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Japanator LIVE: Learn how to deliver mail the Angel Express way

8:00 PM on 03.18.2017 // Salvador G Rodiles

Mail delivery is an intense job

[Update: The stream is over, but you can watch it here.]

Remember that time when Recettear: An Item Shop's Tale taught us how to run a store in a fantasy world? Tonight, we're going to see how a messenger makes a living in Angel Express' world that's filled with monsters and magical things. Of course, this game is also made by EasyGameStation.

Considering that Carpe Fulgur were the ones who brought over EasyGameStation's Recettear and Chantelise, it's going to be strange playing this game without seeing them involved with the localization. However, since I enjoyed Rockin' Android's work on Bunny Must Die!, their involvement with Angel Express could present us with some great lines.

With the fate of people's patience on the line, it'll take a lot of precise movements and jumps to reach each home as quickly as possible. To think there are worse things than vicious dogs who want to tear a mailman's bag to shreds.

Salvador G Rodiles, Senior Editor
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Salvador's an average bystander who took his first steps towards a life-changing goal. During his journey, he's devising a way to balance his time with anime, manga, video games, and tokusatsu in... more   |   staff directory

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