JAST announces Aselia the Eternal, a non-ero game!

4:00 PM on 01.31.2011
JAST announces Aselia the Eternal, a non-ero game! photo

JAST USA, known for bringing over ero-ge ever since the early days of the Internet, has announced their latest title: Aselia the Eternal, an RPG/Bishojo game that had great success on the PC. Except, they're not bringing over the ero-filled PC version -- JAST USA has decided to release the PS2/PC non-ero version of the game.

What a twist!

The story itself centers around an intrepid protagonist who takes care of his stepsister after moving out on his own. Of course, just as he's getting used to his life, both he and his sister are sucked into the world of Phantasmagoria. His sister is taken captive, and the protagonist takes up the sword to cut down all those who stand in his way.

According to the FAQ JAST put up, they're going this route because they want to bring the title to a wider audience, and dip their toes in the US market for non-ero PC games. It's not only for JAST, but for their Japanese partners as well. If they can show success in that market, just imagine the possibilities.

Hell, you might even have JAST games available on Steam! Alright, that's a bit of a stretch, but you never know. Check out the Japanese trailer after the jump, along with the JAST forum post and site announcement.

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