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Jtor AM Episode 1: Back in Red and Black

Oct 05 // Karen Mead
[embed]29837:2910:0[/embed]Download (mp3)  Please note: We recorded this on 9/27, so that's why we're talking as though shows like Beyond the Boundary and Kill La Kill hadn't aired yet. It took a little time to get the first episode web-ready. Show notes: News: 3:48 Sega buys Atlus, other Atlus news 14:15 Vita TV 17:11 The  mystery of Lighting's appeal and other TGS talk 24:30 Ranma 1/2, because I said so 26: 17 Steins; Gate visual novel pre-orders 28:09 Attack on Titan fan animation Anime Talk: 32:06 Wrapping up the summer season 41:44 What we're watching for fall Podcast theme music is a jazz arrangement of Tank! from Anime That Jazz 2: All That Jazz. Feel free to let us know in the comments what you liked, disliked, and what you might want to see us cover in the future. Just don't say anything bad about Attack on Titan, because apparently that's Tim's Berserk Button.    
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Now with existence!
What else can I say: the Japanator podcast is back. Myself, Tim, Ben and Sal sat down to talk about anime and video game news, the fall anime roster, and whether or not koala bears are deserving of love and adoration or com...

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