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It's safety time! Protect your pets with a new jacket

1:00 PM on 05.21.2012 // Salvador G Rodiles

If you are a dog and/or cat owner, then today you might be interested in a new product. In order to protect both pets from danger, a Pet Emergency Evacuation Jacket has been invented in Japan so that you won't have to worry about your pet suffering through any sort of dangerous crisis. 

The jackets are fireproof and they have a leash and handle built into them. For the sake of convenience, the jacket are filled with various straps and pockets so that you can load up the essential items are required for any pet. In case you don't have time to load up any of these items, the jacket comes with the essential pet supplies, water packs, nutrition bars, emergency whistle, bandages, gloves for first-aid, and a mini radio.

The jackets are available at the Japan Trend Shop for the price of US $545.00 and you will have to pay a shipping price of US $36.00 (This only applies to worldwide shipping.). Judging by the sizes that are available at the shop, they don't have any sizes for small pets such as Miniature/Tea Cup Yorkies and Chihuahuas. While the jacket guarantee protection of the dog/cat's main body, the head, legs, and tail are still exposed to any sort of hazard. However, the fact that it guarantees some sort of protection along with being able to carry many useful items might be worth buying for most dog/cat owners. 

[via Geek Alerts]


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