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Japanese cop busted for stealing 25 pair of 14-year-old's panties

3:30 PM on 10.21.2009 // Dale North

Wow. Serving the public and serving your sick fetishes at the same time, eh?

While at a scene on an investigation, 26-year-old police officer Yuki Miyamoto thought he'd grab some little girl panties when no one was looking. He snuck into an apartment where an investigation was going down and grabbed 25 pair of panties. 25 pair!

This girl must be some kind of perv target because police were there to talk to her after she was flashed by some strange man earlier that same day. During the house visit, Miyamoto said he had to investigate her room. Later that night, after bathing, the girl noticed that all of her panties were gone.

Okay, two things:

First, who has 25 pair of underwear? And secondly, what did he need with 25 pair?

[via Japan Today]


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