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Jtor AM 30: A Farewell to Bickering

May 08 // Karen Mead
[embed]32549:3907:0[/embed] Download Listen on iTunes Show Notes: News: 0:01:51 -- Another Persona 4 anime? Really? 0:04:33 -- Pluto manga might get animated someday 0:12:59 -- Licensing: NISA rescues Card Captor Sakura, everyone loses their minds Anime Talk: 0:16:16 -- Nisekoi 17 0:19:15 -- The Irregular at Magic High School 5 0:21:48 -- Selector Infected WIXOSS 5 0:25:20 -- Riddle Story of Devil 5 0:28:25 -- Black Bullet 5 0:34:28 -- Ping Pong 4 0:36:36 -- Still the Word is Beautiful 5 0:39:00 -- One Week Friends 5 0:41:40 -- Kamigami no Asobi 5 0:43:32 -- The Kawai Complex Guide to Manors and Hostel Behavior 5 0:45:53 -- Mushishi S2 5 Stuff: 0:48:32 -- Komm, Susser Todd begins to play and we all turn into Tang. Stupid freakin' Rei didn't even appear before me in the form of my lost loved one though, lazy clone. Word to the wise, guys: if you'd like to be able to listen to any of these episodes in the future, use the Download link and save them all to your own HD. I'm assuming the show will stay up on Libsyn for at least a little while, depending on how things work out, but downloading it yourself is the only way to be sure.  
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All good things
It's the last episode of Jtor AM -- at least in this incarnation -- so we spend half of it arguing about you do. Somewhere in between telling each other to Check our Planetude, we still find the time to discuss...

Jtor AM 29: Mocking Objectivism With Friends

May 02 // Karen Mead
[embed]32513:3897:0[/embed] Download Listen on iTunes WARNING: There are serious Game of Thrones spoilers present in our Stuff segment this week. I mean, I know there have been GoT spoilers in there for the last few weeks, but these are super-spoilers, or spoilers that relate to things that haven't happened yet in this timeline, or spoilers from one of many possible futures, or something like that...frankly, I don't really get GoT anymore. Show Notes: News: 0:01:46 -- Sailor Moon Crystal Cast List Announced 0:06:15 -- Short trailer for upcoming Lupin film 0:09:03 -- Ben's theory proved right in first English trailer for new Ace Attorney game 0:13:06 -- Avril Lavigne tries to do Jpop or something, fails 0:18:11 -- Licensing News: Sentai Filmworks licenses everything that isn't nailed down. Anime Talk: 0:22:21 -- Nisekoi 16 0:25:05 -- Black Bullet 4 0:29:30 -- One Week Friends 4 0:32:19 -- The Irregular at Magic High School 4 0:39:22 -- Selector Infected WIXOSS 4 0:41:51 -- Riddle Story of Devil 4 0:44:10 -- Ping Pong 3 0:49:26 -- Still the World is Beautiful 4 0:52:00 -- Kamigami no Asobi 4 0:53:20 -- The Kawai Complex Guide to Manors and Hostel Behavior 4 0:55:40 -- Mushishi S2 1:00:27 -- If Her Flag Breaks 3 Stuff: 1:01:28 -- Game of Thrones happened and maybe there are new spoilers, more chat about FFX/X-2 HD Collection, and the Eureka 7 box set has like a million discs apparently.
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Dumb philosophies and durable notebooks
This week, Tim continues his strange vendetta against Canadians, while the rest of the cast tries to make sense of the increasingly incomprehensible The Irregular At Magic High School. In other news, Hase from One Week Friend...

Jtor AM 28: Ping Pong, Adventure Time, and undercover Canadians

Apr 24 // Karen Mead
[embed]32413:3857:0[/embed] Download Listen on iTunes Show Notes: News: 0:01:04 -- SakuraCon debriefing 0:15:46 -- A very special episode of Adventure Time 0:18:57 -- Next Ace Attorney game to take place in the Meiji era because...Takumi. 0:22:09 -- SAO II announced for worldwide simulcast, sky also blue 0:24:26 -- Is Hollywood ripping off anime...more than it rips off anything else? Anime Talk: 0:32:16 -- Knights of Sidonia 1&2 0:41:00 -- One Week Friends 3 0:45:52 -- The Irregular at Magic High School 3 0:51:41 -- Selector Infected WIXOSS 3 0:55:02 -- Riddle Story of the Devil 3 0:57:21 -- Ping Pong 2 1:01:45 -- Still the World is Beautiful 3 1:04:08 -- Kamigami no Asobi 3 1:06:22 -- The Kawai Complex Guide to Manors and Hostel Behavior 3 1:08:02 -- Mushishi S2 3 1:11:29 -- If Her Flag Breaks 2 1:13:02 -- Nisekoi 15 Stuff: 1:16:29 -- Hearthstone, Karen is jealous of the fact that L.B. can drink alcohol, Game of Thrones forgot something.
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There sure is a lot of coffee in Seattle
This week, Tim and L.B. reveal the dark, seedy underbelly of Sakura Con -- or they would have, if they were invited to any of the cool parties, but they were too busy waiting on lines for that. Meanwhile, Ben and I share our ...

Jtor AM 27: Are they going to school with ghosts?

Apr 18 // Karen Mead
[embed]32322:3838:0[/embed] Download Listen on iTunes Show Notes: News: 0:01:13 -- Attack on Titan is headed for Toonami 0:07:30 -- Here come the .moe domains 0:09:08 -- Sakura Con has lots of guests for us to not interview 0:13:50 -- Gurren Lagann stage play set for fall Anime Talk: 0:18:01 -- If Her Flag Breaks 1 0:24:11 -- Kamigami no Asobi 1&2 0:28:52 -- Nisekoi 14 0:30:43 -- Magica Wars 1 &2 0:31:14 -- Ping Pong 1 0:34:05 -- Nanana's Buried Treasure 1 0:35:25 -- Is the Order a Rabbit? 1 0:36:15 -- No Game, No Life 1 0:37:25 -- Mekaku City Actors 1  0:39:05 -- Captain Earth 2 0:40:00 -- One Week Friends 2 0:42:48 -- Damidaler the Sound Robot 2 0:44:19 -- The Irregular at Magic High School 2 0:46:46 -- Selector Infected WIXOSS 2 0:48:40 -- Riddle Story of the Devil 2 0:49:36 -- The Kawai Complex Guide to Manors and Hostel Behavior 2 0:50:47 -- Still the World is Beautiful 2 0:51:50 -- Soul Eater NOT! 2 0:53:04 -- Mushishi 2 0:53:50 -- Dragonar Academy 2 0:54:51 -- Marvel Disc Wars 1 Stuff: 1:01:20 -- Tim and Ben are so excited for Game of Thrones they can barely contain themselves, LB has watched every anime known to man and beast.
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Now the villains have their own pokeballs
This week, some staff members who shall remain nameless would rather have a Game of Thrones podcast then talk about silly Japanese cartoons all day. But alas, we are Japanator, not DaenerysTargaryenator, so we must perse...

Jtor AM 26: All those horrible shows you love

Apr 11 // Karen Mead
[embed]32238:3820:0[/embed] Download Listen on iTunes Show Notes: News: 0:01:29 -- Princess Jellyfish film announced 0:03:44 -- Crunchyroll teams up with FujiTV to bring the DRAMA 0:07:55 -- Here comes the first Persona 3 movie release Anime Talk: 0:09:55 -- Nisekoi 13 0:14:17 -- Captain Earth 1 0:20:03 -- Blade and Soul 1 0:24:11 -- One Week Friends 1 0:28:24 -- Sound Robot Damidaler 1 0:33:06 -- The Irregular At Magic High School 1 0:41:36 -- Black Bullet 1 0:44:05 -- Baby Steps 1 0:45:39 -- Haikyu!! 1 0:48:06 -- Mushishi S2 1 0:49:35 -- The Comic Artist and His Assistants 1 0:52:49 -- Selector Infected Wixoss 1 0:56:07 -- Riddle Story of the Devil 1 0:59:40 -- The Kawai Manor Something Something Something 1 1:01:41 -- The World is Still Beautiful 1 1:04:22 -- Kamigami no Asobi 1 1:06:16 -- Dragonar Academy 1 1:08:05 -- Soul Eater NOT! 1 Stuff: 1:10:41 -- Jeff tells us about his most recent trip to Japan and how some concerts there are louder than you might think, Tim talks Final Fantasy 14, L.B. rewatches Coupling and doesn't know how to be sick.
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Did you know there's a hidden corpse in Nisekoi?
This week's show is longer than usual because we discuss pretty much every show that exists. Join Tim "I think this show is stupid and you're stupid for liking it," Sheehy, Ben "I'm too nice to say you're stupid but I'll just...

Jtor AM 25: A date with a coffee maker

Apr 03 // Karen Mead
[embed]32149:3796:0[/embed] Download Listen on iTunes Show Notes: Spring Season Chat: 0:01:06 -- Everybody's psyched for Ping Pong, Knights of Sidonia, and maybe Keroro Anime Talk: 0:18:40 -- Samurai Flamenco 22 (END) 0:24:34 -- Kill La Kill 24 (END) 0:33:43 -- Golden Time 24 (END) 0:40:32 -- Space Dandy 13 (NOT THE END!) 0:44:27 -- Wizard Barristers 12 (END) 0:46:44 -- Nisekoi 12 (SHOULD HAVE BEEN THE END) 0:51:45 -- Pupa 12 (HANAMARU END) 0:53:44 -- Sakura Trick 12 (YURI END) Stuff: 0:57:06 -- Steins;Gate, Goat Simulator and other exciting animal sims, C: The Possibility of Money Control or Whatever That Show Was Called, more FFX: HD chatter, and buy a freakin' rug designed by Ben Huber
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Appliance romance is in the air
This week, I learned that Love Live, Data A Live, and Love Lab are actually three completely different shows, making this quite possibly the most educational episode of the podcast that we've ever recorded. However, this epis...

Jtor AM 24: Introducing The Custodian

Mar 29 // Karen Mead
[embed]32074:3776:0[/embed] Download Listen on iTunes Show Notes: News: 0:01:49 -- Square Enix and Yen Press team up to publish e-manga 0:05:52 -- The pre-season licensing bout has started 0:09:17 -- Sailor Moon Crystal website exists, and that's about it 0:11:08 --  Log Horizon S2 announced so more LIVIN' IN THE DATABASE WOOO 0:13:14 -- Space Daddy Dandy S2 is on the way: will the second half be more consistent? 0:16:00 -- Friendly reminder that new Fate/stay Night is on the way  Anime Talk: 0:18:34 -- Samurai Flamenco 21 0:23:05 -- Kill La Kill 23 0:28:04 -- Golden Time 23 0:31:45 -- Space Dandy 12 0:36:10 -- Wizard Barristers 11 0:39:14 -- Nisekoi 11 0:44:23 -- Super Sonico 12 0:46:55 -- Pupa 11 0:49:25 -- Sakura Trick 11 0:51:19 -- Recently My Sister is Unusual 12 (END) Stuff: 0:54:01 -- Final Fantasy X/X2 HD Collection, some Dynasty Warriors game, Castlevania: Symphony of the Night, Titanfall, the whole Oculus Rift situation, Princess Nine and Maburaho.
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A new Fate/Stay Night servant for our times
To add some spice to this episode, I try to stir up drama by plotting a seed of disagreement about Space Dandy between Ben and Tim; however, instead of having a big fight, they both cordially agree that their levels of admira...

Jtor AM 23: It's possible Raku's hit his head more than once

Mar 22 // Karen Mead
[embed]31994:3717:0[/embed] Download Listen on iTunes Show Notes News: 0:01:47 -- Durarara!! Season 2 announced, yaaay! 0:04:29-- The Shinjuku Billboard Affair 0:09:25 -- Levi sounds manly in Attack on Titan dub clips 0:19:08 -- We officially have art for Sailor Moon, thus now it is real...probably 0:26:04 -- Fashionably late ToraDora dub from NISA Anime Talk: 0:31:35 -- Samurai Flamenco 20 0:33:24 -- Kill La Kill 22 0:39:41 -- Golden Time 22 0:48:41 -- Space Dandy 11 0:52:20 -- Wizard Barristers 10 0:55:35 -- Nisekoi 10 1:03:20 -- Super Sonico 11 1:06:13 -- Pupa 10 1:08:35 -- Sakura Trick 10 1:10:43 -- Recently My Sister is Unusual 11 Stuff: 1:11:24 -- More P4: The Golden, The Adventures of Ai-Fi, Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes, Tiger and Bunny: The Rising, Insufficient Direction, Tropic of the Sea.
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Also, it's The Empire Strikes Back of Golden Time
This week the crew -- with the help of special guest, site founder Brad Rice -- tackles dubbed preview clips of debatable quality, the art style for the new Sailor Moon anime, quasi-erotic manga billboard controversies, and w...

Jtor AM 22: Reaching the summit

Mar 13 // Karen Mead
[embed]31892:3677:0[/embed] Download Listen in iTunes Show Notes: News: 0:00:58-- Tokyo Anime Award Nominees announced 0:05:46-- Live action Imocho something we said we'd cover 0:09:55-- Licensing News: Viz picks up Assassination Classroom, RE6 and Jaco the Galactic Patrolman Anime Talk: 0:13:55-- Samurai Flamenco 19 0:18:22-- Kill La Kill 21 0:28:02-- Space Dandy 10 0:32:58-- Golden Time 21 0:41:15-- Wizard Barristers 10 0:42:47-- Nisekoi 9 0:45:37-- Super Sonico 10 0:49:05-- Pupa 9 0:53:22-- Sakura Trick 9 0:57:32-- Recently My Little Sister is Unusual 10 Stuff: 1:03:14-- Mahoromatic, A Song of Ice and Fire, watch out for your booze at MAGfest
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Featuring in-depth discussion of ghostly chastity belts
Friends, otaku, countrymen: we stand on the precipice of a new age in Japanese animated entertainment. Now that Super Sonico The Animation has produced the world's first objectively perfect anime episode, where do we go from ...

Jtor AM 21: Do you like colors?

Mar 07 // Karen Mead
[embed]31821:3615:0[/embed] Download Listen on iTunes Show Notes: News: 0:01:23- Sailor Moon remake staff announced 0:03:17- Upcoming Godzilla trailer looks promising 0:08:22- Four Persona titles announced for NA 0:11:41- Anime Planet teams up with Crunchyroll 0:13:07- Licensing News: Short Peace Anime Talk: 0:14:24- Samurai Flamenco 18 0:18:18- Kill La Kill 20 0:24:25- Golden Time 20 0:30:03- Space Dandy 9 0:34:01- Wizard Barristers 8 0:42:37- Nisekoi 8 0:46:25- Super Sonico 9 0:48:56- Pupa 8 0:52:48- Sakura Trick 8 0:56:05- Imocho 9 Stuff: 0:56:36- South Park: The Stick of Truth, True Detective, Almost Human, Psycho Pass, and also we plug our stuff for the first time ever.
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Embracing the sense that Samurai Flamenco now makes
Question: Am I bad luck? Because as Tim and I realized this week, whenever I ask for something to happen in an anime, it never ever happens, even if it would be self-evidently awesome and the writers are nuts for not going wi...

Jtor AM 20: One Piece, Prattle and Balderdash

Feb 27 // Karen Mead
[embed]31713:3578:0[/embed] Download Listen in iTunes Show Notes: News: 0:01:14-- Square Enix trademarks Shinra Company; are they harvesting Mako energy? 0:03:31-- Fans polled on which anime director will lead the future 0:06:33-- Famitsu reports on Japan's most-wanted games 0:11:48-- Atlus to run Persona Stalker Club talk show 0:13:25-- Licensing News: Sentai picks up Maoyu, Funimation picks up Red Data Girl, Date a Live and Code:Breaker, while in manga news, Kodansha licenses Noragami, Manga Dogs and announces Attack on Titan Omnibus editions. Anime Talk: 0:18:52-- Kill La Kill 19 0:22:48-- Golden Time 19 0:28:12-- Wizard Barristers 7 0:33:16-- Nisekoi 7 0:38:07-- Super Sonico 8 0:41:27-- Pupa 7 0:43:26-- Sakura Trick 7 0:47:43-- Imocho 8 Stuff: 0:49:29-- The Wind Rises, Donkey Kong, Dynasty Warriors, Tomb Raider, One Piece manga, Vinland Saga Note: Both Samurai Flamenco and Space Dandy should make a triumphant return to the podcast on episode 21; they have not been dropped.
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A Japanese show for Japanese people?
Thanks to this week's Wizard Barristers, Tim and I have learned that Boston is actually in California; I bet all those people who signed up for PAX East are in for a rude awakening in the spring. However, due to the show's bl...

Jtor AM 19: So cool I'm gonna put my dog in a video game

Feb 20 // Karen Mead
[embed]31623:3544:0[/embed] Download Listen on iTunes Show Notes: News: 00:02:13-- Viz' Neon Alley drops subscriptions service, goes free on demand 00:05:51-- The return of Shu Takumi to Ace Attorney 00:09:11-- New DBZ Kai episodes may or may not have been dubbed already 00:12:58-- Attack on Titan dub to premiere at Anime Boston 00:16:25--  NIS announces a slew of games 00:22:38-- When will Bayonetta 2 come out? 00:25:23-- Licensing News: Fuse: Memoirs of a Huntress and a show apparently no one cares about Anime Talk: 00:27:05-- Samurai Flamenco 17 00:30:22-- Kill La Kill 18 00:36:46-- Golden Time 18 00:41:10-- Space Dandy 7 00:46:10-- Wizard Barristers 6 00:55:36-- Nisekoi 6 01:01:00-- Super Sonico 7 01:04:00-- Pupa 6 01:05:35-- Sakura Trick 6 01:08:30-- Imocho 7 01:09:12-- Karen's Round Up O' Junk: THE RETURN! Witch Craft Works, Silver Spoon, Nobunagun, Engaged to the Unidentified STUFF: 01:12:16-- Lightning has do fetch quests 01:16:26-- Boys just gotta talk Titanfall 01:20:38-- Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes comparison video 01:25:51-- How Persona 4: The Golden made Karen very sad
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Now that is pretty cool
Are you tired of short, wimpy podcasts that run out of juice before you're even halfway done with your morning commute? Well then, you should love this economy-sized episode of Jtor AM, filled to the brim with spirited discus...

Jtor AM 18: A Certain Strategic Backstabbing

Feb 12 // Karen Mead
[embed]31538:3521:0[/embed] Download Listen on iTunes Show Notes: News: 00:01:31-- Talking Wonderfest 00:05:44-- New Yuru Yuri anime is all set to Yuri 00:07:38-- Imocho in live action; God help us all 00:11:48-- Kana Hanazawa says no boys allowed at fan event 00:13:01-- "Japanese Beethoven" exposed as fraud 00:16:07-- Licensing news: FUNimation grabs Ben-To Anime Talk: 00:17:32-- Samurai Flamenco 16 00:20:56-- Kill La Kill 17 00:25:39-- Golden Time 17 00:31:14-- Space Dandy 6 00:35:48-- Nisekoi 5 00:40:36-- Super Sonico 6 00:43:40-- Pupa 5 00:46:06--Sakura Trick 5 00:48:40-- Imocho 6 (kind of) 00:49:15-- Wonder Momo 1 (kind of) Stuff: 00:51:17-- Videogame talk, Japanese talk, and err, well you'll just have to listen to find out.
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Also toys, zombies, monster babies, P4 and fine literature
Greetings, listeners! This was a fine week to be watching Kill La Kill if you know what I mean, and I think you do. Or maybe you don't, and you're like, "What is this Kill La Kill thing they keep talking about on my favorite ...

Jtor AM 17: The Great Super Sonico Debate

Feb 05 // Karen Mead
[embed]31455:3496:0[/embed] Download Listen on iTunes Show Notes News: 00:01:28-- Hayao Miyazaki is grumpy, but also probably right about modern anime 00:08:25-- Goro Miyazaki is less grumpy, plans to direct Ronia, The Robber's Daughter 00:12:02-- Sentai Filmworks licenses half the season and we do lots of emoting over it Anime Talk: 00:15:10-- Samurai Flamenco 15 (a little bit; without Ben, we couldn't really discuss it) 00:16:28-- Kill La Kill 16 00:22:01-- Golden Time 16 00:31:27-- Space Dandy 5 00:36:10-- Nisekoi 4 00:40:18-- Wizard Barristers 4 00:45:19-- Sakura Trick 4 00:48:53-- Recently My Sister Is Unusual 5 00:53:43-- Super Sonico 5 STUFF: 00:59:50-- Tim and Karen go off on how awesome Vagrant Story and the original Final Fantasy Tactics are, and FFXIII somehow gets brought up. Also, Fate/Zero features lots of serious-faced dudes talking to each other. Their faces, they are so serious.
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Is Soni-Ani surprisingly good, or drivel? THE ANSWER MAY SURPRISE YOU
Having missed the last two episodes of the podcast, I have plenty to say this time around, and Tim does his part by always disagreeing with me on general principle. However, I'm going to call out his reluctance to refer to th...

Jtor AM 16: A major scoop on the Major

Jan 29 // Karen Mead
[embed]31375:3462:0[/embed] Download Listen on iTunes Show Notes: News: 00:02:27-- Ghost in the Shell Hollywood movie news 00:06:56-- New Fate/Stay Night anime, featuring "Archer" and "Saber" 00:10:40-- FREE! returns! Fangirls and Fanboys rejoice! 00:13:11-- Subaru meets Attack on Titan 00:17:29-- Gaming tidbits: Playstation NOW streaming rumours, is Senran Kagura singlehandedly ruining video games? (short answer: NO), and the gameplay of Lightning Returns. Anime Talk: 00:25:43-- Samurai Flamenco 14 00:26:30-- Kill La Kill 15 00:33:27-- Golden Time 15 00:41:33-- Space Dandy 4 00:48:36-- Nobunagun 4 00:52:07-- Wizard Barristers 3 01:01:14-- Pupa 3 01:04:23-- Sakura Trick 3 01:07:55-- L.B. touches on Nisekoi; real Nisekoi discussion starts next week.
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Friends don't let friends drive with Koko
I was still nursing a cold and sore throat while this was recorded, while Brittany was apparently off sacrificing small children to the horror gods (it needs to be done before next Walpurgisnacht, don't ask), so Tim, Ben and ...

Jtor AM 15: Magic court is scary

Jan 23 // Karen Mead
[embed]31298:3423:0[/embed] Download Listen on iTunes Show Notes: 0:00:53-- Introducing L.B., our newest cast member News: 0:08:39-- Who's psyched for Unsung Story? 00:12:04-- Yuasa Ping Pong anime coming to Noitamina 00:14:13-- New Black Butler season is upon us 00:17:15-- Licensing News: NISA grabs Nyaruko-san Anime Talk: 0:19:29-- Samurai Flamenco 13 0:22:38-- Kill La Kill 14 0:34:07-- Golden Time 14 0:44:54-- Space Dandy 03 0:54:01-- Nobunagun 03 1:00:33-- Pupa 02 1:04:44-- Sakura Trick 02 1:09:41-- Wizard Barristers 02 Tim Makes Up His Own Segment Where People Talk About Stuff 1:18:12-- Stuff Note: You can tell I wasn't around for this episode, since the conversation about Unsung Story took four minutes instead of four hours. Also, our coverage of Imocho (otherwise known as My Little Sister Pee Pee Dance) should be returning next week, so err...look forward to it?
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Tim and L.B. bond over mutual Kill La Kill hate
Tim took over hosting duties while I was away, but don't listen to the shameless lie he feeds you at the beginning of this episode: I was NOT snowboarding. I was skiing, which is completely different! Skiers are graceful athl...

Jtor AM 14: Manga licensing conspiracy theories

Jan 15 // Karen Mead
[embed]31185:3393:0[/embed] Direct Download Listen on iTunes Show Notes: News: 1:41-- New Sailor Moon anime announced for July...but do we believe it? 5:55-- JAST, Starry Sky, and the fact that Japanese VA agencies are kind of a pain  9:32-- Licensing News: Vertical licenses Witchcraft Works manga, stealthily Anime Talk 13:55-- Samurai Flamenco 12 17:04-- Kill La Kill 13 23:47-- Golden Time 13 28:00-- Wizard Barristers 01 33:32-- Space Dandy 02 41:19-- Nobunagun 02 45:59-- Super Sonico 01-02 52:17-- Karen's Round Up: Engaged to the Unidentified, Hozuki no Reitetsu, Imocho again Live Action Talk: 54:28 Shitsuren Chocolatier I apologize for the lack of Kamen Rider Gaim. I wasn't planning to continue to discuss the show, since I didn't think it would be worthwhile without Sal around, but's not like the fact that I'm talking to myself has ever stopped me before, right? I should be caught up on all the fruit-rider action in time for next week's show.
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We explore the sinful underbelly of manga licensing (that I made up)
Brittany couldn't be with us this week, so we had to up the horror quotient of the podcast by talking about the Lovecraftian abomination that is Super Sonico's default outfit. In other news, we're skeptical of any and all Sai...

Jtor AM 13: Back and Dandy

Jan 10 // Karen Mead
[embed]31110:3379:0[/embed] Download Direct Listen on iTunes Show Notes: News: 1:08-- Sword Art Online II announced 4:35-- Cool Japan to spend $15 million on television...something 7:34-- Bravely Default censorship: It's the principle of the thing 16:39-- Licensing News: Sentai licenses Engaged to the Unidentified Anime Talk: 18:59-- Samurai Flamenco 11 22:44-- Kill La Kill 12 28:17-- Golden Time 12 35:10-- Walkure Romanze 12 (END) 39:19-- Kyousogiga 10, 10.5 (END) 43:29-- Outbreak Company 12 (END) 49:29-- Space Dandy 01 01:00:44-- Nobunaga the Fool 01 01:04:44-- SURPRISE Valvrave the Liberator ending spoilers! 01:05:50-- Nobunagun 01 01:09:47-- Imochopocalypse 01 01:12:23-- Mushishi Special Toku Talk 01:13:46-- Kamen Rider Gaim 11 A note on episode timing: I know the last few episodes have gone up at kind of random times. We changed our weekly recording time about a month back, and it ended up confusing things a bit on my end. In any case, going forward I plan to post the podcast on Wednesday nights; sorry for the inconsistency for a little while there.
Jtor AM photo
History in a meat grinder; The Oda Nobunaga Awards are coming
After a refreshing holiday break, the Jtor AM podcast is back for a new cour-- and you can tell it's all-new, since Tim and Ben are arguing about the animation quality in Space Dandy instead of Kill La Kill. This week's slate...

Jtor AM 12: Listener Questions are Truly Outrageous

Dec 19 // Karen Mead
[embed]30867:3288:0[/embed] Download Listen on iTunes Show Notes: News: 01:10  English cast for The Wind Rises announced 05:49 FFX/FFX-2 Special Edition 08:02 Haruhi's Yuki Nagato to get her own anime 09:38 Viz releases digital Pokemon manga goodness 11:10 Licensing talk: Nagi no Asukara Anime Talk: 14:16 Samurai Flamenco 10 22:16 Kill La Kill 11 28:15 Golden Time 11 32:10 Walkure Romanze 11 36:09 Kyousougiga 09 41:27 Outbreak Company 11 48:59 Coppelion depresses the hell out of Brittany 50:01 Karen's Weekly Valvrave Report Toku Talk: 52:36 Kamen Rider Gaim 09 54:14 Special Segment: Listener Questions For the record: it isn't anybody's birthday or anything, I just want birthday cake. It's the best cake.
Jtor AM photo
Truly, Truly Truly Outrageous
Somehow, we managed to have both Ben and Brittany on the podcast at the same time without the universe spontaneously exploding...unless of course the universe did explode, and I'm talking to you all from some kind of mystical...

Jtor AM photo
Jtor AM

Jtor AM: Ask us questions!

It's that time again
Dec 16
// Karen Mead
How did we get all the way to Jtor AM Episode 12 without asking for listener questions? I have no idea; I'm going to have to tag everyone involved, myself included, with critical narcissism failure. Seriously, since the news ...

Jtor AM 11: Subtlety is not your strength

Dec 12 // Karen Mead
[embed]30777:3247:0[/embed] Download View on iTunes Show Notes: News: 1:21 Tim reports on the Madoka Magica The Movie-Rebellion- premiere 10:37 Space Dandy dub cast revealed 12:36 Is Attack on Titan too violent? 16:56 Live Action Attack on Titan film for 2015...really? 19:20 Look what scientists at Tokyo University are getting up to 21:38 Look what Shinra the Shimizu Corporation is getting up to 23:22 Right Stuf rickrolls us for some reason; Sailor Moon Blu-Ray where? 27:16 FFVIII on Steam! Rejoice! Anime Talk: 33:57 Samurai Flamenco 09 38:30 Kill La Kill 10 42:10 Golden Time 10 49:40 Walkure Romanze 10 53:52 Kyousougiga 08 58:12 Outbreak Company 10 01:02:44 Diabolik Lovers 12 01:10:46 Karen's Round-Up-O'-Junk featuring Valvrave: Logic Cancer and Gingitsune: Drama is for Stupidheads Toku Talk: 01:15:08 Kamen Rider Gaim 08 Additional Notes: -I looked into it and apparently the music in the Steam version of Final Fantasy VIII is the MIDI format soundtrack from the original PC release; fans are less pleased about this than Tim is, and are hoping for a patch. I doubt it, but hope springs eternal.... -The blog post that goes into detail about the original Diabolik Lovers otome game is here. WARNING: Spoilers, vampires being vampires. Thanks to Lifesong for passing along the link.  
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Brittany tells Diabolik Lovers the solemn truth
This week, Ben's too busy being someone else's Valvrave therapist to join us (traitor!), so Brittany Vincent jumps into to the fray. Then the two of us have fun discussing everything that's wrong with the conclusion of D...

Jtor AM Episode 10: Why is Koto on the moon?

Dec 05 // Karen Mead
[embed]30688:3209:0[/embed] Download Check out the show on iTunes Show Notes: News: 1:08 New Space Dandy trailers discussion 9:25 Should The Tale of Princess Kaguya be censored for other markets? 16:54 Toei Japan channel to shut down 19:50 New SE trademarks: are they for new Dragon Quest games? 24:15 A travel agency...for your stuffed animals. 27:35 Finally, a Parasyte anime (and live action too.) Anime Talk: 29:21 Samurai Flamenco 08 38:26 Kill La Kill 09 45:20 Golden Time 09 51:16 Walkure Romanze 09 54:35 Kyousougiga 07 59:25 Outbreak Company 09 01:07:31 Karen's Round Up O' Junk Toku Talk: 01:13:45 Kamen Rider Gaim 07 Additional Notes: -The Sailor Moon director that Tim was referring to was Masahiro Ando, who was an animation director for all five seasons. However, he only worked on certain episodes, not all of them as Tim was saying. He only directed one episode of the fifth season, Sailor Moon Stars, since that season had a new staff of animation directors. -In retrospect, the whole thing with Linda's brother in Golden Time was totally obvious, I was just arguing with Tim for the sake of arguing with Tim. The More You Know...*star* -EDIT: I can't believe I forgot this! Guys, I keep saying that Pierre from Kamen Rider Gaim is based on Lafayette from True Blood, but no one believes me. I am going to keep bringing this up until someone agrees with me, because HERE: THEY EVEN WEAR THE SAME EARRINGS. Anyway, let us know what you think in the comments, unless you think Valvrave is a good show-- in which case, keep it to yourself. I kid, I kid, say whatever you want (no seriously though Valvrave is bad.)
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Only Usagi is allowed on the moon, it's the law
What time is it, everybody? GOLDEN TIME!!! Actually it isn't, it's time for the latest episode of Jtor AM, but Golden Time is involved, so it's kind of true. This week: the Toonami people try to get us hyped about a new anime...

Jtor AM 9: Supernatural Monkey Flying People

Nov 27 // Karen Mead
[embed]30597:3155:0[/embed] Download Listen on iTunes Show Notes: News: 1:32 It's Per5ona Christmas: Persona 4: Dancing all Night, P5, and even a dungeon crawler! 11:51 Follow up-- that Mushi-shi tease became an anime announcement for real 13:18 Luffy makes the New York Times; newspapers still exist 16:40 Jojo's Bizarre Adventure set to return in 2014 19:02 Aksys lends a helping hand to Typhoon victims 21:41 Licensing News: Funimation licenses Eureka Seven Anime Talk 22:54 Samurai Flamenco 07; a Samumenco that shall forever live in infamy 30:05 Kill La Kill 08 35:39 Golden Time 08 38:37 Walkure Romanze 08 42:22 Kyousougiga 06 45:55 Outbreak Company 08 50:45 Karen's (very short) Round Up O' Junk Toku Talk 52:19 Kamen Rider Gaim 06 55:03 Surprise and out of place Attack on Titan discussion that I should have edited into the previous segment, but whatever it's late and tomorrow is Thanksgiving and I want to go to bed wah, so there Note: We had some audio issues on Tim's end due to hardware problems. It's mainly in the last third of the podcast and I did my best to edit out any additional noise, but there is a noticeable quality issue. I believe you can still hear what Tim (and everyone else) is saying, but the issue is noticeable enough that I thought I should tell you what was going on. Next week should be back to least, for audio quality. Not for Samurai Flamenco. Samurai Flamenco can never go back to normal. Also, the upcoming live action drama I was getting excited for is called Shitsuren Chocolatier, watch for it!
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Emotional fallout from the whole sudden magic gorilla development
In return for Ben kindly volunteering to be my official Valvrave: The Liberator therapist, this week I decide to pay him back by becoming his official Samurai Flamenco therapist. Unfortunately for Ben, he's a much better...

Jtor AM Episode 8: We must not fear office supplies

Nov 20 // Karen Mead
[embed]30490:3100:0[/embed] Download Listen on iTunes Show Notes: News: 1:39 Kill La Kill cosplayer controversy 7:27 Square Enix and "games as a service" 11:05 Toonami adds Akira, Summer Wars, etc. 14:08 Ghost in the Shell short promotes...web hosting? 16:49 Licensing Talk: Seven Seas licenses The Lucifer and Biscuit Hammer Anime Talk: 19:33 Kill La Kill 07 27:05 Samurai Flamenco 06 30:55 Golden Time 07 33:58 Walkure Romanze 07 36:05 Kyousougiga 5.5 40:26 Karen's Round Up O' Junk: Valvrave, Nagi no Asukara, Galilie Donna, etc. Toku Talk: 51:27 Kamen Rider Gaim 05 That's all for this week, let us know your thoughts on the show in the comments and always remember: If you hate a show, rather than bitch about it incessantly, you should really just drop it. Unless it's Valvrave.
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Who the hell is Goto's girlfriend already?
The most important thing you need to know about this week's Jtor AM is that Ben has become my official Valvrave therapist; if you want your own Valvrave therapist, you're just going to have to find someone else, because I've ...

Jtor AM 7: VHS tapes are sad

Nov 13 // Karen Mead
[embed]30381:3069:0[/embed] Download Listen on iTunes Show Notes: News: 1:22 Sword Art Online Fone may not actually be a game 5:11 Miyazaki's The Wind Rises: too controversial for Disney? 8:40 Oreimo author Tsukasa Fushimi doubles down on siscon 11:10 Nintendo rules Famitsu's games of the century list 14:35 Senran Kagura Burst, and also some Vanillaware talk for some reason 18:24 Weekly Sentai licensing talk: Nadia, yaay! 21:28 BREAK Anime Talk 21:56 Beyond the Boundary 06 25:45 Diabolik Lovers 07 30:02 Kill La Kill 06 36:57 Samurai Flamenco 06 39:22 Walkure Romanze 05 40:49 Kyousougiga 05 45:40 Golden Time 06 51:16 Valvrave 17 53:13 Community Talk and snappy dressers As per usual let us know what you think of the show, and if you happen to have anime VHS tapes in your basement, don't just throw them out like a heartless bastard. Bury them properly, like a pet hamster or goldfish; alternately, a 21-gun salute is acceptable. Anything to show them that you value their service.
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Satsuki can kill a man with a teacup
This week, my dreams come true as Brittany joins the podcast and I finally get to talk about Diabolik Lovers. Ben apparently decided to have some kind of a life and couldn't join us this time, but it's probably just as well, ...

Jtor AM Episode 6: Flamenco Girl and Cantaloupe Rider

Nov 06 // Karen Mead
[embed]30303:3042:0[/embed] Download Subscribe on iTunes Show Notes: News: 1:24 Viz brings manga library to iBooks 4:49 Crunchyroll nabs One Piece 7:08 Chernin group buys majority stake in Crunchyroll 9:37 Idea Factory Goes International 13:49 Girls Und Panzer dub cast is utterly redonkulous 17:18 Sentai licensing chat Anime Talk: 20:39 Kill La Kill 5 29:42 Samurai Flamenco 4 36:09 Walkure Romanze 4 41:23 Kyousougiga 4 45:50 Karen's Weekly Round Up O' Junk: Nagi no Asukara, Valvrave the Liberator, Galilei Donna, Golden Time, whatever the hell else I watched 53:00 TOKU TALK WITH SAL!!!!!! Kamen Rider Gaim 4 Note: The game Tim was talking about during the Idea Factory discussion was Sweet Fuse, a game starring Keiji Inafune's imaginary niece. I don't get it either. Let us know in the comments what you think, unless you happen to think that Kyousougiga makes perfect sense, in which case you are either a genius or a huge, shameless liar.
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Don't type while I recap Valvrave
As per usual, this week we discuss all the exciting news in the world of anime: Viz continues to expand, Crunchyroll is dominating the market One Piece at a time, something clearly financial in nature happened at some point, ...

Jtor AM Episode 5: Get your anime beer at the Simulpub

Oct 30 // Karen Mead
[embed]30209:3024:0[/embed] Download Subscribe on iTunes! Show Notes: News: 1:03 Space Dandy Simuldub! 3:21 Crunchryoll rolls out manga service 5:56 Mushishi: 2nd Gig might happen 8:16 Keanu Reeves says no Cowboy Bebop movie in sight 10:42 Persona 3 movie: are we excited? Anime Talk: 12:57 Kill La Kill 04 16:41 Samurai Flamenco 03 22:09 Walkure Romanze 03 27:13 Kyousogiga 31:42 Surprise POLAR BEAR CAFE LOVE FEST! 34:30 Karen's Round-Up O' Junk: Galilei Donna, Valvrave: The Liberator, Nagi no Asukara, Outbreak Company. 44:01 Tim interrupts this segment of Anime Talk to chat about some of the new stuff at Jtor, which kind of breaks our format but he's EIC so he can do that. And that's all for this week. I realized after we recorded this episode that I keep forgetting to touch on Beyond the Boundary in my weekly Round-Up O' Junk, but considering that I'm writing up every episode of that show for Annotated Anime, there's probably no real need to. As usual, feel free to leave comments on what you liked and disliked, and if you'd like to support the show, leave us a comment or rating on iTunes. Oh, and before I go, this is me:  
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Simulpub, Simuldub
This week, Tim is too hung over to even care about dubbed Space Dandy, which makes him pretty darn hung over. In fact, in this listless state, he's like the natural enemy of Sal "OMG I'm so psyched I'm so psyched!" G-Rod...

Jtor AM Episode 4: Ben, Ace Attorney

Oct 24 // Karen Mead
[embed]30147:3002:0[/embed] Download Subscribe on iTunes! News: 2:31 Ben preempts the news to gush about Ace Attorney 5: Dual Destinies 9:09 Trigger teases Inferno Cop II: The Coppening 10:47 Becky Cruel has a Kickstarter, because...we don't know 13:38 Steins; Gate stage play, because I and I alone care 16:53 Kingdom Hearts III has rollercoasters 19:46 Anime Mirai Anime Talk: 23:16 Valvrave is back, and Valvravier than ever! 25:50 Samurai Flamenco 29:47 Kill La Kill 36:31 Yozakura Quartet 39:48 Karen's roundup: Nagi no Asukara, Golden Time, Galilei Donna and Yowapeda 49:22 Oh and Kamen Rider Gaim!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If you can suggest a better segue than "in other news," you might win a no-prize, because I'm in need of one. Podcast music remains a cover of Yakusoku Wa Iranai (The Vision of Escaflowne) from Platina Jazz: Anime Standards Vol. 2. I'll let you know if that changes, but I doubt it's going to any time soon-- jazz makes me feel like such a classy lady.
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Also, Valvrave is WHERE IT'S AT
If you've ever wanted to know exactly how to pronounce "Salvador G-Rodiles," boy is this the podcast for you. We spend some time discussing the latest Phoenix Right game, the strange puzzle of Becky Cruel's internet existence...

Jtor AM Episode 3: A little restraint would be nice

Oct 16 // Karen Mead
[embed]30005:2970:0[/embed] Download MP3 Subscribe to us on iTunes here! Show Notes News: 1:48--   NYCC: Stuff got licensed 7:39--   Tokyo International Anime Fair and Anime Contents Expo to merge 10:40-- Gargantia second season announced 13:38-- Neon Alley talk 21:24-- "The Butcher" takes on Kamen Rider Gaim, a.k.a. Sal goes ballistic Anime Talk: 26:46-- Samurai Flamenco 1 33:56-- Galilei Donna 1 35:52-- Kill La Kill 2 42:40-- Walkure Romanze 2 47:52-- Beyond the Boundary 2, leading into general anime chatter Podcast music is a cover of Yakusoku Wa Iranai (The Vision of Escaflowne) from Platina Jazz: Anime Standards Vol. 2. Feel free to share your thoughts, feelings, criticisms (of Tim) and ribald tales of your greatest experience at Medieval Times.
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Is it really so much to ask?
We start off this episode without Ben (since he was apparently too busy conducting a ritual burning of all of his Bakemonogatari merchandise to participate), but he joins us by the time we get to Samurai Flamenco, which is al...

Jtor AM Episode 2: Two Frames Per Second

Oct 10 // Karen Mead
[embed]29912:2942:0[/embed] Download MP3 Show Notes: News: 1:55 Japan is developing AR glasses 7:00 Sega closes down non-Japanese Yakuza sites 12:36 Read Viz manga on your Kindle Anime Talk: 18:44 Kill La Kill and all five drawings therein 26:03 Beyond the Boundary (with a segue into Dragon Half) 33:41 Walkure Romanze (with inter-anime panty comparisons) 40:20 Yozakura Quartet 43:40 Random discussion about stuff that's not airing this season because no one stopped us 46:33 Hajime no Ippo: Rising 52:24 Karen's list of shows she is watching even though they are God-awful And that's it for today. Let us know in the comments if you have any suggestions for the show, and if you could chime in on whether or not melon soda is any good, that would also be helpful; I haven't been to H-Mart yet.  
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And sometimes animation
It's not even a week after our first episode, and here's another installment of Jtor AM! I would say that this is a reward for being good boys and girls, but I'll bet that some of you have been watching bad dating sim adaptat...

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