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Japanator AM Episode 54: Damn it feels good...

4:30 PM on 03.30.2012 // MARC


It's time for another episode of Make Fun of Elliot and Call Each Other Names AM, and tonight we do exactly that! The difference this week is that, along with Hiroko Yamamura, Josh Totman, Salvador G. Rodiles and Elliot Gay, we talk quite a bit about the end of a saga: the 2012 winter season. Alright, well it was more of a "drought" than a "saga", but that's what next season is for, right?

Tonight includes some PS Vita talk, Sal speaking Spanish, impressions on the first shows that sprinkled down this season, Elliot's rebuttal to the Rosario+Vampire review, the new Kid Icarus: Uprising video game, The Hunger Games and much, much more. So hit that jump for some Japanator AM (and Japanator Aftershow) goodness!

Japanator Aftershow:


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