Japanator AM Episode 58: Listener Questions!

10:00 AM on 05.18.2012
Japanator AM Episode 58: Listener Questions! photo


Yeah, that's right: it's time once again for us to do word stuff again on Japanator AM! And this week, that word stuff is about you, or more specifically, your questions. To help me do verbal pleasantries this episode is our very own Josh Totman, Michelle Rodanes, Jeff Chuang, Hiroko Yamamura and Salvador G. Rodiles. We do that anime thaaaang and chat it up for about an hour, so check it out, son.

While we're answering your questions from last week (which you can read for yourselves here), we talk a bit about harems, discuss some awkward porn stories, go into detail about licensing and talk about how good it is to call your mother once in a while. 

...okay, well maybe that last one isn't true, but you should still call your mother up and tell her you love her! Don't you care at all how she feels?! She raised you since you were this little! Kiss your mother right now! Kissing feels nice!

Now hit that jump for some sweet, sweet Japanator AM love.


A small excerpt from this weeks episode...

And now, here are a few of those fight scenes we were talking about this week: 


Opening theme: "Luv" [Instrumental]-- Nujabes

Closing Theme: "Catfish Lagoon" -- The J. Arthur Keenes Band

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