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Japanator AM Episode 62: Triple Trouble

7:00 PM on 06.29.2012 // MARC


That's right, boys and girls: it's Triple Trouble time on Japanator AM, and these badass mofos are ready to talk about, you know... interesting stuff.

On tonight's podcast, we have Josh Totman filling in, Hiroko Yamamura standing by, and Salvador G. Rodalies on the keyboard. Molester-y antics are discussed, the Nintendo 3DS XL is judged, Radiant Historia is reviewed, Florida's Metrocon is quickly wrapped up, and there's a lot of talk about Playstation Home and Vita. Oh, and more Persona. Siiiiick.

No need to thank us for this podcast, because, honestly... we don't need your pitiful download if you don't mean it. We just like talking to ourselves a lot, and the fact that people are listening to it is honestly a little sad. Go do something better with your life, nerds.


Opening Theme:  "Just Forget" -- Force Of Nature
Closing Theme: "Peaceland" -- Nujabes

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