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Attack on Titan

Japan announces an Attack on Drugs

9:00 AM on 06.21.2015 // Anthony Redgrave

More dangerous than titans

I think anime has been very quiet when it comes to drug culture. For the amount of series' that are based in a high school, none of them has an arc where they are tempted to smoke a reefer behind the bike shed. Although Lucky Star would be a lot different if Konata started hitting the speed to get through all those visual novel games. 

To help prevent young impressionable teens from being tempted by the high fly life of drugs, major train lines will be running Attack on Titan themed drug infomercials. This will be part of the International Day Against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking. Titans are said to be mindless beasts that devour humans for no reason, but they still have an ire for illegal narcotics. The blurb reads "All of humanity, fight dangerous drugs!" with the famous colossal titan adopting the NO (batsu) pose. 

Fans expecting a 5 mins OVA of Levi berating the scouts for being caught with needles and heroin would be disappointed as the advert seems to be various clips from the anime spliced together. Interestingly the infomercial goes into the chemistry by flashing up the chemical structure of amphetamine and its more potent brother 3-fluoroamphetamine. 

[Via Yomiuri]

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