsuke catches him in a cravat headlock. Kota sends him into the ropes, but Nakamura hits a knee to take Kota down. Shinsuke doesn't get a 3 count but locks in a rear choke, before transitioning into a half crab on the arm. Kota reaches the rope to break the hold. Kota bows up and hits Nakamura with some hits to the chest where Shinsuke returns the favor. Kota goes down and Shin goes for a SWEET spin kick but misses. Kota slaps him and then slaps him again. Nakamura gets a suplex on Kota, but he lands on his feet and hits a hurrancanrana sending Nakamura outside the ring. Kota leaps off the top to hit a triangle asai moonsault! Awesome! Kota rolls Shin in the ring and hits a springboard dropkick. He hits a few strikes and finally a spin kick to send Shinsuke down. A standing moonsault only gets two. Into the corner now as Kota tries for something, but Nakamura counters it. Kota on the outside where Shinsuke tries to suplex in the ring but Kota lands a knee to the head to end that. Kota tries another springboard dropkick, but Shinsuke hits a superkick and flattens Kota dead on the mat. Back from a break with both guys down. Nakamura first up and hits a spin kick and front suplex before hitting the MMA knees to Kota's head. He goes for the Booma ye, but Kota ducks. They struggle up to the top rope and Kota hits the frankenstiener from the top rope! He doesn't get the count, though. Kota with the full nelson and hits the snapdragon suplex that looks brutal. A head kick and then a moonsault! He still only gets two. Kota tries for the piledriver, but Shinsuke counters it by grabbing the leg. He tries it again but rolls through it into a sunset flip. Only gets two, but Ibushi hits the kick right into Shinsuke's face. He hits the powerbomb but kicks out. Ibushi goes up to the top and misses the phoenix splash. Shin hits the booma ye to the back of the head. Nakamura gets up and lands some stomps on Ibushi's head. Shinsuke is PISSED! Ref backs Nakamura off and Ibushi just stands up. He smacks Nakamura with some HARD palm strikes before just hitting him with straight fists. IT IS ON! Ibushi gets hit with a knee strike so Nakamura goes for the armlock submission. Kota stands up and starts stomping Shinsuke in the head to get out of the hold. Kota hits the reverse powerslam and MOCKS Nakamura with his poses before hits the booma ye! Pin only gets too as he punches Nakamura in the head. Shinsuke hits some angry elbows and then a soccer kick to the head. He then drives the toe of his boot into Kota's mouth! Damn, there is a nasty move right now. They trade strikes before Shin tries for the booma ye off the ropes and Ibushi counters and hits a double stomp to the stomach! Ibushi up first and the crowd is going crazy for this. Nakamura goes to the apron, but Ibushi climbs to the second rope and deadlifts Nakamura up with a german suplex over the ropes! Holy Crap dude, you are a junior heavyweight. You aren't supposed to be able to do that! He gets Shinsuke up for a powerbomb, but Shin counters out of this and pounds the hell out of Kota before he hits the booma Ye. Kota SMILES AT HIM! DAMN! He hits a knee, but Nakamura lands another booma ya and finally pins him! Both guys are down as the crowd rightly gives them both a standing ovation. Nakamura gets to his knees and gets his belt. He checks on Kota and says something to him as they exchange a fist bump of respect. Shin grabs the mic and talks about how close he was to losing. He gives props to Ibushi and then a Yeaoh! before leaving. Post match words from Ibushi. He says he gave it his all but still lost. Despite that, he thinks the match showed that he had potential as a heavyweight (fairly safe to assume there) and that he wants to fight Nakamura again as well as other heavyweights down the road. Nakamura gives comments backstage saying that during the match, he felt overwhelmed. That is something that rarely happens and made Ibushi a special opponent for him. We get some studio words now from Nakamura who agrees with me that this was the perfect match that he has been trying to achieve in all his years of wrestling. It was a very tough battle and he reiterates that Ibushi was a special opponent. This was a lot of fun! The 8 man match was blindingly quick but still had a lot of action in it and Marufuji looked great in it. The main event, however, was every bit of the 5-star Match of the year candidate that it was being hyped as. No matter how you do it  (hopefully nice and legally) track down this match and watch it if you want a perfect Puroresu match of the modern age. Next week we have THE main event of Wrestlekingdom 9 when IWGP champion Hiroshi Tanahashi takes on challenger Kazuchika Okada that takes up the full hour.  See you next week! Naomichi Marufuji & Mikey Nicholls & Shane Haste
New Japan Pro Wrestling photo
It's a gang fight tonight!
It's Strong Style time again kiddies as Japanator looks at NJPW on AXS TV. This week is week 4 of 5 looking at the WrestleKingdom 9 show from January of this year. We are back at the Tokyo Dome with two big matches tonight so let's get to the action!

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Kamen Rider

Eyes Wide Open: Kamen Rider Battride War Genesis gets a new trailer

Get Ready People!
Oct 30
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As we get closer to Halloween, the folks at Bandai Namco have channeled their spiritual energy to bring us a new trailer for Kamen Rider Battride War Genesis. Honestly, it looks like it isn't much of an improvement over the ...
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UFO Catcher

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Practice makes perfect
Oct 29
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Strong Style: Tokyo Dome Domination

Oct 24 // Soul Tsukino
We open with a greeting from Katsuyori Shibata this week. The Bullet Club (Jeff Jarrett, Yujiro Takahashi, Bad Luck Fale) vs. Tomoaki Honma, Hiroyoshi Tenzan, Satoshi Kojima So it's the dregs of the Bullet Club taking on two veterans and the lovable loser of NJPW. I don't think there is any specific feud between these teams, this was more an excuse to get the Bullet Club B-team on the card and give Jeff Jarrett his time since he had the rights for the English language broadcast of this event to help promote his Global Force Wrestling venture. Jarrett comes out first, of course, accompanied by his wife Karen (whom I hate even more than Jeff) and Canadian promoter Scott D'amore, followed by Fale and Yujiro. The opposing team comes out together. Once in the ring, Karen starts pushing Honma leading to all six men going at it in the ring. Fale and Takahashi are run together as TenKoji double suplex Fale. We boil down to Tenzan and Yujiro before Kojima comes in and machine gun chops Yujiro. Fale interferes sending Kojima down as Jarrett comes in legally. Fale comes back in and goes after everyone. Kojima gets whooped on as Yujiro comes into the ring and rakes Kojima's eyes. Kojima hits the Kojima cutter (stone cold stunner) and gets the tag into Honma who goes wild on Yujiro. Honma goes for a diving headbutt and misses.  Yujiro hits a suplex. Yujiro then tries for a move, but Honma blocks before landing a sweet flying headbutt. Karen distracts the ref so Jarrett gets his guitar but accidently hits Yujiro (wouldn't be a Jarrett match with smashing a guitar). TenKoji hits a few double team moves before Honma climbs the ropes for the Kokashi headbutt from the top rope and HITS IT! HONMA GETS THE PIN! Crowd goes wild! Mauro goes wild! "Charlie Brown finally kicked the football!"- Mauro Ranallo The match was quick paced and short. This wasn't about having a back and forth, this was more about getting Jarrett on the card, since he was sponsoring the English language version of this event in America, and also about having Honma getting the feel good moment as he actually hit his big move and won the match for his team. They did that very well so I'm not faulting them for it. UWF Rules: Minoru Suzuki vs. Kazushi Sakuraba UWF Rules refers not to Bill Watts, but Universal World of Fighting, a "worked shoot" promotion in Japan in the 80's and early 90s that was like a worked MMA company. In this case, it just means there are no pins and that the match is won with a submission or a knockout. This match was supposed to be shown last week but was bumped for some reason. These are two old veterans of MMA and they do not like each other. Suzuki is here on loan from NOAH and the leader of the Suzuki Army. As has been said before, is a bit off kilter and a reputation of not being the nicest guy in the ring. Sakuraba is an MMA legend known as The Gracie Killer for his defeats of several members of the famed Brazilian Ju-jitsu family, and also known as a huge otaku, especially for EVA. These two have locked horns before, but now they are fighting one-on-one. Suzuki comes out wearing all white, even bleaching his oddly cut hair and even his eyebrows. He looks even more ominous now looking like this. As Sakuraba comes out Mauro rattles off his MMA credentials, including the four Gracie members he has defeated.  Sakuraba gets a waist lock before reversing. Suzuki gets him down on a brief mount, but Sakuraba gets out. The work to the mat then Sakuraba stands up and gets a kick on Suzuki's thigh and then goes for the scorpion deathlock, but ends up getting a heel hook instead. Suzuki crawls to the ropes and pulls out of the hold, getting under the bottom rope. Suzuki ends up on the apron as they trade strikes and kicks. Suzuki gets the armbar on the ropes, but it is broken up by the ref. Outside the ring now as they go up the ramp. They trade strikes and kicks on the ramp and Sakuraba goes for the kimura. The ref goes ballistic on Sakuraba before finally getting Sakuraba back in the ring. He stands there patiently waiting as Suzuki is in pain already. Back from a break now with Suzuki struggling to crawl back to the ring. His arm is injured now from the kimura. Suzuki gets to the floor before  Sakuraba says the hell with it and rolls Suzuki into the ring and starts striking and kicking the arm now. Suzuki is down and the ref starts counting. Suzuki stands up and then pops Sakuraba right in the face with a palm strike. OUCH! He gets Sakuraba down, but Sakuraba gets right back up. Suzuki goes strong style telling Sakuraba to hit him harder. Sakuraba then gets an armbar on Suzuki as Suzuki fights through it and gets to the rope. Sakuraba kicks and kicks onto Suzuki, but the crazy man won't give up. Suzuki just beats the count as his arm is useless. Suzuki toughens up and hits slaps on Sakuraba's face. These guys are screaming at each other as they trade strikes. Suzuki gets the sleeper choke, slams him with the hold still on. Sakuraba is fading. Sakuraba is OUT! Suzuki won the match with one arm! They look each other over and they shake hands. Respect for these two for each other for the beating.  Backstage Suzuki talks about waiting for this match for years and says that despite what the media and the fans had said about Sakuraba not doing much in Puro, he doesn't look down on Sakuraba one bit. A media member asks what Suzuki said to Sakuraba when they hugged, and Suzuki tells the guy if he wants to know, get in the ring and find out before calling the guy a loser. Studio words from Shibata talking about fighting Goto and then teaming with him. He then compliments Gallows and Anderson saying they are powerful guys. He then goes on to talk about wanting a belt and that the Tag League wasn't enough for him since it was just a record thing and that belts are what matters.   IWGP Tag Titles: Meiyu (Shibata/Goto) vs. The Bullet Club (Anderson/Gallows) The build-up to this was shown a few weeks ago when Meiyu defeated the champs in the finals of the World League tag team tournament a few months before this show. Meiyu comes out to videos of them together and pictures of them together in high school to angelic style music. I will say Goto wears the coolest ring jackets that would go great with a convention cosplay. Shibata is all business. It's like the ass kicking Mythbusters of Puro. The Club has The Bullet Babe Amber Gallows and Tama Tonga with them. We start the match with Karl and Goto. Headlock to head scissors trade ends in a stalemate. Karl hits a few strikes, but Goto hits some of his own before getting kneed by Gallows. Karl gets to close to the corner as Shibata grabs him, but when Goto goes to strike he hits his own partner, sending Shibata to the floor. Gallows comes in and lands a superkick to Goto. Club double teams on Goto but doesn't get the pin. Karl hits the leg lariat on Goto, but Goto fights on out of a pin. He goes over and knocks Shibata off the apron again. Gallows comes in and chokes Goto on the ropes before Amber slaps him and Gallows clubs the crap out of Goto in the corner. We come back from break with Goto still getting beaten up. Goto gets Gallows with a kick before he gets Gallows down and tags in Shibata. Shibata gets Gallows down with a bunch of forearms. He goes for the running kick but is met with a clothesline. He hits a dropkick on Gallows and then goes for his octopus, but Karl comes in to break it up. Goto comes in and Meiyu scores stereo corner kicks on the Club. Shibata holds Gallows for a Goto kick, but Karl gets interference.  The Club double team on Shibata as they hit the decapitator on Shibata as Goto saves the pin. They get the reverse 3D on Shibata, but he kicks out. The Bullet Club go for the magic killer but Goto sends Gallows out. Goto blocks the Gun Stun twice from Karl Anderson as Goto hits the ushi-karoshi into the penalty kick from Shibata. Gallows comes in and ends that by steamrolling over both guys. Gallows goes up to the top rope but gets caught into a double Ushi-Karoshi. Meiyu double team Gallows with a kick into a sleeper, but it's broken up. Finally, Gallows goes down as Shibata hits the penalty kick and gets the pin! We have new tag champions! The one year reign of the champions is over! Meiyu strap the belts onto each other and celebrate in the ring Backstage the new champs talk about starting in a little wrestling club in high school and they are now the champions. Shibata talks about leaving NJPW but coming back feeling that a belt held power and that he was glad they won. In the studio, Shibata talks about having the fans cheering him on. He says his body just seemed to know what to do next in the ring leading to the victory.  He ends this week's show by saying he really likes the design of the tag belts. This was a very quick paced show, but these were also very quick-paced matches. The six-man tag match was more about the moment than the action, but it wasn't offensive. I happened to be really into the singles match, even when watching it the first time. It wasn't a marathon match by any means but with two guys in their 40's, it wasn't expected to be. The final tag match maybe was a little too short for its own good. I could have seen this going longer, but for what it was it wasn't terrible. It was a fun hour! Next week we will have the big 8-man tag team match as well as Kota Ibushi and Shinsuke Nakamura locking horns for the IWGP intercontinental title. See you then! The Bullet Club (Jeff Jarrett, Yujiro Takahashi, Bad Luck Fale) vs. Tomoaki Honma, Hiroyoshi Tenzan, Satoshi Kojima
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Tag action from WrestleKingdom 9
Welcome back to Strong Style, Japanator's look at New Japan Pro Wrestling on AXS TV. This week at on show number three in our coverage of WrestleKingdom 9. So we are back at the big Tokyo Dome from January of this year. This ...

Strong Style: Ooooh, that's gotta hurt!

Oct 17 // Soul Tsukino
Things get even weirder as we don't get a greeting and start with a cold opening. I'm wondering if there has been some last minute editing to this week's show outside of what was shown in Japan on the World Pro Wrestling Returns shows that these episodes are taken from. Oh well. Tetsuya Naito vs. A.J. Styles These guys had some bitchin' matches during the G1 tournament so let's see what they can do here. Interesting as Styles comes out alone without the Bullet Club. Styles jumps Naito right as he gets in the ring and goes for the Styles Clash early, but Naito counters out of it. Naito gets sent  outside and Styles tries for the moonsault but Naito misses, but Styles lands on his feet. Naito gets a dropkick off the apron to send Styles down on the floor. Both men get back into the ring as Naito hits another dropkick. Styles goes into the corner but counters Naito and goes for the previously injured leg with a rack attack. Back from commercial with Styles hitting the shinbuster. Naito tries to fight back, but Styles kicks the knee again. Indian deathlock on the knee as Styles has slowed things down. Naito gets to the rope to break the hold Naito gets to his feet as they exchange elbows. Styles keeps going for the knee, but Naito gets the spinning DDT to turn things back his way. They exchange before Naito hits a hiptoss right into a dropkick on Styles and then hitting the senton. Naito hits a neckbreaker and then goes for the pin to get two. Styles gets set on the top rope, but Naito jumps up to block him. Styles hits a headbutt to knock him off, but both men go down before Styles hits a springboard forearm shot on Naito. Styles goes for the suplex, but both guys fight it before Styles gets him up but gets him in a neckbreaker! They fight over a german suplex with Styles getting it, he tries for another, but Naito gets the roll up. Naito gets a suplex for the bridge, but Styles kicks out. Styles and Naito exchange strikes before Styles hits another forearm. Naito goes to the top rope, but Styles hits his leg and sending Naito down. Styles tries for the suplex but Naito rolls through it. Styles gets in the calf killer submission! Naito fights and fights it! He struggles but finally gets to the rope to break the hold. Back again from break  as Naito is hurting now. Styles goes for the leg, but Naito fights him off. Naito hits a kick and then a side suplex. Styles hits the dragon suplex into a pin attempt, but Styles kicks out. Naito goes for an odd octopus hold, but Styles hits the Pele kick and then the bloody Sunday DDT. Styles for the Clash but Naito picks him up and dumps him over the rope to the floor. Styles just barely beats the count as now both guys are hurting. Naito hits a dropkick to the mouth and gets Styles on the top rope. NMaito steps up and tries for the hurrancanrana, but Styles BLOCKS. He gets the Stylesclash on Naito and gets the pin! Backstage, we get some words from Styles. He says he used Naito as a stepping stone to get another shot at the IWGP title. He mentions hurting Yoshi Tatsu with the Styles Clash. He states that The Bullet Club has no leaders and that he has to get his back iced cause he's a Warrior! We get some words from Makabe who SPOILS THE ENDING OF THE NEXT MATCH by talking while sitting next to the NEVER belt. He speaks about establishing the belt's identity. He talks about how similar he and Ishii are. NEVER Openweight Title: Togi Makabe vs. Tomohiro Ishii Ishii is the defending champion here. There is a history between these two as back in 2009 Makabe lead a group called Global Bash Heel which Ishii was a member. However most of the members of the group started turning on Makabe starting with Toru Yano and Shinsuke Nakamura to form team CHAOS, Ishii soon did the same. The Stone Pitbull taking on the Unchained Gorilla. I expect these guys will throw a lot of punches and clotheslines. Call it a hunch. Josh mentions Togi was the one to teach him how to curse in Japanese. Always a good skill to have.  We come back from break and they run right into clotheslines as it's a stalemate. Punches and then shoulder blocks before Ishii hits a powerslam, only for Makabe to hit one of his own. Mexican stand-off now before they go back and forth with punches and hits. Punch to the throat sends Makabe down (damn dude). Headbutt on Makabe puts down again. Makabe then stands up GLARING at Ishii and they are back at the punches going back and forth. Makabe gets the corner mount and punches down on Ishii's head. Clubbing Vader punches now as they are whaling on each other.  Makabe hits a suplex that gets Ishii down. Makabe hits some punches before Ishii screams at him. Ishii hits some punches and then a clothesline to send Makabe down! Makabe sent to the top with Ishii picking him up and hitting the delayed superplex! Ishii hits a powerbomb for a two count. Ishii tries for a clothesline, but Makabe hits one of his own before hitting a powerbomb! These guys just do not quit! Togi goes for a german suplex, Ishii blocks it, but Togi gets it anyway! Ishi hits the corner and Togi hits a clothesline before setting him up on the rope for the spider suplex, but Ishii blocks it. Makabe gets knocked over with his leg caught in the ropes but lifts himself back up and hits a Death valley bomb from the top rope! Count only gets two. Both stagger up as Togi hits a clothesline and then a kick before BLASTING Ishii with a clothesline that literally knocks the slobber from his mouth!  Ishii struggles to get up and lands a german suplex of his own, but Togi rolls through it, only to get clobbered with a clothesline. Another two count as they start hammering in each other with clotheslines. Togi hits a Mongolian chop to the head, but Ishii rams a headbutt to send Togi down. Ishii hits a low dropkick but only gets two. Enziguri on Togi sends him down for a two count. Togi hits with clothesline and another before he gets a dragon suplex on Ishii for a two count. Damn!  Forearms from their knees as they get up and yell each other to hit them HARDER! Headbutts knock both men stupid before Togi hits the Polish power double axhandle hit and then a clothesline to send Ishii down before Togi tries a cover. Makabe goes up and hits the King kong kneedrop and not so surprisingly (from the clip earlier) wins the title! Togi rolls over and hits a few more punches on Ishii, but he just collapses from the battle. Say what you want about pro wrestling, but those guys have to be sore as hell from a match like that. Ishii stumbles as he tries to leave the ring and has to be helped back to his feet.  Backstage, Makabe gives us some words saying that the NEVER matches are different from the other titles and he is tough. When asked what kind of champion he would be, he replies that his words would never change and that he will show us what real wrestling is. He rambles on and on for a bit, finishing every sentence with an exhausted grunt, making for a weird interview. He mentions that Rikki Choshu trained both of them, but he is the better man. He also says that Ishii will probably be back since he is the type to not lay down since the belt was taken from him. Studio words now as Makabe talks about going after the Intercontinental belt. He talks about his flower blooming earlier than Ishii's did as a wrestler even though they debuted in the same year. He states that Ishii's time will come soon though for his flower to bloom. We finish with some closing words from Mauro and Josh as we head out for the week. Well, this show was a bit off. I still wonder if something was changed last minute with the switching of matches and there not being the usual greeting at the beginning. However, this show was still enjoyable. Styles and Naito had a good match that wasn't what you'd expect from the two, but it had a great telling of Styles working on Naito's leg the whole match. The Makabe/Ishii fight was a slugfest and was nothing less than what you would expect from two stand up sluggers to give you. Good stuff! Next week we have a couple of tag matches, and maybe the match with Suzuki and Sakuraba. we will have to tune in to find out! Interesting as Styles comes out alone without the Bullet Club. Styles jumps Naito right as he gets in the ring and goes for the Styles Clash early, but Naito counters out of it. Naito gets sent  outside and Styles tries for the moonsault but Naito misses, but Styles lands on his feet. Naito gets a dropkick off the apron to send Styles down on the floor. Both men get back into the ring as Naito hits another dropkick. Styles goes into the corner but counters Naito and goes for the previously injured leg with a rack attack.
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More action from WrestleKingdom 9
Welcome back to Strong Style's coverage of NJPW on AXS TV. This week we go back to the Tokyo Dome for more matches from WrestleKingdom 9 from January of 2015.This week things seems to have been switched up on me, We were supp...

Strong Style: WrestleKingdom 9 in HERE!

Oct 10 // Soul Tsukino
This week we are greeted by Kenny Omega. Did not expect that. IWGP Jr. Heavyweight Tag Titles: The Young Bucks (Matt and Nick Jackson) vs. The Time Splitters (Kushida/Alex Shelley) vs. Forever Hooligans (Alex Koslov/Rocky Romero) vs. ReDRagon (Kyle O'Reily/Bobby Fish)  This is gong to be a tough one to cover!  ReDRagon are the champs going into this one, along with being the ROH tag champions. We get a look at the setup for the arena and it is incredible with a MASSIVE three level entrance ramp with a video wall and a very long ramp to the ring. As the teams come to the ring Mauro talks about the history of the Jr. tag titles and the people who have held the belts. We start the match off with Kushida and Bobby Fish. Wristlock to get this going into a leg takedown into a headlock by Kushida.  Chain wrestling leads to both men throwing dropkicks that miss, only for Kushida to hits a second one.  Kyle O'Reilly and Alex Shelley come in before the Bucks come in and get sent out by the Time Splitters. The Splitters work on Fish before Fish sends a knee to Kushida. Kozlov tags himself in  and gets a head scissors before he does his cossack kicks on Fish. Fish fights back sending Kozlov down as Kyle and Rocky come in for a brief exchange, but it goes back to Kozlov and Fish. Josh reminds us this is a one fall match so people will be breaking up pin attempts to save the match for their team. The Bucks come in and work over Shelley before going after Kozlov. Nick sets up Kozlov for Matt to hit the running apron kick, but the Russian moves out of the way and Matt takes out his own brother. Kozlov then takes out Nick in the ring with a really cool spinning kick and then tags in Rocky. Rocky takes out both Bucks after they try to double team and then sets up both Bucks and ReDRagon in all the corners before going ballistic with clotheslines on all of them, missing Fish and getting hit by the Bucks. The Bucks try to work on Romero, but Kushida gets the blind tag in the ring.  Kushida gets in a DDT and ends up sending everyone outside. One of the Bucks gets caught in the ring with the Splitters, but ReDRagon come in and takes out both Splitters. This is wild! Things spill outside the ring as Romero dives over the rope with a tope`, only for Kozlov to hit the over the top rope dive. Nick Jackson does a dive as well as bodies are piling up on the floor with Kushida going to the top rope and diving on everyone at ringside. Back from a commercial break as it's Shelley on Matt Jackson. Kushida gets the moonsault into a pin but only gets two. The Splitters get a double kick combo in the corner and go for another move, but the Hooligans break it up. The Bucks come out firing with SUPERKICK PARTY! Rocky hits a double doomsday device on both the Bucks, but somehow the Bucks are able to recover enough to pop back up with more superkicks before hitting the Meltzer driver. Kushida comes in to face off with ReDRagon, but the Bucks come in as well and hits the double superkick on the Time Splitter. The Bucks then go for their finisher, More Bang for your Buck, but that gets interrupted by Fish and O'Reilly. They hit a swift kick and then a kneedrop on Kushida sending him out. One of the Bucks comes in but ends up getting hit with a Super Falcon Arrow of the top rope by Bobby Fish. Kozlov comes in and is met with ReDRagon's finisher, the Chasing the Dragon suplex/kick combo and ReDRagon pick up the win and retain the titles! Holy crap was that match good. It was a match that was really fast paced and always had something going on. My description doesn't do it justice and is a great way to kick off this show! Backstage ReDRagon talk about how they are the number one Jr. team after winning that match.  We come back from break with words from Omega. He talks about wanting to be part of NJPW, but only getting to be in the Super juniors tournament each year, so he joined the Bullet Club to be part of the show. He talks about Taguchi being funny and goofing around, but he is serious. He mentions how they were the less popular members of different tag teams, but that is in the past and tonight it's about them and the title. IWGP Jr. Heavyweight Title: Ryusuke Taguchi vs. "The Cleaner" Kenny Omega Omega made his return to NJPW a few months before this match, revealing not only had he joined the Bullet Club, but undergoing a makeover as well. Gone were his days as the goofy blond Canadian, now stood a bad all clad in black. Taguchi, of course, accepted the challenge with a hearty "Oh my and Garfunkel" and here we are. Omega comes out with the Bucks and a SWEET duster jacket. Taguchi comes out as Mauro relates the Funky Weapon of Taguchi to the butt-butt of Iceman Parsons from WCCW. Nice callback there. "Let's break Eddie Guerrero's neck huh"- Matt Jackson, ever so gracefully taking about Taguchi's intentional resemblance to Latino Heat.   The two men lock up as Omega uses his size advantage to get Taguchi to the ropes, where he mocks the champ with a light slap. They lock up again with Omega getting pushed to the ropes, where Taguchi mocks him and then getting spit on the face for his trouble. They turn it into high gear with both men hitting the ropes and diving out of moves before Omega gets met with the Funky Weapon right to the face! Omega gets sent to the corner but escapes with a sweet cartwheel. He tries for a move, but Taguchi catches him in an anklelock, leading to Omega to get to the outside. The Bucks jump up to distract the ref as Omega grabs a can of something and sprays it in Taguchi's face, damn near coating him. We get a close up of the can and Josh says it's basically spray liniment. Think about getting sprayed on with Icey Hot. That makes my skin crawl thinking about what happens when that stuff goes in the wrong place. With Taguchi not being able to see, Omega gets him in the corner where he lands a back elbow. He tries for a pin, but it only gets two. Taguchi lands some soft punches but with an eye rake and a front kick, Omega puts him down. Kenny tries for a suplex, but Taguchi blocks it. Kenny, however, muscles Taguchi's dead weight up and lands a suplex anyway. Then comes one of the coolest things I've ever seen. The Chainsaw Face attack. As it was explained to me, one of Kenny's rituals was to leg the hair on his forearms grow out for a big match, then like a day before the fight he would shave them, leaving stubble. Kenny makes the motion of pulling the cord before he takes Taguchi's face and RAKES his forearm with it. Taguchi gets up to his feet and gets Omega down, hitting a charging kick. He goes to the ropes, but the Jacksons trip him and hold him to the ropes. Omega comes in for the hit, but Ryusuke dives out of the way and all three men end up on the floor. Taguchi then dives over the ropes and hits the plancha on the Bullet Club. With Omega rolling back in the ring, Taguchi hits a springboard dropkick but count only gets 2. Taguchi hits the 3 amigos suplexes, but Omega blocks the third with a bunch of slaps to the back. Omega hits a low dropkick on Ryusuke's leg and then a famasser for a two count. Back from the break as Omega gets the nelson into a waist lock. Omega sends him down and gets the some kicks before picking him up for a buckle bomb, only to have it turned into a rana sending Omega into the corner. Omega rolls back towards the center of the ring as Taguchi climbs the ropes. omega meets him and tries for a superplex, only to get shoved off the ropes. Kenny tries it again, only to get pushed off again. Taguchi then launches into a dropkick but Omega DROPKICKS HIM OUT OF THE SKY.  Kenny gets up and hits the Dr. bomb, but only gets two for the pin attempt. Kenny tries another move, but Taguchi counters into the Dodan but can't hit it as Omega rolls through for another pin attempt for two. Taguchi then hits the Dodan proper and goes for the anklelock. Here Josh Barnett gets some game cred for breaking out the Konami code, saying that Omega has to find the cheat code to win at this point. The Jackson's jump onto the apron again and Omega gets sent into them again. Taguchi hits another Dodan but again only gets two! Taguchi tries for the torture rack, but Omega fights out. Taguchi goes for the Funky Weapon only to get caught in a dragon suplex, Taguchi staggers up and gets picked up in the air where he is brought down on his back and neck in the One Winged Angel bomb. Omega covers and gets the pinfall! We have a new champion! Backstage Omega says he is HERE. He calls Taguchi a CHUMPion. He pays tribute to the founder of the Bullet Club, Prince Devitt (NXT's Finn Baylor), saying he was the greatest Jr. heavyweight of all time. But that he is part of the New Bullet Club and that he will be the greatest of all time. Taguchi gives an Oh My and Garfunkel and says he will take things more seriously and that he wants his rematch, Saying for now only he'll seriously fool around. Studio words from Omega talking about how he knows Taguchi will be back and better, but he will still beat him. He's here to clean out all the sucky wrestlers like the Japanese guys, the young boys, and especially the NWA guys, who really suck. His words, not mine.  This was a fun show! I'll say that my words here probably don't do it justice because I had a hard time keeping up with either of these matches. While the first match wasn't about "telling a story" (I.E. WWE's way of doing things) it was hard on the action with little moment's rest. The singles match was a good match as well with some really impressive stuff. Great way to kick off our coverage here! Next week we have Ishii vs. Makabe for the NEVER openweight title and the grudge match with Minoru Suzuki vs. Sakuraba in a show that will make everyone feel sore! /ul/34355-/Match 1-620x.jpg
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The biggest NJPW show of the year!
Welcome to Strong style, our coverage of NJPW on AXS TV. This week is a big one as we kick off FIVE weeks over coverage of the WrestleKingdom 9 show from the Tokyo Dome. WrestleKingdom is New Japan's big show, their WrestleMa...

Strong Style: Eight-Man Scramble!

Oct 03 // Soul Tsukino
We are greeted by Hirooki Goto as we start this week's show. Hiroshi Tanahashi, Togi Makabe, Kota Ibushi, La Sombra vs. CHAOS (Shinsuke Nakamura. Tomohiro Ishii, YOSHI-HASHI, Kazuchika Okada) This is a big time preview of the WrestleKingdom show as three of the big matches are previewed here, and for some reason YOSHI and CMLL star La Sombra are included as well. All 3 singles champions in one match. We skip the ring introductions and open with all eight men in the ring. Okada and Tanahashi start off quick as Okada goes for the rainmaker nearly from the start. Ibushi comes in and so does Nakamura. They trade some standing kicks  but ends in a stalemate. They go for a lock up that leads into the Nakamura armbar that Ibushi reveres. Nakamura gets him to the ropes but skips the belly rub thing. He gets Ibushi into the corner, but Kota escapes the knee, Tanahashi's team come in for a 4 man drop kick! La Sombra gets a plancha in as we skip ahead to Makabe and Ishii smash mouthing each other with elbows. These guys are strong style no doubt about it! Makabe hits a clothesline and gets Ishii down. Makabe gets the headbutt, but Ishii lands a clothesline. Ishii goes for the superplex and hits it. Pin only gets two. Both men stagger up and get into a clothesline duel that sends them both down to the mat. Back from break now as Tanahashi comes in and fights Okada as they go back at it. Forearms and elbows fly as Okada gets a leg whip, but Tanahashi gets a flapjack. After a back and forth in the corner, Okada gets the neck driver on the knee and then goes for the tombstone, but Tanahashi reverses it. Okada hits a dropkick, but Tana hits the Slingblade.  YOSHI comes in and goes to work and gets a blockbuster. CHAOS gets Tanahashi alone as they land a bunch of moves on the corner before YOSHI gets the diving blockbuster. Things are breaking down with fights outside the ring with Tanahashi and YOSHI still in the ring. YOSHI lands an axe-bomber clothesline, but Tanahashi kicks out of the pin. Yoshi gets the bridging powerbomb, but Tanahashi kicks out AGAIN. Everyone comes in and starts beating each other. Ibushi flies out of the ring onto Nakamura, and Sombra does the same on the other side of the ring. We are back to YOSHI and Tanahashi in the ring as Tanahashi hits the Slingblade and then the High-Fly-Flow to get the pin for his team The bell rings as Okada and Tana stare down while refs are trying to separate Makabe and Ishii. Nice way to set up the big show in one match. Lots of action! Some words from Goto talking about struggling as a team with Shibata right when the World Tag League tournament began because they needed to win.  They knew how good Anderson and Gallows were and figured they would meet them in the tournament final. World Tag league Tournament Final: Meiyu (Hirooki Goto/Katsuyori Shibata) vs. The Bullet Club (Doc Gallows/Karl Anderson) This is the finals of the World Tag League Tournament. It's pretty much like the G1 Climax tournament, only for teams. 16 teams were split into 2 blocks in a round robin tournament for points. Gallows and Anderson are the defending tournament champions and had won Block A, while Meiyu had won Block B. The IWGP tag titles are on the line, but if Meiyu wins, they not only win the tournament but get the title shot at WrestleKingdom. The Bullet Club comes out with just about the entire group. That doesn't bode well. Meiyu comes out ready to go and Shibata looks like he's gonna kill a bitch as usual. Mauro runs down how each team got to this match, basically saying that Gallows and Anderson snuck into the finals in a really convoluted way. We come back from break as the match begins. Anderson starts with Goto, former partners here as they won the tournament in 2012. Lock up and puts them into the ropes with a clean break. Headlock by Goto leads to a head scissors that repeats itself 3 times, ending in a stalemate. Mauro takes a moment to mention recent NJPW returnee Yoshi Tatsu, who after the first match in the tournament pulled out because of injury. I turned out he had broken two bones in his neck in a previous match after taking a Styles Clash from A.J. Styles. Exchange again has Meiyu double teaming on Anderson as Shibata takes over. Karl rakes the eyes and hits elbows on Shibata, but Shibata don't care before leveling Anderson.  Wristlock by Shibata as Gallows come in and hammers fists into Shibata. Shibata hits some low kicks and gets the figure four on the big man. Doc reverses it, but he rolls it back over. Doc gets to the rope and breaks it as Shibata drags the big man over as Meiyu double team him. Gallows hits a clothesline on both Meiyu members to send them outside into the clutches of the rest of the Bullet Club. Karl sneaks out and blasts Goto with a powerbomb on the ring apron. Nearly getting counted out, Shibata runs over and helps Goto back in the ring. Goto fights up to the apron but Gallows throws him into the barricade outside. Goto climbs in at a count of 16 with Gallows going in for the kill. He lands a bunch of elbows onto the weakened Goto, but can't get the pin. Doc torques him into the corner with a whip before Karl comes in and lays down a bunch of knees, but the pin attempt don't get it. Back from break as Karl is just messing with Goto now, giving him some light kicks to the head. Goto gets up and lands some elbows, but when he hits the ropes he is tripped from the outside. Karl hits a legdrop from the apron. The ref Red Shoes nearly throws out the Club, but doesn't, serving some of the hate he gets from Mauro and Josh.  Seeing his partner in trouble outside the ring, Shibata runs over and starts swinging on the entire Bullet club to get Goto and get him in the ring. Shibata climbs up to the apron where he is hit by Gallows. Doc turns around and starts hammering on Goto before dropping a leg on him.  Karl comes in with a chinlock, but Goto fights out of it. Karl hits a leg strike but the pin only gets two. The crowd is chanting for Goto as he has been the guy getting the ass beating for a while now.  Karl goes for a suplex, but Goto blocks it and reveres it. He gets the tag! Shibata and Anderson get in a back and forth, but Shibata gets him down in the corner and hits with a sweet  hanging dropkick. Shibata gets a suplex but only gets 2 with it. Shibata struggles but gets Anderson in that nasty Surfboard/Octopus combo he uses. Gallows comes in and saves his partner, only to get sent out by Shibata.  Anderson hits a kick and then a strike. Both Club members attack but Shibata fights out and hits a sweet dropkick on Doc. Goto tags in and takes Doc down, but gets hit from Karl. All four men in now and its a fight! Goto and Doc meet with clotheslines and finally sends Gallows down. Goto lands some elbows, but Doc sends him down with a kick. Karl tags in and again he toys with Goto, as he hits a forearm on Goto.  and then another. He goes for the charge but runs right into a choke from Shibata, leading the Meiyu to collide on the ropes when Anderson ducks an attack. Goto gets hit with the Gun Stun. Doc hits the splash. Doc and Karl hurt Goto with work in the corner. Pin gets broken up by Shibata. Anderson hits the Gun Stun but Goto kicks out! Club his the decapitation, but Goto just won't quit!  Shibata comes in and breaks things up, but he gets double teamed for his trouble. Karl goes for the Stun Gun, but counters and they go back and forth before Goto hits the Ushi-karoshi. Shibata gets Karl before Goto hits a clothesline and a choke before Shibata hits the PK on Karl and Goto hits the Shoten Kai and gets the pin! Damn that was a hell of a match! The Club bitch in the back, cussing away, saying the didn't need to win tonight since they won the tournament last year. they are the champs and that is more important, but when it comes time to face Meiyu again they will come back with more firepower. Back in the ring Meiyu celebrate with a big-ass cheque and some nice winner's trophies. Shibata gets the mic saying this was his first big achievement in wrestling. He says it's time to wear a belt. Goto says the time is right and their next target is a belt. We have some words from Meiyu in the back wth Shibata saying he believes in his partner. Goto says they haven't changed since high school and that he can rely on his partner. Studio words from Hirooki Goto as he says he is happy to achieve something with his partner Shibata and that it is natural for them to work together. he says they are not going to rest and are gunning for the belts. This was like the NJPW equivalent of the go-home RAW before Wrestlemania. It served the purpose of giving a taste of what was to come with WrestleKingdom. The two matches were both really good, even if the 8 man was cut down for time. The broadcast team did well in giving the background, especially in the Tag tournament match whereas we never saw any of the other matches. Good show! Now with that out of the way we start FIVE weeks of coverage of the matches from WrestleKingdom 9. Here is the lineup: IWGP Jr. Tag Titles: ReDRagon vs. Forever Hooligans vs. Young Bucks vs. Time Splitters IWGP Jr. Heavyweight Title: Ryusuke Taguchi vs. Kenny Omega Never Openweight Title: Tomohiro Ishii vs. Togi Makabe Grudge match: Minoru Suzuki vs. Kazushi Sakuraba IWGP Tag Titles: Anderson/Gallows vs. Meiyu A.J. Styles vs. Tetsuya Naito TenKoji, Tomoaki Honma vs. Bad Luck Fale, Jeff Jarrett, Yuji Takahashi Toru Yano and 3 mystery Partners vs. Takashi Iizuka, Killer Elite Squad, Shelton Benjamin IWGP Intercontinental Title: Shinsuke Nakamura vs. Kota Ibushi IWGP Title: Shinsuke Nakamura vs. Kazuchika Okada   See you all next week! /ul/34332-/match 1-620x.jpg
New Japan Pro Wrestling photo
Last stop before WrestleKingdom 9!
It's Friday night and it's time for a fight. Welcome back to Strong Style as we take a look at New Japan Pro Wrestling on AXS TV. This week we are taking a look at a couple of matches from the December 7th, 2014 show from Nag...

Strong Style: Kickin' it in Osaka

Sep 26 // Soul Tsukino
We open the show with a quick greeting from Shinsuke Nakamura. Never Openweight Title: Hirooki Goto vs. Tomohiro Ishii Ishii is the champion here and sporting tape on his shoulder.  Shoulder blocks start early and no one backs down. Here we go with the elbows back and forth and the crowd is LOVING IT. Goto finally gets Ishii down before a slam. Each man blocks clothesline attempts as they are smacking each other but damn no one is going down. Goto lands a kick to the guts before hitting a clothesline sending Ishii down, but he pops back up and lands a couple of clotheslines before both go down. Josh says it's like watching two kaiju fighting. I agree. These guys are throwing clotheslines like they were trying to chop down a tree! Ishii goes for a headbutt but Goto counters. Ishii lands the ushi-karoshi, which is Goto's specialty. We skip ahead and elbows are flying again! Goto lands a blow to send Ishii down again as Ishii is bleeding from the mouth. Ishii lands a head kick, but Goto recovers quickly as they kill each other with more clotheslines. These guys are stiffing the hell out of each other and just will not go down! Goto goes for the reverse ushi-karoshi, then hits the normal version with a knee to the back of the head. Clothesline sends Ishii down, but he kicks out! Goto goes for the suplex, but Ishii gets the counter and then a headbutt and a clothesline on Goto. Both men down again. Ishii hits a low clothesline, but Goto kicks out. Ishii hits the brainbuster and gets the pin! Holy crap that was intense. THAT is strong style wrestling right there. Tough guy Togi Makabe comes in the ring to check on Goto. Ishii makes it a point to stand over Goto and get right in Makabe's face. Backstage Makabe is a not happy about the disrespect and lays out a challenge for the belt. In his own backstage comments, Ishii says "Let's do it."   Kazuchika Okada/YOSHI-HASHI vs. Hiroshi Tanahashi/Kota Ibushi CHAOS vs. Team New Japan in a preview of what will take place at WrestleKingdom. Taking a cue from American wrestling, they two the two main eventers of the big show and gave them partners for a tag match to wet the appetite a bit. Have a bad feeling Kota's gonna take the pin on this one, let's see if I'm right. Each guy gets their own separate entrance here. They bring out the two lower card guys out first and then the two headliners. Interesting. Okada and Tanahashi face off and both want to start and they do, making to crowd gasp. Josh mentions how hot the Osaka crowds are as compared to other areas. Good observation as Japanese crowds are known to be reserved, but not here! Think of a Philly wrestling crowd but with less swearing. Basic start with Okada getting the headlock in. Okada gets the early lead sending Tanahashi down. A miss with a big charge we get an exchange with Funk forearms, but Tanahashi gets a leg whip. We jump again as Ibushi is in now. He goes for a moonsault on Okada but gets to feel Okada's knees for his trouble. Okada gets the flying elbow in and the Rainmaker pose! Tanahashi comes in and gets a tombstone!  Jumping ahead as YOSHI is working over Ibushi as he gets a couple of neckbreakers on Kota. Skipping ahead again as both Okada and YOSHI double teaming Tanahashi with a catapult clothesline. Things break down as Ibushi comes in and gets a hurricanrana and a two count. He kicks Yoshi and hits a sit out powerbomb, but Yoshi kicks out. Ibushi hits the flying twisting press and scores the win!  Well, that shut me up. These kinds of matches usually don't end that way. It was a good match for what was shown but clipped to crap like this mid show tag matches usually do. Some words from Nakamura looking back at the challenge he made to Shibata after the tag match we saw three weeks ago on this show. He mentions that while Shibata makes a desirable opponent, Shinsuke says that Shibata is a different person now since he buried the hatchet with Tanahashi and is seemingly on team NJPW now, and doesn't have to prove himself in every match anymore like an outsider.   Intercontinental Title: Shinsuke Nakamura vs. Katsuyori Shibata Talk about night and day huh? It's like Freddie Mercury fighting Dan Severn in terms of personality and presentation. But, looks aside both guys can hang and we've seen these two face each other before. I'm hoping for good things in this one. Josh and Mauro point out that Nakamura has the better MMA record and although he is different and strange, he can still kick butt. Both basically ignore the introductions and just GLARE at each other. Back from break as we get started. Exchange of kicks doesn't go anywhere to start.  Some grappling on the mat into an MMA guard position. Both guys going for heel locks sends them both to the ropes. Shibata goes for the stomp and Nakamura dodges out of the ring. Back inside and into another knucklelock. Shinsuke gets an armbar and sends it down on the mat. Shinsuke works the arm before going into a surfboard. Shibata rolls out of it and gets a cobra twist lock, but Nakamura gets into the rope. Into an exchange of swift kicks leads to a stalemate. Nakamura goes for that goofy belly face rub thing and Mauro gives him hell for it. Shibata does the smart thing and locks in a guillotine choke. That'll teach him. Nakamura gets kicked sending him outside with Shibata following him out. Nakamura gets sent over the barricade right into the broadcast desk. Back in, Shibata locks in a figure-four leglock. Shinsuke tries to counter but fails, but he gets to the rope to break. Shibata slides out of the hold and gets a standing heel hook and kicks Shin in the head while he does it. Dude is badass. Both guys exchange elbows with Shibata getting the advantage. Shibata goes for a running kick, but Nakamura gets the knee! Shinsuke gets his good vibrations kick, but Shibata catches the foot and stands right up. Shibata goes for something but gets hung up on the top turnbuckle, leading to Nakamura landing a kick. Pin attempt only gets two. Shinsuke tries for a suplex, but Shibata gets some elbows in. Both men go down. Back up each man goes for a sleeper before Shinsuke sinks it in. Shibata reverses it and transfers into an octopus hold and bends Shin's arms backward so much they actually touch! Ouch! That has to hurt no matter who you are. They get into the ropes and Shinsuke is in pain. Shibata works him over in the corner with strikes. At this point, Mauro wonders if a "certain MMA promoter" (Dana White) thinks this is fake. Ooooh, burn. Both men get hits in as they are down. Back from break. as Shibata gets a suplex. Nakamura is down and Shibata goes for the penalty kick, missing and Nakamura lands his own kick. They struggle to their knees and exchange strikes. Jeez. Nakamura gets a powerslam, but Shibata pops right back up to land a german suplex.  Shibata gets in a sleeper hold. Shinsuke gets in a knee to the gut and  tries for the Booma ya, but gets dropkick in the mouth for that idea. Exchange of kicks and Shibata ends that with a SLAP and a kick. Shinsuke gets out of a fireman's carry into an elbow, but Shibata hits the GTS. Shin kicks out of the pin attempt. Shibata goes for the penalty kick, but Shinsuke catches him. He lands the Booma ya, and then another to the back of the head to get the pin! In the ring, Shinsuke talks about going to the Tokyo Dome for Wrestlekingdom and is all out of cards to play with. He says that he is looking for a joker to play. Behind him, Kota Ibushi scampers out, slides into the ring, and nails Nakamura with a german suplex! Nakamura gives out his Yeaoh yell and gets up smiling. He likes what he sees and accepts the challenge. Guess we know why Ibushi got the pin in the tag match now. Backstage Nakamura says that the rivalry with Shibata is over. He is looking forward to Wrestlekingdom and wanted someone crazy for the big show and Ibushi is perfect. We finish with some studio words from Nakamura. He talks about how Shibata was not the same wrestler he faced over a decade before, but after wrestling him a few times since he had returned, he was used to Shibata's moves. He then talks about the challenge from Ibushi and how he is a good opponent that got his blood flowing. That was a fun show if you like guys just beating the bloody hell out of each other. The opener was one of those matches where you just cringe at how hard these guys were hitting each other while the main event was a great match in a technical MMA style. The tag match really suffered from its editing as it just seemed to lose control and go everywhere. But it's not like the middle match on this show getting the hack job is anything new. Lots of fun to watch! Next week is the last stop before Wrestlekingdom 9. We will see a big 8-man tag match that will probably make my hands explode trying to cover. See you next week! /ul/34306-/match 1-620x.jpg
New Japan Pro Wrestling photo
These guys will be sore in the morning!
Konnichiwa to this week's strong style! This week NJPW on AXS TV once again takes us back to the Bodymaker Coliseum in Osaka for our second week. We have two big title matches on tap sandwiched around a tag team match. This s...

4chan x 2chan photo
4chan x 2chan

Woah: 4chan now owned by 2channel's founder

Moot agreed, don't bother him about it
Sep 22
// Josh Tolentino
Well, this is a surprise. The internet hive known as 4chan has just been sold to none other than Hiroyuki Nishimura, the founder of 2channel (aka 2ch), Japan's most influential message board and the direct inspiration for the...

Ajikan hits Europe for a second tour this November

Sep 22
// Anthony Redgrave
Old school hard rockers from the late 90's ASIAN KUNG-FU GENERATION are heading to Europe for a second tour. Anime fans may know their signature rock style in opening themes such as Haruka Kanata (Naruto), Rewrite (Fullmetal...
Summer Lesson photo
Summer Lesson

Summer Lesson becomes a real thing

Along with the rest of PlayStation VR
Sep 20
// Josh Tolentino
I remember back at E3, when Katsuhiro Harada and the Tekken team updated their little VR experiment, Summer Lesson. I remarked that the little tech demo featuring players nodding their heads at young teens represented p...

Strong Style: High Speed Special

Sep 19 // Soul Tsukino
We start off on the right foot when Jushin "thunder" Liger is ere to greet us! IWGP Jr. Tag Titles: ReDRagon vs Time Splitters RedDRagon (Kyle O'Reily and Bobby Fish) are here as part of the New Japan/Ring of Honor talent agreement. They are the reigning ROH Tag champs at this point. And as an interesting point, as I am watching this, they are in the top two matches for a big Ring of Honor show, against the same person. The Time Splitters are the defending champions here. Kushida and Kyle start off with some good chain wrestling. Kushida goes for an armlock Shoulderblock and boot to the face sends Kushida down and Kyle hit with a forearm. Double team and Alex Shelly in now. Double team clears both men out of the  ring. Kushida goes for the outside dive but is hit in the back by Fish. Kyle accidently nails his own partner  but Fish gets an arm breaker over the rope. This match is going about twice as fast as I can type it. ReDRagon gets the advantage and Kyle keeps trying to hit a top rope dive, but Kushida keeps rolling out of the way. Both ReDRagon goes for the dive but hit the canvas for their trouble. Back from our first break as Shelly clotheslines both opponents before tagging in Kushida who takes over on both men. He goes for a dive but is tripped. Shelly sent into the barricade, followed by Fish with a kick and then Kushida hits a dive on everyone. We skip ahead as Kushida hits a Pele kick before getting hit with a brainbuster into an armbar from O'Reily. Shelley hits a double stomp to break it up. Skip ahead as Kyle nearly gets a pin but it's broken up. Shelly NAILS Kyle with a kick to the head. Fish comes  in and both men work over Kushida before Fish hits a falcon arrow from the top rope. They hit the Chase the Dragon and win the titles! The Young Bucks and the Forever Hooligans come out for reasons  and we get a shoving match with all the teams as Fish is cussing up a storm (not edited by the way)! Even though it had its cuts, this was still a fun match to watch. Both teams were game and it made for a quick and fast paced one. IWGP Jr. Heavyweight Title: Ryusuke Taguchi vs. Taichi This match stems from when Taichi was part of the Suzuki army guys who attacked Ryusuke after he won the belt and then Taichi attacked the champ again after Ryusuke beat El Desperado in a match shown a few weeks ago. Taichi, Desperado, and Taka come out trying to look like they are playing music.. or something. Desperado is faking playing a guitar while Taichi pretends t sing into a Freddy Mercury mic with the stand attached. Clean shake of hands and crowd is surprised. Taka and Desperado both want to shake as well and Taichi hits Ryusuke from behind sending him outside. They smack his injured ankle against the barricade. Skip ahead as Ryusuke gets a funky weapon butt bump attacks. Flying butt attack nearly gets two. Taguchi hits a dive over the top to the outside. Skipping ahead again as Desperado hits him with a table! Table is set up, but Ryuske nearly gives a Dodan through the table, but Taichi counters and piledrives him through the table!  And this is one of those infamous Japanese tables that are hard as stone as well. We skip ahead and Ryusuke has the anklelock on Taichi and gets shot off by the multicolored haired one, there goes the ref. Desperado and Taka both come in and get knocked right back out. Taichi nearly gets a pin after a low blow. Back from another break as Taichi sends the ref down again and he gets his mic stand but Taguchi hits and enziguri and a Dodan to nearly get a 3 count. Taichi goes for his own Dodan, but Ryusuke rolls through it and gets a suplex in. Taguchi gets a rack bomb but goes for another Dodan. It hits and Taguchi gets the win! The Bullet Club comes out with a mysterious masked man in the middle. I know where this is going. Karl Anderson speaks and unveils the newest member of the Bullet Club. It's KENNY OMEGA! Taguchi's former tag partner! The Cleaner is born! Omega lays down the challenge and says he wants money and the belt Taguchi answers with Oh My and Garfunkel. Yup. Them's fightin' words. It's main event time as we get some words from Liger. He puts over the NWA of the past, They show Owens and his goofy manager, Bruce Tharpe challenging Liger and Liger responding that he wants to win a belt one more time. Liger talks about winding down his career and being in the final chapter of Liger.   NWA Jr. Heavyweight Title: Chase Owens vs. Jushin Liger Not going to lie, but this match sounds more impressive to Japanese fans than it does for the American ones. The NWA name still has some prestige in Japan, while in the US its now viewed as kind of a joke with a bunch of indy guys trying to sound more impressive when they only draw a couple of hundred people at some high school gym. I'm not familiar with Chase Owens, or his "manager" NWA president Bruce Tharpe, but I certainly know who Liger is! Jushin Liger goes with his old school red and white colored suit for the match tonight. Owens immediately gives off an "indy wrestler" vibe as his looks exactly like A.J. Styles, circa 2002. Tharpe looks even worse as he is wearing one of those shiny Rod Roddy style coats. He talks like one of those guys you see at an indy show who act like someone trying to be a wrestling manager instead of actually being one. Remember what I said about the NWA kind of being a joke? THIS is the guy running the NWA nowadays. Crowd is chanting for Liger, Liger gets the takedown and right into a surfboard into a chin lock before letting go. Liger with an Indian death lock and then goes into a wristlock. Owens gets a leg lock, but Liger goes for an armlock but Chase gets to the rope. Shoulderblock sends Liger down. Liger  gets a hip toss and then sends Owens to the floor before hitting the Senton from the apron. Chase begs off and then hits the knee leading to the dropkick. Back from break as Owens poses. Liger into the buckles hard. Knees drove right into Liger's face! Owens go for the lionsault but misses. Double clothesline sends both men down. Liger misses the clothesline but gets the palm strike and hits the top rope frankenstiener. Liger goes up for the splash and lands on the knees. Owens lifts Liger up for a fireman's carry into the double knee gut buster. Liger gets hit with a forearm and Ligers DEMANDS Chase hit him, and he does! Liger hits the kapo kick, but Owens reverses into a suplex. Owens hits a slingshot backbreaker and tries for the package piledriver, but Liger gets out of it. Liger hits the Thesz press before Liger hits the brainbuster and a second one and gets the win! Liger speaks and tells the crowd to keep cheering for him in his last chapter. Backstage Liger says he will defend the belt against anyone and that he won't leave Wrestling until he is satisfied. He says he is 80 percent satisfied and that he still has more to go. Studio words as he talks about no being able to keep up with the new generation of Jr.s like the Splitters, but that he can still go nearly the age of 50. That was fun. Sure the cuts made the first two matches suffer a bit, but 3 good fast-paced contests none the less. I wasn't really sold on Chase Owens, but his match with Liger was a good one as he did keep up with Liger. Although getting up there in years, Jushin liger is still able to put on a show! See you next week! /ul/34283-/NJPW header-620x.jpg
New Japan Pro Wrestling photo
Throwdown at the Colosseum
Hello again and welcome back to Strong Style. This week on New Japan Pro Wrestling on AXS TV we go to Osaka and the Bodymaker Colosseum for the first of two shows from November 8th, 2014. Tonight we have three matches from the junior heavyweight division, so things are going to be quick and high energy tonight!

Strong Style: THE Main Event

Sep 12 // Soul Tsukino
We kick off with Tanahashi greeting us before we get to the big fight! We get some words with Tanahashi before we begin talking about he needed to stop respecting Styles and go for the belt that he has held 6 times before. IWGP Title: A.J. Styles vs. Hiroshi Tanahashi Fight Time! Tanahashi is getting this shot after beating Styles in the G1 in the 3rd place match. Oh, gods, Styles is coming to the ring with Jeff Jarrett. Jeez, what will happen here with that? Jeff wouldn't just sit back and not try to get any attention for himself would he? Referee Red Shoes holds up the title as they have the ring announcements. Both guys get good responses from the crowd. Red Shoes nearly tosses Jarrett out, but he stays at ringside. WHY? Back from break as we start the match. Lock up as Mauro reminds us this is the first sell out of the Sumo Hall since 2009 that didn't involve the G1 Climax. They trade back and forth wrist locks before Hiroshi gets Styles down on the mat for a headlock. They get back up and to the ropes for a clean break. Styles on the headlock now as they are starting basic for the big match. Tanahashi gets the headlock now. Styles gets a wristlock, countered into an arm drag. Tanahashi hits the crossbody and goes back to the headlock. Make your own Randy Orton jokes at this point if you want. Knucklelock leads right to Tanahashi landing a knee and getting a wristlock now, going into an armbar. They go into the ropes with Tanahashi putting his head through the ropes and Styles just yanks him and clotheslines him with the rope. That's a neat spot, never seen it before. Now with the advantage Styles starts putting the boots to Tanahashi as we go to commercial. Styles hits a backbreaker, but Tanahashi fights back. They end up outside as Style goes into the barricade. Styles vaults off the barricade but Hiroshi CATCHES him and suplexes him right onto the floor. They get back in the ring, but Styles bails right back out and slams Hiroshi into the apron and then the guard rail. Styles hits the dropping knee and then goes for the rear chin lock. Josh is gold here ripping into Jeff Jarrett, Capt. New Japan (who is also at ringside) and the Young Bucks. Both men up as Tanahashi goes for the ropes only to get met with a high Styles dropkick. Styles gets Tanahashi in the corner for some shoulder blocks, but Tanahashi gets in a few kicks. Styles hits the jumping clothesline into the corner. Back from break with Styles on the advantage. Styles goes for another splash but misses, Tanahashi gets in a double axhandle and then a flying forearm to get the advantage back. He hits a few forearms and then hits the senton off the second rope. Styles gets in a chop to the throat and then a kick right to the back of the head. Styles goes to the top, but Hiroshi pushes him off to the floor! Tanahashi hits the High fly Flow off the top to the floor! Both men get back in the ring as Hiroshi goes up, but Styles hits his leg and crotches him. Styles goes for the Clash but doesn't get it, only to land a snap suplex right into the buckle! Hiroshi gets up only to get hit with a flying clothesline but only gets a two count off of it. Styles goes for the clash again, but Tanahashi gets the Jumbo roll through suplex (named after Jumbo Tsuruta). Tanahashi misses the running clothesline and Style goes bonkers with chops and strikes, only for Hiroshi to get a back suplex! We are back from another break. Tanahashi hits the Sling Blade! He goes for the second but Styles hits the german suplex, rolls through with it, and hits a facebuster. He tries for the pin, but Hiroshi kicks out. Styles gets a face lock, but Tanahashi slides into a dragon suplex. Hiroshi goes up and hits the high fly flow TWICE, but Jarrett pulls the ref out! For the love of... Tanahashi gets up and goes for Jarrett, and Styles hits the Pele kick and the Bloody Sunday DDT, ref is thrown back in the ring but only counts two. Styles goes for the clash, but Tanahashi hits and palm strike. Styles tosses him right into the ref and Jarrett gets in the ring again with his guitar. YOSHI TATSU (?!?) shows up and takes out Jarrett and chases him out of the ring and to the back. Well, that's a hell of a way to come back to Japan! Both men trade forearms now Tanahashi gets a momentary advantage, but Styles kicks him low, then hits him with a Styles Driver Talk about a dangerous move)! Styles tries for the springboard 450 splash but lands on the knees. Hiroshi goes for another High Fly Flow, only to land on the knees too! Styles gets up first and sets up Tanahashi for a second rope Styles clash but Hiroshi counters and hits a slap and launches him in the ring. Cross body sends Styles down and he hits the High Fly Flow and WINS! Hiroshi Tanahashi is the 7th time champion!  Back from break as we get word from Tatsu say he was back for his own reasons, not to help Tanahashi. Hiroshi is presented with the belt as he just looks around the crowd. Okada and Gedo enter the ring now as Gedo says he didn't think he would win. He tells Hiroshi that what he did tonight won't work against the Rainmaker. Okada gives him props for winning the match but calls him a "dim sun" that can't light up NJPW. It's time to go down Tanahashi. Tanahashi retorts that he's not tired and that Okada can't become the sun since he is still around. They pose and Tanahashi gets the better response. Backstage celebration as Tanahashi saying he will do his best. Studio words as he talks about staying focused after the tournament and winning the 2014 MVP award. We head out for the week. This was a good one. It started off kind of slow and having Jeff Jarrett there really didn't add to anything, but once they got into a groove it was great. The crowd was into it, no one was slacking off and the action was incredible. Wonderful show!   We kick off with Tanahashi greeting us before we get to the big fight! We get some words with Tanahashi before we begin talking about he needed to stop respecting Styles and go for the belt that he has held 6 times before. Fight Time! Tanahashi is getting this shot after beating Styles in the G1 in the 3rd place match. Oh, gods, Styles is coming to the ring with Jeff Jarrett. Jeez, what will happen here with that? Jeff wouldn't just sit back and not try to get any attention for himself would he? Referee Red Shoes holds up the title as they have the ring announcements. Both guys get good responses from the crowd. Red Shoes nearly tosses Jarrett out, but he stays at ringside. WHY? Back from break as we start the match. Lock up as Mauro reminds us this is the first sell out of the Sumo Hall since 2009 that didn't involve the G1 Climax. They trade back and forth wrist locks before Hiroshi gets Styles down on the mat for a headlock. They get back up and to the ropes for a clean break. Styles on the headlock now as they are starting basic for the big match. Tanahashi gets the headlock now. Styles gets a wristlock, countered into an armdrag. Tanahashi hits the crossbody and goes back to the headlock. Make your own Randy Orton jokes at this point if you want.  Knucklelock leads right to Tanahashi landing a knee and getting a wristlock now, going into an armbar. They go into the ropes with Tanahashi putting his head through the ropes and Styles just yanks him and clotheslines him with the rope. That's a neat spot, never seen it before. Now with the advantage Styles starts putting the boots to Tanahashi as we go to commercial. Styles hits a backbreaker but Tanahashi fights back. They end up outside as Style goes into the barricade. Styles vaults off the barricade but Hiroshi CATCHES him and suplexes him right onto the floor. They get back in the ring, but Styles bails right back out and slams Hiroshi into the apron and then the guard rail. Styles hits the dropping knee and then goes for the rear chin lock. Josh is gold here ripping into Jeff Jarrett, Capt. New Japan (who is also at ringside) and the Young Bucks. Both men up as Tanahashi goes for the ropes only to get met with a high Styles dropkick. Styles gets Tanahashi in the corner for some shoulder blocks but Tanahashi gets in a few kicks. Styles hits the jumping clothesline into the corner. Back from break with Styles on the advantage. Styles goes for another splash but misses, Tanahashi gets in a double axhandle and then a flying forearm to get the advantage back. He hits a few forearms and then hits the senton off the second rope. Styles gets in a chop to the throat and then a kick right to the back of the head. Styles goes to the top, but Hiroshi pushes him off to the floor! Tanahashi hits the High fly Flow off the top to the floor! Both men get back in the ring as Hiroshi goes up, but Styles hits his leg and crotches him. Styles goes for the Clash but doesn't get it, only to land a snap suplex right into the buckle! Hiroshi gets up only to get hit with a flying clothesline but only gets a two count off of it. Styles goes for the clash again but Tanahashi gets the Jumbo roll through suplex (named after Jumbo Tsuruta). Tanahashi misses the running clothesline and Style goes bonkers with chops and strikes, only for Hiroshi to get a back suplex! We are back from another break. Tanahashi hits the Sling Blade! He goes for the second but Styles hits the german suplex, rolls through with it, and hits a facebuster. He tries for the pin, but Hiroshi kicks out. Styles gets a face lock but Tanahashi slides into a dragon suplex. Hiroshi goes up and hits the high fly flow TWICE, but Jarrett pulls the ref out! For the love of... Tanahashi gets up and goes for Jarrett, and Styles hits the Pele kick and the Bloody Sunday DDT, ref is thrown back in the ring but only counts two. Styles goes for the clash, but Tanahashi hits and palm strike. Styles tosses him right into the ref and Jarrett gets in the ring again with his guitar. YOSHI TATSU (?!?) shows up and takes out Jarrett and chases him out of the ring and to the back. Well that's a hell of a way to come back to Japan! Both men trade forearms now Tanahashi gets a momentary advantage, but Styles kicks him low, then hits him with a Styles Driver Talk about a dangerous move)! Styles tries for the springboard 450 splash but lands on the knees. Hiroshi goes for another High Fly Flow, only to land on the knees too! Styles gets up first and sets up Tanahashi for a second rope Styles clash but Hiroshi counters and hits a slap and launches him in the ring. Cross body sends Styles down and he hits the High Fly Flow and WINS! Hiroshi Tanahashi is the 7th time champion!  Back from break as we get word from Tatsu say he was back for his own reasons, not to help Tanahashi. Hiroshi is presented with the belt as he just looks around the crowd. Okada and Gedo enter the ring now as Gedo says he didn't think he would win. He tells Hiroshi that what he did tonight won't work against the Rainmaker. Okada gives him props for winning the match but calls him a "dim sun" that can't light up NJPW. It's time to go down Tanahashi. Tanahashi retorts that he's not tired and that Okada can't become the sun since he is still around. They pose and Tanahashi gets the better response. Backstage celebration as Tanahashi saying he will do his best. Studio words as he talks about staying focused after the tournament and winning the 2014 MVP award. We head out for the week.
New Japan Pro Wrestling photo
Styles and Tanahashi for THE belt
It's that time of the week again as Strong Style brings you the latest episode of NJPW on AXS TV. This week is dedicated to a single match. This is the main event match of the October 13th, 2014 show from the famed Sumo Hall....

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