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Japanator Recommends: Caramel Corn

7:00 PM on 07.29.2012 // Josh Totman

One thing that kind of strikes me as funny is the name of this snack. Now we here in the US think of the name caramel corn and instantly think of caramel cover popcorn. Which is awesome by the way. So when I got to the store and find a bag of what says is caramel corn but looks like corn puffed elbow macaroni, well, you know I couldn't leave it there.

The Tohato company make lots of different snacks, but the top one out of all of them is the Caramel Corn. Also it comes in a wide variety of flavors such as chocolate, mixed berry, vanilla ice cream, tiramasu, mango yogurt, honey butter, sweet bean milk, condensed milk, maple butter, and almond flavor. The only one I seem to find is the original for now, but rest assured that if I can find the other flavors, I will be all over it as well.

Check out the review of the original below.

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