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Japanator Saimoe 2012: Spring Quarterfinal

9:00 PM on 04.16.2012 // jel x

We're heading into Week 5 of Japanator Saimoe 2012 and it's time for the quarterfinals! The people have spoken and selected the 16 most worthy animated young ladies from last year to continue on. With only the top entries remaining the competition will only get more intense from here on out! 

The battle for the Spring bracket has been narrowed down to the leading ladies of Steins;GateNIchijou'srobotic co-star Nano, and the resurgent Elsie from The World God Only Knows. Each of the four girls dominated their opening round groups, but how will they fare against each other? We shall see, but this group could turn out to be one of the closest votes yet. 

After the break take a look at the final results from the Winter opening round, acquaint yourselves with our quarterfinalists, then vote away! 

Winter Opening Round Results: 

Full Bracket | Rules & Schedule | Updates via Twitter 

We have a sweep! Nisemonogatari dominated the field, taking each of the four groups and posting the largest margins of victory we've seen yet. The only challenger was Mei Misaki, who went blow for blow with Shinobu until a final flurry of votes finished her off. So if you'd like to see a fight between a crab, a bee, a phoenix and a loli vampire make sure you are back here on April 26th for the Winter quarterfinal. 

With the opening rounds in the books, let's take a look at our Spring Quarterfinalists: 

1. Mayuri Shiina is still in the tournament on this timeline. 
2. Nano Shinonome just wants to be a normal Saimoe Semifinalist. 
3. Elsie de Lute Ima is back on a mission for revenge, assuming there are no fire trucks on the way. 
4. Kurisu Makise is mad scientist, is so cooool! 

Let us know your choice in the comments below. Voting will run until Wednesday, April 18th, 12 Midnight EST, then we'll see you Thursday for the Summer quarterfinal!

jel x,
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