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What Manga's Been Up To: Nazi yaoi is amazing

Mar 18
It really is. And the fact that it exists is just absolutely astonishing.Anyway, I'm dozens of hours late posting this thing so I am going to just let you enjoy that and all the other goodness in the gallery. Remember, if you have some for next week, shoot them to me at [email protected] The dirtier, the better -- we love this type of stuff! It's the reason why Nazi yaoi exists, after all.  read

What Manga's Been Up To: Beatings and blowjobs

Mar 01
Originally the title of this week's What Manga's Been Up To was a little more risque, but in the end I decided Beating and Blowjobs was more appropriate. After all, look at the girl in the header pic. She just seems like the ... read

What Manga's Been Up To: Fansubs are Funny, Part 4

Feb 26
Some days, I am really happy I can't speak or read Japanese as well as I'd like. Why? Well because then, I'd be robbed of the pleasure of fansubs. And they are delightful. Especially when they're flubbed or just dead wrong. I... read

What Manga's Been Up To: Bitches and Whores

Feb 20
I mean, come on -- who doesn't love bitches and whores?Got a couple of fan submissions for you this week along with a larger-than-usual dose of hilarious panels that Brad Rice sends to me while he takes breaks from looking fo... read

What Manga's Been Up To: Do you want to see my underwear?

Feb 11
I kind of screwed up and missed a couple of weeks of What Manga's Been Up To. I was hoping you guys wouldn't notice. Then, I got a bunch of awesome fan submissions and realized that you guys probably would notice. And get mad... read

What Manga's Been Up To: Satan, Guide My Cock

Jan 29
I have to apologize to you in advance about this week's What Manga's Been Up To Gallery. You see, I try to play it cool with the header pictures, so this week's is kind of tame. On the other hand, I saved gems like "Sata... read

What Manga's Been Up To: Can I kiss...

Jan 15
You know, if a girl asks this question, there's really only one right answer. I hope you know what it is. If you don't, I hope you intend to learn it quickly, because the wrong answer is infinitely less fun than the right one... read

In case you've forgotten, here's a little diagram to remind you of how you should check for a baby's genitals. This is purely for educational purposes and not meant for any of the lolicons. Not at all. Because, let's be hones... read feature

What Manga's Been Up To: Fansubs are Funny, Part 3

Dec 18
We know that you guys adore when we chat about fansubs being funny (and not that we can blame you, because they are freaking hilarious), so we thought this week we'd revisit them within What Manga's Been Up To. This week's se... read

What Manga's Been Up To: Hot Babes and Clocks

Dec 11
This week's header picture is courtesy of our own Ben Huber, who is ridiculously good at making absolutely anything into an awesome moment right out of Yotsuba. When we were chatting about the Race Queen clock, this was his r... read

And so the question of the week for What Manga's Been Up To comes to our attention: Are cocks delicious? Well, they can be. Or not. It's really a matter of personal preference, really. Hikari-chan's friend certainly doesn't s... read feature

What Manga's Been Up To: F*ck Dinosaurs

Nov 19
Last week I asked you folks if you had any manga you'd like to contribute to the feature, and as I expected, you came through. A reader by the name of Austin contributed several panels, including the infinitely awesome "... read

I love Itoshiki-sensei because he really tells it how it is. Also, he's hot (you know us ladies love the brooding types). Anyway! This week we have an all new assortment of goodies for you,and when I was going through them I ... read feature

We know you guys love funny fansubs -- our original article on them is still one of our most popular. The beautiful thing about fansubbing is, it keeps happening, and along with it, our favorite funny moments keep happening (... read feature

What Manga's Been Up To: Santa is a sh*thead

Oct 29
Wow. Just wow. A picture like that really makes you look at those boring Christmas moments where someone gets yet another pair of socks as a moment to be thankful for. You guys seemed to really dig last week's first edition o... read

What Manga's Been Up To: Maiden Voyage edition

Oct 22
You cannot know the joy of a single manga panel until long after you've become infinitely addicted to it, but afterwards you know it can do anything from make your day to bring a tear to your eye. We've noticed over at Tomopo... read

Legend of Koizumi getting an anime adaptation, makes my month

Aug 06
Master Asia called it. Former Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi is coming back to lead the Japanese people, this time in the form of a mahjong anime. Adapted from a totally kickass manga, no story details have been announced, ... read

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