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Japanator AM Episode 56: NewbieCast

6:00 PM on 04.19.2012 // MARC


It's time for another fantastic episode of Japanator AM, and this week we have all but one thing to talk about tonight: 2012 Anime Spring Season! Hosting this weeks podcast is none other than our Cooking Otaku, Josh Totman, and hanging out with him is Salvador G. Rodiles and Michelle Rodanes, making this a self-titled all-newbie cast... well, sort of.

Pretty much every big show this season is brought up this week, ranging from the new Eureka Seven to Jormungand to Lupin III to Sankarea to so so so much more! Also, there's some funny stories involving Sakura-Con 2012, what we've been up to and even more talking from your favorite assholes. Nothing out of the ordinary here.

Also, Josh asks of you to leave some feedback in the comments below, so make sure you stick around long enough to hear it! Anyway, hit the jump for some Aftershow goodness, as well as a couple extra links to supplement your already-awesome podcast. 


Here are a couple of links to some of those YouTube videos we were talking about:

AnimeWeedLord420 - 
Rube Blackjam: The Last Man on Planet Earth -

Japanator Aftershow


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