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Bluesteel Blasphemer

J-Novel club announces new title from legendary author

3:00 PM on 03.26.2017 // Soul Tsukino

Japanese Light Novel site adds more!

J-Novel Club has announced they are adding the light novel, Bluesteel Blasphemer, to their lineup starting March 25 with a free preview.

The latest addition to the Japanese light novel website come from author Ichirou Sakaki who has written such titles as Chaika - The Coffin Princess, Outbreak Company, and Scrapped Princess-- many of them that have received anime adaptations. J-Novel Club brings this work to you in full English to enjoy.

Bluesteel Blasphemer is the story of Yukinari Amano, a man who loves guns. He is brought to a strange new world and paired with Dasa, as they encounter strong enemies. Using his knowledge of firearms and new abilities, they're revered as gods by the locals.

J-Novel Club is $54 for an annual subscription. You can access this and many other titles available in English on the site.  You can get started here!

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