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J-dramas Buzzer Beat and Orthros no Inu delayed? Actors may have avian flu

7:00 PM on 09.01.2009 // Colette Bennett

When I read that actors Yamashita Tomohisa and Ryo Nishikido had both been diagnosed with what could possibly be the bird flu version of influenza A over at Tokyograph today, my first reaction was "It all makes sense now!", because I had noticed that they looked pretty wiped out during the broadcast of the recent 24 Hour Television event, Ryo in particular. They work those Johnny's boys hard!

However, it was also disclosed that neither actor had completed filming for the episodes of the respective dramas they are both in due out this week. Buzzer Beat, which starts Tomohisa, airs on Mondays and Orthros no Inu Nishikado's show, airs on Fridays. I'm not following Orthros no Inu, but I've been running around trumpeting the praises of Buzzer Beat since episode one, so I'm bummed to think fans may have to wait an extra week. Here's hoping they both make quick recoveries (and if you think I'm only saying that because of how addicted to the show I am, you're probably about 75 percent right).

Colette Bennett,
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