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Japanese girls interested in learning from Black Widow

8:00 PM on 04.21.2012 // Michelle Rodanes

Kanae "Black Widow" Kijima has fans --well, sort of. According to reports, the 37-year-old serial killer has developed a bit of a following in Japan. Young girls, in particular, seem to be especially intrigued by how she managed to successfully lure so many men to go on dates with her via online-based conversations.

The "Kanae girls", as the media has dubbed them, see Kijima as a role of sorts. Being what most would consider pretty plain-looking, Kijima seduced several men ranging from ages 41 to 80 with her "amazing" erotic conversation skills. Of course, she then proceeded to poison them to all death; but that's another story. 

The women, often seen lurking around the courthouse where Kijima's trial was held, also show some degree of interest in the psychology of the men who felt for her trap. Some seem convinced that her victims were nothing but a bunch of predatory slugs, and even claim to find some degree of satisfaction in Kijima's actions.

In a recent interview, manga artist Fumi Saimon tried to explain Japan's obsession with Kanae Kijima. "There's a feeling that she shattered the illusion that when it comes to sex, men call the shots. You have all these guys coming on to you, 'Hey, listen baby, I got sexual techniques that make beautiful women swoon' and all that. Kijima turned that on its head. Good for her!" she told the press.

Oddly enough, it seems like Kijima's pick up lines were also pretty cheesy. Whatever floats your boat, I guess!

[Via Japan Today]

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