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Japan's 'herbivore men' prefer to eat alone

10:00 PM on 06.07.2009 // Zac Bentz

According to Maki Fukasawa, Japan's definition of masculinity is evolving, at least among its young men. In 2006 she coined the term "herbivore men" to label the new generation of men who aren't at all interested in forming relationships with women, instead choosing to live very simply and focus on their own looks.

She claims that this more hesitant and cautious attitude started to show itself during Japan's troubled economic times in the 1990's. The old school  male-assertiveness was starting to falter, while at the same time women began to find a more dominate voice. This left kids somewhere int he middle, too afraid and clumsy for love.

Basically, to me this just sounds like the Japanese version of the weepy emo douche-bag or the more recent bearded hipster goon. Guys who don't want to really do anything, but want the world to see how pretty and trendy they are none the less. I have to admit that "herbivore men" has a nice ring to it though. A bit more willowy and fey.

What do you think, Jtor dudes? Are you a flesh ripping macho carnivore, leaving a swath of ruined women in your wake, or do you prefer to spend your days siting alone in the shadow of a tree with your favorite mirror?

[via News on Japan]

Zac Bentz,
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