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It's Twin Tail Day! Officially!

5:00 PM on 02.02.2013 // Josh Totman

My new favorite holiday!

I do admit that I have a healthy obsession with twin tails. If it's creating my own character in a game or picking out my next waifu in anime, it is almost certain that they will have twin tails. There popularity has risen so much that now, by the Japanese Anniversary Association, has it's own day for appreciation. That day being today, February 2nd or 2/2. I'm pretty sure you can see why it's today.

There are three styles of twin tails according to the Twin Tail - Japan site and they are: rabbit style (top of the head), regular style (just above the ears), and country style (below the ears). I love each style for their own cuteness, but I tend to favor rabbit style the most out of the three. Which style is your favorite?

So females of the world, put your hair up and celebrate Twin Tail Day proudly! Then show us on our Twitter feed @Japanator.

[via Danny Choo]

Josh Totman, Contributor
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