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Japanator Discusses: What we got for Christmas

9:20 PM on 12.25.2010 // Josh Tolentino

Had enough of Christmas posts? Too bad, because here's another one, but one that emphasizes the best parts of Christmas, short of that whole "celebrating the birth of Christ" part: presents, and the act of giving and receiving them.

Which, in a slow news week, is the best way to put up a Christmas day post!

Behold then, and see what your friends at Japanator found under their trees, and tell us what you got and gave, too! How big (or awesome) was your haul?

Brad Rice:

Well, on the Japanese side, I got me some Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence, starring Takeshi Kitano and David Bowie. SO EXCITE. Otherwise, I got a bunch of facial care (badger-hair brush, shave soap, etc) and some board games -- Arkham Horror and A Touch of Evil. Overall, been a nice Christmas for me <3

Mike LeChevallier:

I think I'm just getting money, though--it's all I ever ask for nowadays. I tend to get more cash if I just ask for it à la carte then would be the amounted value of any gifts I would receive. Plus, I know my family is lazy. So it works out for everyone.

Lauren Orsini:

I don't ask for, recieve, or give nerdy stuff for Christmas. My family still things that my nerdy hobbies are a big joke! I got some makeup, clothes, a 2 terabyte external harddrive for my mac, and an update for my GPS.

Bob Muir:

I got one of those Mario 25th anniversary red DSi XL systems, Scott Pilgrim on Blu-ray, a custom photo book of my family's trip to France, and some fancier looking clothes. And some shirts with buttons on them (I know, so rare for me!), a blazer, a plaid jacket, dress pants, basically stuff from Urban Outfitters and the Gap. I'm happy!

Tim Sheehy:

I got a coffee maker, and sushi drops from J-List. We gave my brother an Xbox 360 -- he likes shootan games.

Josh Tolentino:

It seems my family doesn't quite know how to pick out nerdy presents, though I'm not complaining. I received five T-shirts and a luggage weighing scale (not sure how that got in there), plus some cash. On the giving side, though, I curried points as the "cool uncle" with my nephew, through the gift of the fabulous Valkyria Chronicles for the PS3. I also gave him Demon's Souls, so I'm worried he might regard that game one might regard a lump of coal in his stocking.


And that's it for us! Why don't you get in the comments and tell everyone about your ecks-mas spoils! Panty and Stocking demand it!

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