Jason carves Saki chainsaw sculpture

Dec 03 // Jon Snyder

Mass murderer Jason Voorhees, already famous for his anime chainsaw sculptures, has victimized yet another tree in pursuit of fine art. This time, he immortalized Nodoka Haramura of Saki, in her angelic form. He even managed to carve individual feathers on her wings. With a chainsaw. This man is truly one of the internet's greatest heroes.

Apparently, Jason is actually a 59-year-old man living in rural Nagano. Although he's been chainsaw carving for 20 years, he recently became an internet sensation thanks to Nico Nico Douga. So great is his newfound fame that Akihabara stores have even asked him to carve mascot statues. I don't know about you, but I would definitely shop in a store that had a chainsaw sculpture of Miku out front. Hint hint, Mr. Vorhees.

A video of the carving process is embedded below the break.

[Via Sankaku Complex]

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