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Info dump: list of US theaters to screen Gantz in 2011

1:00 AM on 12.16.2010 // Mike LeChevallier

We've already informed you that the Gantz live-action adaptation will be playing in American theaters one entire release week before Japan's. We've also notified you that this version will indeed be dubbed over in English. Now, whether this totally sways your choice to seek out the film all depends on how badly you want to see excessive violence, tight leather suits, highly advanced weaponry and, of course, explosions aplenty. Or maybe your loyalty to the original manga alone will drive you to lay down $10+ for a viewing experience that may or may not live up to your expectations.

Hesitations aside, the Fathom Events and New People branches of Viz Pictures have released an informative document containing a multitude of venues spread across 46 states that will be playing the film starting January 20th, 2011. If you live in Alaska, Mississippi, South Dakota or Wyoming...sorry, no Gantz for you. The Palin family, I'm sure, is not pleased with this news as there will be an interview with the film's stars Ninomiya Kazumari and Matsuyama Kenichi following the initial screenings.

So, go ahead and check out the listings. Are you able to pick out a location near you?

There isn't a dub track trailer yet, but you can catch the newest Japanese one down below if you haven't viewed it already.

Remember: Gantz is being released in two halves. Gantz Part II will arrive in Spring 2011.

Mike LeChevallier,
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