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Japan has everything, including bacon & egg flavored potato chips

3:59 PM on 11.06.2007 // God Len

Japan Probe has found this cool video showcasing some of the newest snack foods in Japanese convenience stores right now (along with some eye candy for the men out there). As you might of guessed, most of the items fall into the ‘chip’ category, because the Japanese love their chips even more than their own children -- barbaric! The food mentioned in the video above are as follows:

  •     Ultra spicy habanero snacks
  •     Porritosan spicy snacks
  •     O’zack curry rice flavored potato chips
  •     Calbee bacon & egg flavored potato chips
  •     Pretz Meets Wine cheese flavors
  •    Ritz cheese sandwiches (camembert/gorgonzola, smoked gouda/pepper)
  •    Bubblicious Apple Pie flavor chewing gum
I don’t know about you, but all these different flavors really makes me hungry. It seems to me that the Japanese love potato chips based off of dinner entrees instead of a particular solitary flavor. Nevertheless, it’s heaven or hell time: which one do you think is the best? My vote goes to the O’zack curry rice flavored potato chips, but the bacon and egg flavored potato chips are a very close second.

God Len,
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