It "came" from the deep - The fishy horror portraiture of Daikichi Amano

May 31 // Zac Bentz

Fish guts, tentacles stretched across bruised faces, deer-men, women bathing in frogs, flesh. What else would you expect from the self-described "perverted master of fish and girls?" And oh yeah, and really, really gross porn with a menagerie of slimy creature. Here is a NOT AT ALL SAFE FOR WORK link that is REALLY NOT SAFE FOR WORK. (You clicked it, didn't you? You sad bastard...)

Brought to our attention (rather appropriately) by Pink Tentacle, Daikichi Amano also seems to think he's "modern reincarnation of Katsushika Hokusai." A bold statement indeed. While history will have to be the judge of that one (it will judge "No."), Amano certainly does seem to have an eye for the fish girls. And oyster men. Or whatever the hell that's supposed to be.

Much of the work on his (rather small) site reminds me of various survival horror games like Kuon and the Siren series. I love those games unconditionally, and these (far less porny) photos (which you can see in the gallery below) have also quickly won their way into my sick, ichor pumping heart-space.

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Zac Bentz //
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