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Licensing GET: Yen Press grabs Durarara!! light novels and more

It's time to rejoice to the max!
Jan 10
Alright, people! I might need someone to wake me up from my eternal slumber, because Yen Press' latest announcement is too freaking good to be true. In other words, the company has licensed the original Durarara!! light novel... read
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Sword Art Online light novel tops BookScan SF list

People are buying this light novel about MMORPG because now they can!
Apr 30
Yen Press's English-language release of Sword Art Online novel, volume one, is topping the BookScan Sci-fi list this week. The Nielsen BookScan service tracks sales of the novels in retail book chains and some independen... read
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175 English-language titles to appear in over 200 countries
Yen Press and Square Enix just announced a partnership to put eBook versions of 175 manga titles online, giving the English-language versions of Square Enix's manga worldwide reach. Starting April 8, you'll be able to access ... read feature

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Keep your friends well-read this holiday season
Black Friday has already come and gone, which means that the days are quickly counting down before you need a gift. Bookstores are still a viable retailer for manga, which saves you with that last-minute gift. Are you standin... read feature

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NYCC 2013

NYCC 2013: Yen Press picks up High School DxD

Along with a bunch of other cool titles!
Oct 12
Yen Press brought quite a few interesting announcements to New York Comic-Con this year. Their biggest license announcement was that they'll be bringing readers High School DxD, the manga adaption of the popular light novel s... read
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Haruhi manga

Haruhi manga is coming to an end!

Wow, eight years
Aug 27
It looks the like manga adaptation of beloved light novel, The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya will be coming to a close in September. The manga has been serialized in issues of Monthly Shonen Ace for the past eight years, as w... read
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Yen Press's newest titles

JX: Yen Press gets SAO, Accel World, and more

Yen Press is on a roll!
Aug 23
Well what do you know, Yen Press has pulled an interesting wild card at the first Japan Expo USA, and it's another beacon of hope for people that wish to see more light novels in North America! To those that have been wishing... read
Yen Press gets more manga photo
Yen Press gets more manga

Sakura-Con 2013: Get a load of Yen Press's newest goods

Caution: one of these titles has a very long name.
Mar 31
Sakura-Con is still going on as we speak, and Josh "Totsu" Totman is scouring the entire con like a beast! As he storms through the catacombs of Seattle's anime convention, JT has discovered Yen Press's latest annou... read

NYCC '12: Yen Press adds Puella Magi spin-offs and more

Two new ways to make a contract.
Oct 15
If you thought that your Madoka fix has been quenched, think again! Yen Press is adding two Madoka Magica mangas in the form of Puella Magi Oriko Magica and Puella Magi Kazumi Magica. Both stories will most likely treat ... read

SDCC '12: Yen Press nabs Welcome to the Erotic Bookstore!

Jul 18
While SDCC is over and people are focused on The Dark Knight Rises, there are still some bits of license news to catch up on. Notably, Yen Press announced a number of titles. I can't really tell you how Welcome to the Erotic ... read

Yen Press steps up Spice and Wolf light novel releases

Apr 11
Translating light novels takes time, especially for small publishers. Up till now, Yen Press was only releasing two volumes of the original Spice and Wolf books a year, with the sixth volume planned for June 12, 2012. The com... read

Yen Press grabs Umineko, Thermae Romae, and many more

Apr 08
Yen Press, who were also at Sakura Con this weekend, updated their website this morning with a long list of recently acquired licenses. Perhaps two of the most exciting additions to their line-up are Mari Yamazaki's award-win... read

A look at: Tale of the Waning Moon #2

Jul 01
Oh hey, it's Kristina with that yaoi stuff again! Yes, yes it is. Tale of the Waning Moon is a really fantastical manga series with stuff like cat boys and moon spirits that I'm not used to seeing in my boy-on-boy stories. It... read

Serving as a side story to the main arcs in the Higurashi When They Cry manga, the Demon Exposing arc is a great read if you happen to be a huge fan of the series. Chocking up at only two volumes long, what seems like an ... read feature


A little over two months ago I looked at volume eight of this series, and things were getting pretty good. For those of you who didn't read me then, cliff-notes: Darren, main character, meets a vampire and is turned into one ... read feature


I like the idea of The Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi-chan. For those of you not aware, Haruhi-chan is the official Haruhi parody manga, consisting mostly of four panel comics. Each character is a slightly odder version of the... read feature


Yen Press announces Yotsuba& on the iPad!

May 03
Today, Yen Press announced via their Twitter that Yotsuba& will now be available for purchase on the iPad through their downloadable app. While the app itself is free, and looks to have a clean and modern interface, ... read

Viz nabs four Eisner nominations thanks to Naoki Urasawa

Apr 11
With San Diego Comic Con looming in the near future, that means it's time for comic's highest honors: the Eisner Awards. Nominations were recently announced, and Viz leads the manga publisher pack with four nominations, large... read

When I think of Cirque du Freak, the first thing that comes to mind is that odd-looking movie that sort of came and went, with John C. Reilly as one of the lead actors playing a vampire. Mr Reilly caught my attention, but "hi... read feature


A look at Higurashi When They Cry #11

Mar 07
I had the great pleasure of giving a look at the previous volumes of the Higurashi When They Cry manga last week, an arc that spun a new outlook on what the Higurashi setting is capable of providing in way of interesting and ... read

A look at Higurashi When They Cry #9-10

Feb 28
While the anime adaption of the visual novel Higurashi When They Cry gets a bad wrap because of its animation and horrendous English dub, I still highly regard the franchise as having one of the most thril... read

A look at Pandora Hearts #4

Feb 05
To summarize the story so far in two long sentences, Pandora Hearts is a manga about 15 year old Oz Vessalius, who has been dumped into a legendary "broken toy chest" of a prison called The Abyss. He escapes after b... read

This volume of Black God starts off with Mikami and Excel escaping from an apartment building only to run into Saishu from the Shishigami tribe. What occurs next is an violent fight between Saishu and Mikami, spanning se... read feature


One of my biggest obsessions in recent years has been Yen Press' Sundome. It's a fantastic title that's well worth your read, but the big thing about it is the title walks the borderline between story and porn. As a result, t... read feature


Yen Press looking for new creative talent to make manga

Nov 08
For all of you locked away in Artist's Alley, dreaming of hitting it big one day? Envious of the folks working on titles like Twilight, Nightschool and Maximum Ride? Well, now you can join that pool of talent by applying to Y... read

NYAF '10: Yen Press debuts on the iPad!

Oct 12
Getting to the rest of our NYAF/NYCC coverage, one of the announcements to come out of the convention was that Yen Press is debuting on the iPad with its own reader. Currently, they've gone ahead and launched with the titles ... read

No More Apples: Spice and Wolf novels ending soon

Sep 13
It is a sad day for medieval economists, apple vendors, and animal-eared girl fetishists all over, as it seems that everyone's favorite apple-wolf-goddess-merchantry novel series, Spice & Wolf, will be meeting its time &q... read

SDCC 10: Yen Press licenses Highschool of the Dead

Jul 26
Time to play wrap-up con! Over at San Diego Comic Con, Yen Press announced that they're licensing the hit manga Highschool of the Dead, coming hot on the heels of the anime license by Sentai Filmworks. Awesome. They'll be bri... read

Yen Plus launches online version with free issue

Jul 26
After meeting an untimely end that so many print publications seem to be facing these days, Yen Plus has now relaunched online. To celebrate the new format choice, publisher Yen Press is offering free access to the August iss... read

The Summer of Haruhi Suzumiya promotion announced

May 07
Bandai Entertainment, Crunchyroll, and Yen Press are getting together to premiere The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya movie on May 21st at the Viz Cinema at NEW PEOPLE, in San Francisco. Cristina Vee, who you know as “... read


After two years in the print market, Yen Press monthly manga anthology, Yen Plus, is going out of print. The magazine will continue to survive online, according to the latest update by the company. Honestly, I'm not terribly ... read feature

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