Join the Gallian Liberation Front for Valkyria 3 justice

4:00 PM on 08.25.2011 // Josh Tolentino

If you're an English-speaking gamer and also happen to be a fan of Sega's sketch-shaded tactical franchise Valkyria Chronicles, these last few months have been tough going, as we've yet to hear a single word from the publisher regarding their plans - of lack thereof - to bring the third game in the series outside Glorious Nippon.

You're not alone, though. You've got comrades, ones who believe that internet-based grassroots campaigns can work. They call themselves the Gallian Liberation Front, and want to demonstrate that Sega would do well to send the PSP game overseas in an officially sanctioned capacity. Put plain, it's the Valkyria Chronicles equivalent of Nintendo fans' "Operation Rainfall", the so far unsuccessful attempt to get a bunch of decent-looking Wii JRPGs onto American Wiis. 

While the effect of internet petitions and social media campaigns is dubious at best, it's also very easy to join in. Just pop up on their petition page to sign it or like their Facebook thingamabob. You've nothing to lose, especially if you're into Valkyria Chronicles.

In case you need a little extra convincing, I've put a Valkyria Chronicles 3 gallery below.

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