Japanese Harry Potter fans can visit Hogsmeade in 2014

2:00 PM on 05.11.2012

The Harry Potter series was a huge success in Japan (posters friggen everywhere while I was at Japan, too), like over US$893 million kind of success, so a third Wizarding World of Harry Potter land is opening up, and it's going to be at Universal Studios, Osaka. Really, I say third but it seems construction will be complete at Osaka's site before California gets their own Wizarding World.

This park will feature much the same that we've (I've) got here at Universal Studios Orlando, FLorida (it will be modeled after it). Ollivander's Wands shop and attraction, the Three Broomsticks pub, Honeyduke's Sweet Shop, a model of the Hogwarts Express, a working (owl) post office, Hog's Dead, Zonko's and more, including, of course, the Hogwarts Castle which houses the ride "The Forbidden Journey." All of it is great and it's sure to be a hit.

[via The Guardian, who are sad that a Wizarding World isn't opening in the UK]

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Kristina Pino