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Jamie Lee Curtis, Christina Hendricks to dub Poppy Hill

4:00 PM on 10.05.2012 // Brad Rice

FYI, they're famous

GKids, the company behind the New York International Children's Film Festival, announced the English-language cast for the upcoming release of Studio Ghibli's Up on Poppy Hill. Some of the headliners include X-Files' Gillian Anderson, Jamie Lee Curtis, Mad Men's Christina Hendricks, Ron Howard, and Aubrey Plaza. Variety has the full breakdown of the cast.

"But wait, doesn't Disney handle all of the Ghibli stuff," you might ask. A fair question, good sir! The current relationship between the US and Ghibli is as such: GKids negotiated the rights for theatrical distribution of a number of Ghibli films, while Disney maintains home video distribution control. It makes a lot of sense: Ghibli's films are a big part of NYICFF, and Disney is not as interested in pushing out the titles with lesser excitement behind them. After all, this is a Goro Miyazaki film.

Personally, I'm always excited to see an anime film make an Oscar run, because they offer something very different from the stories offered up by Pixar and Dreamworks. This year will be tough, though, going up against the likes of Brave, Paranorman, and Frankenweenie. Will Ghibli make it through? One can only hope.

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