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Japanator drinks - Pepsi Salty Watermelon

4:00 AM on 08.12.2012 // Eric Koziol

It's summer in Japan. That means it is hot, sticky, sweaty and time for watermelon. And since people go into the ocean, and the ocean has a lot of salt in it, the watermelon could be salty, you know? And there you have it, a new Pepsi flavor was born.

The above is very likely not the way this new Pepsi flavor was developed. But with the seemingly random Pepsi flavors that come out every so often in Japan, only to never to show up again, it seems they are less interested in making a flavor that people will buy for years to come and instead go "What? I gotta try that."

And that's how they got me to buy it even though I thought it was extremely strange. Having tried it now, I'm not sure how I feel about it. It is a bit salty. It is a bit watermelon. It doesn't feel like I drank anything, however. The combination of the two flavors along with the carbonation made it feel as if I had some watermelon that I dumped some salt on and threw into my mouth. It wasn't exactly delicious, but it wasn't offensive either.

The weirdest thing is it didn't feel like a beverage but rather like I was swallowing smashed up watermelon. I guess that's kind of an endorsement if you really like watermelon and salt?

Bottom line - I won't be buying another bottle.

Eric Koziol, Contributor
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Eric lives in Japan with his wife, son and a level 6 slime named Periwinkle. He enjoys the "3 T's": teaching, translating and tprogramming. His sense of humor can be confused for typographical errors. more   |   staff directory

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