Japanator AM 10: Dolphins and whales are assholes

10:00 PM on 03.25.2010
Japanator AM 10: Dolphins and whales are assholes photo

Technically, you could call this a political episode since we spend a fair amount of time talking about the whaling issue, however once you start discussing the possibility of receiving whale calls via Twitter, you probably lose the right to use important-sounding words like "political." You can listen to it here.

We've got the full cast this time around, and while it's one of those wild-and-crazy listener questions episodes, we discuss quite a lot of stuff. Also, Jtor AM now has a proper feed! Or at least a feed that works for me! Hit the jump for show notes and sundry.


Oh, and what's this? ITUNES!!!


0:02:10- Tuesday Otaku Debate results

0:04:56- Twilight:GN lettering; a legitimate excuse to bash the thing

0:13:00- Bonus Durarara!!! Extra Exclamation point for awesome! Also, the Japanese DVD industry

0:16:08- Uh, we kind of got off topic for a couple of minutes, but lets just call it "Otacon News"

0:19:13- Atlus makes money, THANK GOD someone is doing well lately

0:24:15- Dolphins and Whales are ASSHOLES

0:33:25- Break


Topic of the Week:


0:36:47- Listener Questions!


0:59:39- Game talk: FFXIII, Yakuza 3

1:08:10- MANDATORY Durarara!! segment

1:10:26- K-ON! and gay nazis

Notes on notes:

If you're at all confused about the chronology, the reason why I mentioned that we had not had a post about the Twilight GN on Japanator was because we recorded this before I went and made one.

Also, here is the offending page to which Ben was referring:


You can submit questions and comments to JapanatorAM@Japanator.com

Japanator AM 10: Dolphins and whales are assholes photo

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