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11:00 PM on 04.26.2014

Pick up Sailor Moon tribute album on vinyl June 25

It's Brittany again with another dose of Sailor Moon merchandising to populate the Japanator Sailor Moon tag! I kid, but hey, it's kind of true! Today I bring news and good fortune about the Sailor Moon 20th Anniversary Tribu...

Brittany Vincent

8:00 AM on 04.15.2014

Shoujo series Ao Haru Ride receives first promo video

You guys know me. I love horror and shoujo manga, and all kinds of stuff in between. I hadn't heard of Ao Haru Ride, however,it looks like something I might want to tune into, especially given the art style. The official sit...

Brittany Vincent

9:00 AM on 04.08.2014

Wolf Girl & Black Prince manga series is becoming an anime and I want in

The latest issue of Shueisha's Bessatsu Margaret is about to announce an anime edition of Ayuko Hatta's Wolf Girl & Black Prince, and I'm extremely interested. You guys remember Hot Gimmick, right? This sounds so totally ...

Brittany Vincent

Shonen Showdown: Happiness Charge PreCure Episodes 3-4 photo
Shonen Showdown: Happiness Charge PreCure Episodes 3-4
by Brittany Vincent

It's another double dose of Happiness Charge PreCure as I get up to speed on the series for regular Shonen Showdown coverage! This week we're rapidly developing some characters and checking out some new PreCards. I'm ready for the third PreCure to make her appearance. How about you?

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First Impressions: Happiness Charge PreCure! Episodes 1-2 photo
First Impressions: Happiness Charge PreCure! Episodes 1-2
by Brittany Vincent

I'm no stranger to magical girl anime, but I've never watched a PreCure series. I've always been interested, but once I sat down and started watching, the daunting task of sitting through 50+ episodes of each series no longer appealed to me. I'm not sure why I decided to start with Happiness Charge PreCure!, especially given the fact that the series has reached its 10-year anniversary, and there's a lot about the franchise I just don't know. Still, considering the fact that at its heart it's about love, happiness, dreams, and all that typical girly stuff, I figured it would be pretty simple to jump into. 

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Review: Kamisama Kiss photo
Review: Kamisama Kiss
by Karen Mead

When I dream of becoming God, these fantasies usually don't involve a white-haired pretty boy with fox ears who follows me around and does my bidding; clearly, I've been doing it wrong. Now that Kamisama Kiss has taught me the error of my ways, my visions of deity will probably contain more sexy fox men and less sending other drivers to burn in eternal hellfire when they forget to use their blinkers. It's probably healthier this way.

Have your own delusions of Godhood been too full of wrath and too light on supernatural boyfriends lately? Then you too could probably use some Kamisama Kiss in your life.

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Exploring shoujo manga photo
Exploring shoujo manga
by Karen Mead

Look guys, it's my first video! Let it never be said that I've been left behind in the age of new technology by sticking solely to writing text! Actually, I've totally been left behind in the age of new technology (I worked in newspapers, for crying out loud), but um...I have a webcam now?

Anyway, I'm trying to decide which monthly shoujo manga magazine I want to subscribe to, so I bought a whole bunch to see which ones had the best stories. They all came with cool little extras (called furoku), so I figured I'd do a video so you could see what they all come with, plus give my general impressions so far.

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Review: Sailor Moon photo
Review: Sailor Moon
by Karen Mead

As a Sailor Moon fan, or "Moonie" of 15 years, it's kind of amazing that I never got around to reading the entire manga until now. I guess it's not that weird when you think about it; early on, I was all about anime and had little interest in manga, then by the time I was interested, the old Tokyopop editions of the manga were out of print. I did buy the Japanese editions at Kinokuniya a few years back, but that was more for the sake of having them as collectibles; my rudimentary Japanese knowledge only provided me with tiny bits and pieces of the story.

Still, all this time I've been hearing from fans that the manga is far superior to the anime. The manga's alleged quality has almost reached mythic status: "Tuxedo Mask is so much more useful in the manga," Moonies whisper reverently in my ear. "Rei's character is so much more interesting. The tone is so much more mature than the anime. The end of the last arc actually makes sense," etc. etc. etc.

All this is a roundabout way of saying that while I'd like to approach the manga with fresh eyes, and avoid the mistake of constantly comparing it to the anime, I really can't help it; I'm a fan who's seen all 200 episodes of the TV series (and all three movies), and I can't pretend otherwise. I can only say that I've endeavored to avoid comparing the two in a way that seems unfair. That bias acknowledged and out of the way, were the fans right about the superiority of the manga: the original, unadulterated Sailor Moon story? To be honest, even as I sit here the proud owner of 14 volumes of Naoko Takeuchi's fantasy opus, I'm still not sure.

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A Look @: Sweet Rein, vol. 1 photo
A Look @: Sweet Rein, vol. 1
by Kristina Pino

Last week saw the release of the first volume of Sweet Rein, a Christmas-themed love story published by VIZ Media. It's a translation of Sakura Tsukuba's Yoroshiku Master, which is finished, and mercifully short (three volumes). Indeed, it's short enough that I decided that for the first time since Kimi ni Todoke I'd be giving one of these cutesy romance-type stories another shot.

Sweet Rein follows the story of Kurumi, a 17-year-old girl who was down in the dumps because she expected to spend Christmas all by her lonesome, when she suddenly encounters the lovable Kaito on the street. He bumps into her and a magical rein appears to bind them together, and thus begins a master and servant relationship in which she is a Santa and he a magical reindeer who can (and will) do anything she commands, including turning into a straight-up reindeer.

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5:00 PM on 11.05.2013

Hana Doki Kira Kickstarter showcases shoujo

There's a lot of projects on Kickstarter with some link to anime or manga these days, and while we can't keep tabs on all of them, we try to let you know about anything particularly interesting that pops up. One of the latest...

Karen Mead

12:00 PM on 11.02.2013

Romance and Christmas spirit abound in Sweet Rein vol. 1

VIZ Media is ready to kick off the holiday season early with the release of a new shoujo series titled Sweet Rein. The first volume will be out on November 5th both in print (US$9.99) and digitally (US$6.99) via the VIZ Manga...

Kristina Pino

4:00 AM on 10.30.2013

Manga Reborn Kickstarter adds Satonaka Michiko title

I already let you know about the Manga Reborn Kickstarter, which seeks to make a bunch of lesser-known manga legally available in English. Normally, the fact that the Kickstarter has added another title to the project wouldn'...

Karen Mead

10:00 PM on 08.26.2013

JX: Viz reveals their newest manga plans

I don't know about you, but it looks like Viz has shifted into a manga overdrive with their latest announcements from Shojo Beat and Shonen Jump. On the digital side of things, Skip Beat, W Julie...

Salvador GRodiles

8:00 AM on 03.12.2013

Kimi no Iru Machi getting an anime adaptation

The Akiba reports that Kimi no Iru Machi, a manga/story by the same creator of Suzuka, which has only had a couple of OVAs will now be adapted until a full-on show. There aren't really any details further than that, thou...

Kristina Pino

8:00 AM on 02.28.2013

Be still my heart, Marmalade Boy returns

You probably wouldn't be able to guess from my love of sci-fi anime, but the romantic anime series, Marmalade Boy is one of my all time favorites. I usually don't dig in shoujo anime and manga, but the Marmalade Boy TV series...

Hiroko Yamamura

2:30 AM on 02.15.2013

Rejoice! Aksys to bring PSP otome game Sweet Fuse to NA

The PSP is the console that just refuses to die, almost 10 years after its North American launch. The good folks at Aksys Games have announced that they'll be bringing Idea Factory's otome game Sweet Fuse: At Your Side (Bakud...

Elliot Gay

7:00 PM on 11.16.2012

Say "I Love You" says hello to Sentai Filmworks

Say "I Love You" is an anime airing this season about two misunderstood high school students falling in love... but that can't be right, because there's another anime airing this season called The Monster Seated Next to ...


10:00 AM on 09.29.2012

Inu Yasha: The Final Act coming to DVD and BD in November

Inu Yasha: The Final Act, the long-awaited conclusion of the epic Inu Yasha series which went on and on... forever... is slated to be immortalized in DVD and Blu-ray with dubs this coming November, according to this article b...

Kristina Pino

5:00 PM on 09.18.2012

Let Them Eat Romance: Rose of Versailles licensed

Now here's a blast from the past. In a move I definitely did not anticipate (though this probably stems from my cluelessness regarding the genre), Right Stuf has acquired the license to - of all things - Rose of Versaill...

Josh Tolentino

5:00 PM on 04.16.2012

Absolute Boyfriend being adapted for the stage

Yuu Watase's Absolute Boyfriend is getting a stage adaptation. In March 2013, the play will open at an unannounced theater in Tokyo. The story concerns Riiko Izawa and her attempts to get a boyfriend. In the process, a perfec...

Bob Muir

5:00 PM on 01.12.2012

Media Blasters rescues Fushigi Yuugi, rereleasing DVD set

Out of the blue, Media Blasters has announced via their Facebook page that they have acquired the license to Fushigi Yuugi, the 1995 series that ran for 52 episodes and spawned a few follow-up OVAs. The anime was previously p...

Bob Muir

Japanator Recommends: Revolutionary Girl Utena Pt. 1 photo
Japanator Recommends: Revolutionary Girl Utena Pt. 1
by Pedro Cortes

Surrealism is difficult to pull off properly in any genre or medium. Sure it's easy to slap some bizarre stuff next to a speaking character and say that it's surreal, but it rarely adds more to the final product. It usually takes away more than it puts in. Take Excel Saga for example. It's legendary for it's schizophrenic humor, but even as a fan of the show I can say that insanity can be overwhelming and is at times unwatchable.

That said, there are a couple of examples of shows that are beyond bizarre and still manage to tell a cohesive story. Revolutionary Girl Utena is one of these shows, but not without a couple of caveats. Hit the jump to find out why you should watch this excellent, if flawed classic by the director of multiple Sailor Moons and script writer for FLCL, Diebuster and Star Driver


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7:10 PM on 05.12.2011

Jellyfish Princess fully licensed for US release, kulala~

This last fall season, FUNimation simulcasted the light-hearted anime Jellyfish Princess (aka: Kuragehime), which ended up becoming well-received here at Japanator, if not being considered a bit too short. Not too l...


6:00 PM on 01.07.2011

Nanoha creator's next series is DOG DAYS

Moetron brings word that the latest Newtype has announced the next project for Tsuzuki Masaki, the creator of the popular Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha franchise. Starting in April, DOG DAYS will begin airing, be...

Bob Muir

7:00 PM on 11.10.2010

Ultra Maniac going on Hulu and iTunes, courtesy of Viz

And now, more digital anime news. Viz is releasing Ultra Maniac on not just Hulu, not just iTunes, but both Hulu and iTunes. You could pay for it or not pay for it, isn't that great? The first five episodes of the series...

Bob Muir

9:00 PM on 10.17.2010

First Impressions: Kuragehime/Jellyfish Princess

This show is NOT about a jellyfish princess. Protagonist Tsukimi makes this clear: even though her mother told her as a child that all girls grow up into princesses, something has gone wrong and she’s just a nerdy girl....

Lauren Rae Orsini

Kaichou wa Maid Sama! and female strength photo
Kaichou wa Maid Sama! and female strength
by Lauren Rae Orsini

When a friend suggested I check out Kaichou wa Maid Sama! (President is a Maid!) I was expecting a bubbly shoujo comedy-romance. I was half right.

The leading lady, Ayuzawa Misaki, is anything but bubbly. The class president who works as a maid cafe for plot-convenient financial reasons, Misaki is poised, authoritative, and physically strong. The humor comes from the plot point that, as the female student president of a mostly male school, she can't let anyone know about her part time job. (The romance comes from one particularly hot classmate who finds out and promises to keep it on the DL.)

When the series started, I thought Misaki's ability to verbally and physically overtake her male classmates would soon give in to feminine vulnerability as soon as she found a love interest -- that she's just a tsundere that needed a man to set her straight.

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2:00 PM on 04.13.2010

No More Mutants: X-Men Misfits and more get axed

Dark times are nigh for fans of east-west comic book crossovers, as X-Men Misfits, a shoujo-manga-styled adaptation of everyone's favorite mutant franchise has been separated from its ability to exist, Scarlet Witch style.Deb...

Josh Tolentino

First Impressions: Hime Chen! Otogi Chikku Idol Lilpri photo
First Impressions: Hime Chen! Otogi Chikku Idol Lilpri
by Karen Mead

Summary: Do you have a five-year-old daughter? No? Move along, nothing to see here.

They said it was impossible, but I proved them wrong; I've found a shoujo show that makes Yumeiro Patissiere look deep. Sure, it's not like I was expecting a helluva lot from Lilpri (which is what I'm calling it from now on- I hate, HATE every single title of every single show this season), but there's always a chance that an unassuming little magical-girl show will win me over, so I felt like I had to give it a try.

Hit the jump for why no one, except a slew of five-year-old Japanese girls and maybe myself, will be watching Lilpri this season.

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First Impressions: Kaichou wa Maid-sama photo
First Impressions: Kaichou wa Maid-sama
by Brad Rice

Summary: Middle of the road shoujo fare that's probably nothing more than a promotional tool for the manga.

I'll admit: I fall pretty easily for shoujo material. Stuff like Lovely Complex or Crimson Hero? I drink that milkshake. I drink it all up. Some of the tropes and storylines just don't work for me, though, and I quickly find myself bored to tears. Kaichou wa Maid-sama stands squarely between the two, and I must admit, it's frustrating.

Naturally, I've got the lowdown on this show after the jump. Won't you please join me for this First Impression, master?

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