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Japanator AM Episode 63: Super Late Edition

8:00 PM on 10.19.2012 // MARC

Whooaa, whaaaat? New podcast?


Don't be too excited, people. I'm eager and excited to bring you a brand-new episode of Japanator AM, but this is not quite it. Instead, we're giving you loyal fans an episode of Japanator AM that dates back to July 13th, a little more than three months ago. Wow, there seriously hasn't been a new podcast since then? Well, I guess we're gonna have to change that by next week...

Anyway, this week's podcast features myself, along with our super-boss Brad Rice, superstar Hiroko Yamamura, and our master chef Josh Totman talking about stupid shit I mean honestly who cares? This was around the time Hiroko and Brad went to France and shared hotel rooms for Japan Expo and gave unfavorable reviews to churros, so can you even blame me for not sharing this completely forgettable and unexciting podcast episode? Also, we talk about anime from two seasons ago. Admittedly, it's kind of interesting to reflect on our opinions a few months down the road.

And yes, we definitely heard you guys ask about iTunes, and even though this weeks' older episode isn't on it, we've been in cahoots with our head honcho about if for a while, so your pleads haven't gone unnoticed! Expect things to come together very soon!

Drop that phat jump for some audio pleasures.

Opening Theme: "Seishun wa Hanaji-iro" - Yamamoto Kazutomi, Sanpei Yuuko
Closing Theme: "I gotta turn it on" -- Taku Iwasaki 

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