Japanator LIVE Episode 10

8:00 PM on 10.26.2012

[UPDATE: We are going live NOW! Drop on by to hang out and ask a few questions!]

It's about that time again boys and girls, ladies and gentlemen, otoko and onna. Time to bring it to you live in color!

Remember a couple of episodes ago when I had a bad week and wanted everyone to bring something funny for a laugh? Well with the newest update to Spreecast, we can now share online content live on the show! So instead of just clicking a link to go to a new webpage you can see it on a new popup window within the live show. This is really exciting that we can share even more during the podcast like Sal head wound pics, Marcus's wonderfully awful You Tube clips, or the drunk antics of Hiroko. Anything is possible!

Bring whatever you want to share with the group by putting it into the ask a question section of the site. You can even start putting in questions and content right now on the site from the RSVP link below. While there, you can also RSVP for the even and even follow us so you know the exact moment I create a new show. All the cool readers are doing it. Why not you?

Date: Friday, October 26th
Time: 6pm Pacific

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