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It's All Over: AKB0048 getting a game version

3:00 PM on 08.26.2012 // Josh Tolentino

This is it, people. If there was ever a sign that human civilization was approaching some kind of cultural singularity, past which everything just implodes onto itself, this is one of them. AKB0048 is getting a game, the hilariously titled AKB0048 ARcarddass. Apparently it's a rhythm game that also involves a bunch of AR card-scanning gimmicks.

Now, that might not sound like much, unless you know what AKB0048 actually is. Long story short, it's a fictional anime series set up mainly to promote the real-life idol group AKB48, starring fictional characters voiced by real-life AKB48 members. The twist here is that there are also fictional characters in AKB0048 who bear the names of real-life AKB48 members (and are voiced by prominent voice actresses).

Now, added to the fact that there are already videogames featuring the real-life AKB48, names, likenesses and all, and AKB0048 ARcarddass looks like a strangely unnecessary existence. Who is this for? Are there AKB0048 fans that exist independent of the AKB48 base, and are there enough of them to justify a full game centered around this marketing driven fiction? The mind boggles.

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