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Japanator Link Love: Mutantfrog Travelogue

1:00 PM on 08.20.2009 // Brad Rice

My interest in Japan isn't limited to just anime and manga -- I've spent the past four years reading up on and writing about Japanese history. Of course, current events and politics in Japan fall into that sphere of influence, and so I like to try and keep abreast on the topic.

And as of right now, Mutantfrog Travelogue is the only site I can turn to for in-depth and accessible information on what's going on in the political scene in Japan. It's not packed with solely polticial information, but if you're looking for a good read on the current state of affairs or big issues in Japan, Adam is one of their main political bloggers, but everyone on staff writes about their own adventures in Japan, events going on, or just little blurbs about what they've come across -- so it's not solely stuffy topics.

What's captured my attention recently, and what inspired me to promote this site to all of you is Adam's ongoing series of posts about the national elections going on in Japan on August 30th. It's incredibly informative and kick-starts my interest in finding out about what's going on in current-day Japan, as well as reading about its history, instead of writing about One Piece and watching the latest title FUNi has sent to us.

So go ahead and add it to your RSS reader right now. I'll wait. Reading the site will make you smarter, able to slip into poltiical conversations with ease, and help prevent male baldness. 100% guaranteed. And to all of you guys working on the site: keep up the amazing work. I love it all. We'll be sure to buy you a beer when we're out in Tokyo.


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