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Japanator Nightly News: Monday, March 14, 2011

5:00 PM on 03.14.2011 // Brad Rice

Welcome to Japanator Nightly News, a special segment we're going to be running here for a little while. Rather than constantly updating you on minor status changes in the situation in Japan, we'll recap the day's events and any relavent stories for you to read, much like your local nightly news.

The biggest concern in Japan right now is the reactor issue. As I last heard from the BBC and PRI, four reactors are in a dangerous state, while two at the Dai-i plant have been safely shut down. The explosion that rocked one of the reactors last night/this morning was due to a buildup of hydrogen gas, which was caused because the gas was produced too quickly, and some of the vents ended up shutting, making it impossible to pump more water into the reactor cores.

The radiation leak in the area is less than TV media in the US hypes things up to be. Most reports and expert commentary say that the radiation exposure in the area is above normal levels, yes, but is currently no worse than getting a chest x-ray. The Wall Street Journal has a good editorial on the Chernobyl comparisons.

If you've got some time to flip through photos and watch some videos, check out the following: The quake as it happened at Tokyo Disney, a reporter shooting from the street level as the flood waters race towards him and this incredibly heartbreaking picture that you see above.

Some other odds and ends for you: if you care about the celebrities/seiyuu that you follow, there are a few running lists that detail people who have reported in as uninjured.

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