Is Black Lagoon's manga returning from hiatus?

3:00 PM on 03.08.2012

Bob Muir


Black Lagoon has been on hiatus for a while now. The manga has been running since 2002, but only nine volumes have been collected, with the last one released in 2009. That might change soon, as mangaka Rei Hiroe recently posted on his blog that he is planning to return to the action series.

Hiroe has penciled in a return date, though he is nervous about resuming Black Lagoon. "Though I'm dying to draw, I'm scared to actually draw it. If it were not this hard, I wouldn't have had to take as long as two years off." Hiroe also made a sketch of Thailand's recent floods from the perspective of the Black Lagoon cast, which you can see in the gallery below.

If the manga is going to be running again, I'd like to see Madhouse give us another season of the anime. It might take a while for Rei Hiroe to build up some content, but when there's enough material, I hope an anime revival is considered. You hear me, Madhouse? Start preparing!

[Via Crunchyroll]

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