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Japanator AM episode 42: extra awkward edition

10:00 PM on 03.22.2011 // Ben Huber


Guess what happens this week?!

Not a whole lot, actually. Bob Muir, Crystal White, and Tim Sheehy join me on an adventure into the unknown... and old re-releases coming back to haunt us. And we argue about Valve, graphics, and Final Fantasy XIII. You don't want to miss this edge-of-your-seat excitement, that's for sure! Bob also gives us a nice little recap of PAX East.


And yes, before you ask, I did add the Morning Rescue clip to the soundboard.

[Header pic by TheMinttu]


OP: Tokyo 1984 / Daze
ED: maximum the hormone / Maximum the HORMONE 

Send all your emails about how Tim is wrong and should bow down at my Gabe Newell altar to [email protected]


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