iTunes Japan drops prices to closer match the U.S. dollar

10:00 PM on 07.13.2011
iTunes Japan drops prices to closer match the U.S. dollar photo

When you try to line up Japan's Yen to the U.S. Dollar, it just doesn't work anymore. There was a time where 100 yen was a dollar, and you could easily figure out that thae dusty Sega Saturn game in the reduction bin in an Akihabara alley was a good deal. Now you have no idea. Both of our economies are fudged forever, and that makes quick conversion tough.

Apple Japan has just adjusted the prices for iTunes and the App Store to try to fix some of that. Items that would be $0.99 here were priced at 115 yen on the Japanese App Store. As of today that changes to just 85 yen, which comes out to a more reasonable $1.07 for the same items. Everything has been pulled down a bit, says Asiajin: 230 yen app is now 170 yen. 350 to 250, 450 to 350, and so on.

Go buy their strange and funny apps! Start out with the awesome Muji Notebook App.

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