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Japanator Interviews: BABYMETAL

12:00 PM on 12.19.2012 // Hiroko Yamamura

I like omurice too!

When it's time to start banging your head, you don't always think about turning to adorable little Japanese kids to supply the tunes. Our friends over at RESONANCE Media and Amuse, Inc. thought it would be a good idea to get me in touch with this much talked about Japanese project, which fuses dance music, idol sensibilities, and some hand banging hooks. There's no better way to describe the Sakura Gakuin sub-group better than their name, BABYMETAL.

From the moment I saw these kids rocking out, I knew our readers had to get a little bit more information on just what's going on. Some hardcore metal fans may not appreciate the fusion of the sounds, but I have to tell you, the hooks on these track have more bite on them than most "metal" on the radio today. Add in the charm of some kids having a good time, and I'm about it. Hit the jump to see how SU-METAL, YUIMETAL, and MOAMETAL feel about Cannibal Corpse.

Japanator: How did BABYMETAL start? Who came up with the name?

BABYMETAL: It started as a "club activity" unit from the group called Sakura Gakuin. The "Fox God" came up with the name.

Japanator: What do your classmates say about BABYMETAL? What do they say to support you?

BABYMETAL: They support us very much. We teach our classmates the dances, and we dance together.

Japanator: It must exhausting to be so young and have a music career. How do you have time to do normal childhood things?

BABYMETAL: Yes, it's tiring sometimes, but we always do our best. But we do fun things, too. We take "Purikura" photos with friends and go shopping together, too.

Japanator: Do you think more adults or children listen to your music?

BABYMETAL: More adults now, I think. But we hope to have more fans who are our age, someday. We want young girl everywhere to rock!

Japanator: Does your neck and head ever hurt from all the head-banging?

BABYMETAL: They used to hurt at the beginning, but now we're used to it, so it's okay! Please don't forget the warming-up exercise, everyone.

Japanator: What heavy metal bands are your favorites? Do you like any pop music artists?

BABYMETAL: We didn't know much about heavy metal bands, but our teacher recommended "CANNIBAL CORPSE." We couldn't sleep because we got scared after watching their PV. You shouldn't watch those alone! For pop artists, of course we love "Sakura Gakuin." (*laughs)

Japanator: What are your favorite foods?

BABYMETAL: Tomatoes, cucumbers, "Omu-rice" (Omelet rice), and chicken rice are yummy!

Japanator: Please give a message for your American fans.

BABYMETAL: We want to be something unique, not just "idols" and not just "metal." Our kind of music is new, but we enjoy very much. So, we'd be happy if you enjoy it as well. Someday we will go to America to spread the fox sign! Kitsune dayo!


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