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Japanese gamers name their top ten favorite RPGs

10:00 AM on 10.23.2009

Make a top ten list of any genre of game, and no matter what you say, people are going to get pissed off. I believe it's written somewhere in the rules of the internet. You MUST NOT like something different than what the majority likes or you are WRONG. I wonder if this is actually written somewhere, in some sort of epic internet bible?

Anyway, I spotted this top ten list of RPGs made by Japanese fans, and while a lot of my favorites are in there, I couldn't help but laugh at the inevitable sh*tstorm it's sure to cause. Here are the top ten chosen:

1. Final Fantasy X

2. Dragon Quest III

3. Final Fantasy VII

4. Persona 4

5. Kingdom Hearts II

6. Dragon Quest IX

7. Tales of the Abyss

8. Dragon Quest V

9. Chrono Trigger

10. Fallout 3

I'm always having to stick up for my love of Final Fantasy X and deal with being told what a piece of shit it is,  so I admit I felt some weird vindication when I saw it on top of the list there. There's a lot of good games in here though, and I can definitely see how they would have made it into a Japanese top ten. What games do you think do not belong on the list? What games aren't there that should be?

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