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Jean Reno continues to play Doraemon in awesome CM's

10:00 PM on 04.08.2012 // Elliot Gay

Remember a while back when we posted about French actor Jean Reno starring in a series of Japanese commercials based on Doraemon? Yeah, there's more.

The Toyota commercials take the Doraemon characters and age them by about twenty years, making for a funny look at some classic characters. Jean Reno's inclusion as an awkward foreign Doraemon only makes the whole thing more surreal. 

This newest commercial sees Nobita pursue childhood rival Suneo in the fear that his childhood crush Shizuka is going out with him. Jean Reno Doraemon whips out some Take-copters and they fly through the air. 

I can't even believe I just typed that out. Check out the video after the break!

[via ANN]

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