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Irem to pull all PSN offerings, get them while you can

3:00 PM on 07.22.2011 // Tyler Jones

It's a sad day whenever classic games have to get pulled from an online marketplace, and today is such a day. All of Irem's games will be taken down on August 11th, including PSP downloadable games and PS1 classics. All of their themes, demos, videos, and Home content are disappearing as well.

Irem, best known for the classic horizontal shooter series R-Type, has not stated why they are doing this. Don't be alarmed; they're not shutting their doors. They just announced their first 3DS game! It's going to be Pachipara 3D, a 3DS version of their popular... pachinko series, which already has entries on the PSP, PS2, and PS3. Uh, hooray?

Yeah, we're never going to see that over here.

[via andriasang]

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