Japan tries to teach people how to date and reproduce

12:00 PM on 02.15.2012

Japan is rapidly greying. Over a quarter of the population is 65 years of age or older; the population will likely shrink as much as one-third within 50 years. If it does, social security will be heavily strained for the next generation of recipients, because there are fewer young people. And that's all because of both new trends in women's careers and the rise of so-called "herbivore men," who aren't interested in pursuing sex or a relationship. No sex, no babies, no new funds for social security.

It's gotten so bad the government has started stepping in, as it recently did in Gifu Prefecture. To combat data that over a third of adult residents under age 50 are single, the local government started holding classes teaching people how to date. Men participated in role play and learned to speak about things other than their jobs, which dominate modern Japanese society. Women learned how to style themselves better and put on make-up. And while they were at it, they tried a little ice-breaking to see if they could get anyone to hook up right there.

I hope it works out for them, because Japan really needs some young blood. People wonder why certain cultural mores towards conformity and devoting your life to your boring job exist, and a small part of that is probably because there aren't many youth to create new ideas and concepts. But come on, boys and girls of Japan, stop being afraid of rejection and put yourself out there! Dating can be difficult at times, but you become a stronger person because of it!

Check out a detailed video of the dating event below.

[ABC via Jezebel]

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